I never met Melissa before in my life. I still have no idea who she is except that she is the girlfriend of one of my son Bryan’s friends who happened to be at my home for a recent steamed crab feast for my first summer party following Look3.

I take a lot of pictures on my front porch. Somehow there is always a lot to shoot there and again fulfills my personal mantra for not going anywhere to shoot Instagrams on my phone.

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    laughing…often my first question these days too….nope…she is a she …yet, i don’t know her..never saw her before….or her boyfriend, but my son Bryan sez Melissa is his surfing buddy regular girlfriend…hey dude this is a redneck small town down here outer banks….she is for sure way more “ornate” than most of the women most of the time down here for sure and she did stand out and why i jumped to shoot, but i think she had been at a wedding or something…super tall woman for sure…

  • Laughing too.
    its just the pose looks a little awkward and self conscious, and on my screen the image noise makes her legs look a little, you know, butch and hairy,and with her face hidden and all I figured maybe I’d ask.
    Sorry! whatever your name is (although clearly its not Bob).


    yea, she probably was a little self conscious…if i did not know her she of course did not know me and here i am saying something like “welcome to my home, let me get you a beer, but first go sit in the that red chair because it would look cool with your dress, and oh yea my name is David..relax” or something like that…

  • First time I’ve ever seen a woman looking awkward in one of David’s photo. This does not take anything away from the photo. It’s still a striking image and has that rare air feeling.

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