ATM. Rio.

I was just waiting in line for an ATM machine .. I saw the dog and was trying to figure out how to juxtapose the dog and red bike so I was all set focused etc and frame..

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  • Perfect! Do you plan on making a book of your instagrams?

  • eduardo sepulveda

    Really loving these firsts (b.on a t.s.) aftershocks !!!


    i must do something…i have been talking with Mike Courvoisier, my printer, about making some large prints with all of them on one big print….as i look through my Instagram feed i can see a certain casual looseness and diary i would not have otherwise…i mean no joke, if i want to see what i have done in the last year, where i have been etc, i literally must consult my Instagram feed…the best “calendar” i have…don’t know about a book…i am not really in the mood yet for another book….more interested right now in smaller efforts like magazines…maybe Dubai as a magazine for example…yet it is my Instagrams from Dubai that do give me a quick idea of how this might work….

    cheers, david

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