Abba Fine Art Gallery

Lil Mike, Lil Candy, and I are hanging the show tomorrow. I will be showcasing some collector fine art prints here in Miami during Art Basel. Swing by and have a look. Stay tuned….

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  • You know, I like the concept of an ABBA fine art gallery. I’d think people would like to see Leonardo’s The Virgin with Child and St. Anne done with Agnetha and Anni-Frid in the lead roles and maybe Honey Boo Boo as the Christ Child. That would be interesting, I think, but then I am easily entertained.

  • Nothing beats a lovely print :). Forget iPad retina displays or 27 inch screens, a print is a tactile experience.

  • “Swing by and have a look.”

    Yes, I will hop on my bicycle and pedal right over…

    I hope it goes well…

  • Just picked up the latest “Digital Photo Pro” magazine and noticed there is a feature on our hero David.
    Congratulations m’boy, you really are on fire this year.

  • DAH’s work is stunning, Candy and Mike are fabulous …

    Nuff said, come see for yourself!

    P.S. The workshop was a resounding success!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Abba and Tattoo…oh,no,oh,noooo…

    this is a BURNING combination!!!

    reporting from Greece…internet problems
    oime,one chicken left…

    P.S…I don’t see any reports …helllooooo…FROSTY,how was the earthquake …?

  • Civi, I was sitting at my desk working on this computer. I felt my chair began to move and I heard a noise coming from the back of it that I interpreted as my cat Jim, clawing at my chair. I turned to scold him, but there he was, curled up in his own chair. My chair kept moving. I noticed the water sloshing back and forth in my two aquariums. So I knew it was just another earthquake – but it kept going for awhile and so I sat here curious to see if it might turn into a big one.

    Thankfully, it did not.

    I do not think it was all that smart of me to establish aquariums in the same room I keep all these hard drives loaded with photographs. One of these days, it will be a big one and I am going to have water and fish all over the place, with hard drives tumbling in.

  • “it was NOT all that smart…”

  • Nothing nada zip rien. I have nothing to write about, which is annoying the hell out of me. The problem here, as I see it and maybe you do too, is that I have nothing special to say now. Not having anything to say is a problem for me, as I am not a politician. Politicians can rattle on for hours without saying anything in particular or even knowing what they are talking about—the career of Mr. Biden serves as a shining exemplar of this great truth—but for me to write about something I actually have to have something to say about it.

    Okay, I was going to go on about how I had nothing to write about, but as I write this at 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time here in the egregious mold pit wherein I labor for my daily bread there is an elderly non-Turkish speaking Puerto Rican gentleman singing Silent Night in Spanish while dancing what appears to be his version of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from Chaikovski’s The Nutcracker right in front of me. We must have a policy against this sort of thing, but I’ve gone through the staff manual more times than I can remember these past few days and I have not noticed any prohibitions against this particular bit of weirdness.

    Actually, the staff manual could use a good updating; there are no prohibitions, for example, against copulating in the stairwells, giving birth in the ladies’ room, or dying in the men’s room, all of which have occurred in the years I’ve been here. I am not sure when we became Apeneck Sweeney’s favorite hangout, but I am sure this is not the sort of thing we ought to be encouraging hereabouts. It frightens the taxpayers and makes them wonder what other sort of nonsense we are wasting their money on. This still, however, leaves the problem I have right now, although it appears that I won’t have this problem for much longer. Our Nureyev manqué is running out of steam; there seems to be only so much en pointe work a deranged Latino man in his sixties or seventies can do in untied ratty sneakers before gravity and a cannabis induced lack of coordination start to kick in; and I think the time has come to invite him to take his artistry outside, where the cops can tell him to knock it off before he starts scaring the various and sundry passersby, their kids, and the family dog.

    It is now later and the interruption is gone. He did not want to go; balletomanes are a contentious lot, especially when they are stoned out of their gourds and ballet is not the only thing they are mane about; but his performance had degenerated from the beauties of classical ballet into something approximating a synthesis of modern dance and Friday night wrestling, and we will not put up with that sort of thing here. He also began to sing O Holy Night at the top of his lungs, which are not in tune and are not likely to be anytime in the near future, which contributed greatly to my decision to ask him to leave. At this point, I really don’t feel like continuing to write this or anything else; I have a headache. Frankly, at this point, I am not certain who is stranger: our geriatric premier danseur noble, who is certifiably nuts, or me, for continuing to work in this environment. There must be something in the water, or maybe I just lack imagination.

  • AKAKY,

    “…copulating in the stairwells, giving birth in the ladies’ room, or dying in the men’s room…”
    Sounds more like the Hotel California than an egregious mold pit. And I was worried you were dying of boredom!

    “…Puerto Rican gentleman singing Silent Night in Spanish…”
    Well, at least you were spared from having to listen to Jose Feliciano’s version of “Feliz Navidad.”

  • sorry i have not been around the last two weeks….crazy busy in miami…yes, even beyond normal busy…on a major learning curve here in so many ways…ways that i will share with this audience….fascinating all that goes on here at Art Basel/Miami…i must say we do have a pristine show….the first time i ever tried to do a gallery exhibition on my own…when the dust settles i will evaluate all and see if it is something i would ever want to do again….for sure untold amounts of work and collaboration…and yet, just like doing a book the way i want it, doing a show in a space where you have 100% control gives one a feeling like no other…the price is simply very very hard work to make it all come down just right…prints hanging on a wall perfectly printed, mounted, and well lit looks so so simple when it is all done…seems like few moving parts…and yet like anything else there is way more to it than one might imagine….but we did it….WE…a big fat WE…

    let me get through the next few days and i will give a full report here on the things i think might be helpful to some of you who may contemplate doing the same…

    cheers david

  • David, all the best from me to you and your Burn team. A massive pleasure to have been in your orbit the past week. Wish I could be there for the party tonight. I will raise my glass and and offer a toast from Indiana.

  • Looking forward to tonight!

  • I do not leave feedback too often, but I felt you should read some of my latest feedback and observations of DAH and crew in Miami.
    I recently had the time and opportunity to drop by the Abba Gallery in the Wynwood Art District of Miami for the end of the workshop party DAH held on the lower level of the gallery and had the opportunity to meet DAH for the first time as well as Candy, Michael and fellow Burnian Gerhard Clausing and his lovely wife. All were very welcoming, warm and more than cordial. The student work was extremely interesting and showed a lot of effort. I felt a lot of excitement in the air as anticipation for Art Basel was building.
    I stopped by a couple of other times and saw the show developing step by step…prints on the floor… everyone painting the walls…a nervous energy was building along with all the endless hard work that everyone was putting in. By this time Candy and Michael showed signs of exhaustion and DAH of course was still pushing forward with endless energy.
    On Friday after another day of my viewing my venue with my work in the Miami Street Photography Festival and other early Art Basel openings, I stopped by again and finally met “the twins” and was knocked over by their genuine warmth, welcoming and enthusiasm. Both met the hype that preceded them if you know what I mean…beauty and brains…a great combination
    Later that evening DAH had another party of which I did not attend as I was at my venue with Maggy Steber and her wonderful slide show.
    Saturday finally arrived and after the exciting slideshow by Alex Webb and his wife Rebecca Norris Webb at my venue…I made it over to “Brazil Night” at the Abba Gallery with DAH and everyone in character. It was spectacular! I will leave the details for DAH to rave about.
    I must say that DAH’s “Family” is just that…a warm, giving energetic family of likeminded people who are bonded together as one would think to work for a common goal.
    Thank you all…

  • I haven’t shown any walking around photos for awhile. These are from last week. For some strange reason I can’t recall, I became interested in b&w and spent quite a bit of time regaining lost form. It got me thinking about how different things would probably be had color photography been discovered first and been the only option for 100 years or so. Would there even be a b&w genre? How niche would it be? Very much abstract art I’d guess. I very much doubt it would be considered acceptable for news or documentary.

  • Mike, thanks for letting me take another walk with you. I enjoyed it and was amazed by the blue wall picture, among others.

    On Friday, I put up a post I had wanted to share here, but I did not know where to post a link so I didn’t. There did not seem to be a general interest thread and it seemed like hijacking to post it on the current story pages, or even here. But now you have broke trail, so I will. It is the funeral procession of one of the most important hunters in Gift of the Whale, deeply loved and respected by his community, coupled to a slide show of the full funeral:

  • Jim, thanks for sharing that link! That was hilarious!!

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