Ahlam on Hatteras Island


2 Responses to “Ahlam on Hatteras Island”

  • What beautiful corkscrew curls amid a pristine dune of sea oats.
    Those tassels form and pop out, a light green color, in early July.
    As Fall approaches, they become a more golden brown.
    By Winter they drop off completely, scattering their seeds for the next crop.
    For me, sea oats define the landscapes here.
    Then throw in a pretty girl, and David couldn’t be too far away.
    What a nice contrast in this shot.


    well Mike, you and i are drawn to this specific coast for all the reasons you just mentioned…and yes, the sea oats are THE thing …some coasts have palm trees, some rocky cliffs, and we have these lovely sea oats blowin in the wind….

    cheers, david

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