Burn Magazine team – Paris


A full moon rises next to Sacré-Cœur as the Burn Magazine team meets in our rented apt. for two days here in Paris. We are reviewing book layouts, coming up with work flow plans, and new website designs. Kaya, Claudia, Diego, Anton y moi are making mojitos. If you are a Burn reader, stop by.

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  • a civilian-mass audience


    MY BURNIANS …YOU are HOT !!!

  • I have been following burn for nearly ten years and I can now safely say that not one of you knows anything about composition. You really should give up and start again. Photography is a language that you obviously don’t understand or can speak. Your latest essay – “Trim camp”, was shot by someone who knows absolutely nothing about about the art of photography.


    well we have just finished our 5th year of Burn….no matter, i cannot always remember time sequences so accurately either….

    as an astute reader of Burn you no doubt by now know that in the 500 or so essays we have published so far, we like to show a wide variety of the uses of photography…sometimes we celebrate the image itself and sometimes we emphasize the story….this is clearly a case of photography as process not aesthetic…..

    for sure photography, as you say, is a language…there are many dialects if you will inside of this larger “language”..not everyone speaks all of the dialects and not everyone appreciates them all….

    thank you for your comment…..

    cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURN is BURNING for 5 years…aha,that’s why my computer sounds like a Boeing ready to take off:(

    GAZDUKE…welcome home

    I love you ALLLLLL…


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