Kodachromes from Barcelona

After super minor hernia surgery I am stuck at home eating almonds and drinking water and popping pain pills. Times like these force one to do what procrastination allows you not to do any other time. So I am now editing some Kodachromes from Barcelona and vicariously re-living my own life. From the looks of this take it appears I was having a lot of fun on the NatGeo expense account. Well I never get busted for having fun as long as I have the pictures to prove it!

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  • Wishing you a quick recovery and hope to see a few more discoveries whilst you’re stuck at home. When was this essay shot?

  • Get better soon! Barcelona is a nice city. You have to come back to Spain one day…

  • Go slow,slow,slow. And easy. And you will recover swiftly. Wishing you the best David.

  • Some of these must of been the 13 images published in December 1998 Nat Geo…
    Something special about slides which obviously digital can’t equal especially when using a loupe. Sort of sucks you in and beams you back to the past…

  • Get well soon, David. What time is visiting hours?

  • Yes, best wishes for a speedy recovery. You get a lot closer now than you did back then, it appears.

  • I loved Kodachrome I always wondered why Kodak did not advertise its unique properties. It was King Kodachrome but you wouldn’t know it from Kodak. Complacent springs to mind.

    David, where (how) do I send an essay for consideration? Kodachrome. What a film.


  • Good way to have fun while you suffer. I feel for you. I hope you recover quickly and resume your shooting. Thanks to my partially botched surgery last summer and the botched emergency surgery that followed it, I will follow you into the operating room for a hernia surgery – but not minor. I was supposed to get it by now, but I’m trying to hold on until Obamacare kicks in – if it is not killed first by infuriating stupidity.

  • Kodachrome 25 was a beauty film. Was a bit of a pain when they closed down the NZ processing plant, then the Aussie one. It all then got sent to the USA for processing. It definitely got a bit wearisome waiting 8-12 weeks to get your slides back. Mind you; it was always nice to go to the mailbox and see the yellow mailer in it! I think I’m showing my age……. ;-)

  • This looks like it could be quite interesting…

  • David, I got so Kodachromed I forget to wish you a speedy recovery!

  • Ouch! Get better quickly…but enjoy the pain pills while you’ve got them. Getting refills is a pain in the ass anymore.

  • wow
    film looks so sexy :D
    David, show us some scans


    come by anytime Mike…i am full on in the darkroom…and i am not at all sick…i just cannot lift anything , drive, or have sex for 7 days…..hmmmm…..sorry i even mentioned it…small incision and some pain pills and well no big deal…


    yes, the old 25 was really something…then Kodachrome II which was 25 asa but different than the original 25…and then i got really loving the 64 and 200 combo….my very oldest Kodachromes must be 55 years old…stored poorly over the years…in attics in basements not under ideal conditions for many years…they look great right now! just perfect….however the few old Ektachromes i shot are all but totally faded away…

  • MIKE R

    send any work you want us to consider to all of us on the Burn team…candy, eva, diego, and me..all of us at burnmagazine.org…..i.e. candy@burnmagazine.org


    these pain pills do make me a better person….i mean really….i have with these pain pills extreme patience, a great sense of humor, and love almost everyone….these are qualities i do not have normally….i think the world would be a better place if everyone just popped these babies…make sense?


    oh i am not sure you can tell much from these few random slides..i literally just grabbed the top sleeve off a pile of stuff that has yet to be organized….i think if you go way back to Tell It Like It Is, you can see me pretty up close and personal for that and i was 21 or so and long before any pro shooting….for sure however as time has gone on i learn more and more about integrating myself into a wider variety of situations…yup in high school it would be impossible for me to meet anyone much less take their picture…so for me getting “in” is a totally learned process…perhaps only aided by my sense of curiosity..for sure people see me now i think as being “social” but it is all faked…or learned…not natural to me…

    cheers, david

  • I think many would profit more from a workshop on how to interact socially and get in close than those never ending and popular websites/forums on gear and worrying on lens resolution.

  • Thanks David, a link to my work coming soon: one essay on there is almost all K64!

    After the basics of photography are learned the Number One skill to be mastered is to be able to approach and interact with your subject. For many this is very hard, but if you want the photograph you’ll do it! The more you do it the easier it becomes. I have a slight speech problem and for sure it has made me more introverted in general – but for a photograph I’ll approach and speak to anyone – the term ‘step over your grandmother’ comes to mind.


  • I’ll send my link to Eva as we are old photo-swapping pals!

  • Makes total sense. I can’t get Percodan anymore; I’ve progressed past the point where they’ll give me that; but Percocet will do in a pinch and I’m hanging on to my last couple of Vicodins as well. I never know when I’ll need the milk of human kindness to flow without all the extra lactose I usually provide free of charge.

  • I am informed that the above is scientifically incorrect. It should read, “without all the extra lactic acid I usually provide free of charge.” My apologies for the inaccuracy.

  • Mike!! Photo-swap! That seems lime such a long time ago, but so much fun! Must find the time to do that again!

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