This photo of Rocio and her three daughters is only presented as a process example. Not a photo to end up in the book, but just to give here a perfect example of serendipity and karma as part of process in work evolution.

I just shot this w my iphone the moment Rocio introduced me to her three daughters at Starbucks in the casino at Stratosphere my hotel where Rocio is a desk clerk in training. Now heaven only knows how many hotel clerks I have had polite smiles with over the years, but it is a lot. Yet none have ever invited me home to meet their family as did Rocio, a very unlikely scenario, espescially in a town as is Las Vegas (or so I thought). “I just feel we are meant to meet” she told me. In a city of hustle and scams I have heard this before phrased perhaps a bit differently. Yet this time I knew it was for real. Her eyes, her nationality. She meant it.

Turns out by fate or whatever that Rocio and her family are from Mexico and so we have an immediate connection, yet Rocio had no clue of my work in the Spanish cultural milieu. She and her husband Miguel and his mother and the girls I will meet in a few hours. I have bought a simple bouquet of flowers, will even shave and shower, try to find my battery charger somehere in my luggage nightmare and head on to their home.

The family is truly beautiful, that is if Miguel is anything like the four women with whom he lives. I will meet him soon. Even if no great pictures emerge , this good vibe is just what the doctor ordered.

Stay tuned.

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  • “Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.” Jung.

  • ahh my heart feels full. Special woman.

  • ALL..and Robles family

    i am now taking a look at last night’s dinner photos…since i was a special guest , i had to converse and shoot simultaneously…i could not just stop and be the fly on the wall…i had to do both…shoot and be a good guest..this is often the norm for me…photographing a family at home is not like covering an event…and yet i could see good pictures all around and had to balance the “good guest” part with oftentimes a “get the picture” mentality…a tricky balance…i will soon publish perhaps two of the pictures from last night…

    the Robles family i thank you for allowing me into your home…your are indeed a beautiful family and getting a home cooked meal was just what i needed…not just the food , which was over the top, but the cherished experience of meeting all of you was worth more than any “nice picture” i could possibly make…i only care if you all like this work…..for sure a night to remember….

    abrazos, david

  • Thank you!!! yesterday was a day I will forever remember! You are an amazing artist and an even more amazing person. It was our pleasure being able to share with you a moment of our lives that will be forever captured through your passion for the art of photography!I said this to you before and I will say it again, nothing happens by coincidence, and souls on their journey through life meet at the exact moment needed…

    abrazos, Rocio and family

  • Awesome!!!!!
    Rocio , nice meeting u too ( for a second or two )
    But I had to leave go home see my wife and kid (Lola our dog):)

    Glad to meet u and happy u had a nice shoot with David…
    ( your kids are so cute )
    Big hug


    for sure we are bonded forever…i KNEW your family right away….as you say, the right things happen at the right time…a few pictures will be posted soonest here on Burn…and i will make sure you have a full selection for the family as well….last night was for sure the big warm….

    abrazos, david

  • Panos

    This experience is super amazing!!! Nice meeting you too, and enjoy your family!!


  • David

    Thank you!!!!!!


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