Alex Lettrich is a marine biology student at Florida Tech and a lifetime summer Carolina OBX’r. She is also an avid photographer, loving both the iPhone and the Fujifilm Instax. Her work is of the sea of course.

3 Responses to “Alex”

  • eduardo sepulveda

    billowing sun: on face, span, on sand…fulfilling the pattern of waves on the sea themselves…

    poetry rules


  • …and she has wet feet. Which is better than having web feet. Unless you are a duck, of course. Then web feet are good. So are wet web feet.

    Well. I’ve been fooling with Istagram and blogging with the same for five days. I’m afraid I’m hooked.

  • BILL:
    What is your instagram name? Would love to take a look at what you are doing.

    And I bet Alex’s feet are dry – I think she is standing on the pier…

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