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“Sometimes out of nowhere souls meet on this journey through life, it’s the majic that brings you together. I am alert and aware of that! I always have something to learn and last night I learned that whatever appearance or recognitions may guard the soul has nothing to do with what lies beneath! David Alan Harvey you are an amazing soul!

abrazos, Rocio and family”

That text message above from Rocio Robles to me this morning well just makes life worthwhile. I had been down, and this alone brought me up. So to all who love photography you can see from this alone that photography is but a tool for living life. Taking pictures, of any kind, is about immersing oneself deep deep into the magic of other people. The give and take and total synchronization of like minded souls. And fact is, it doesn’t take any time at all to recognize it, nor is there any difficulty or impediment to instant rapport.

This does not necessarily mean great pictures will arise from great vibes, but it is a pretty damned good place to start. My dinner last night with Miguel and Rocio Robles and their immediate and extended family was special. All around. It was the perfect combo of getting to know people and yet being allowed to photograph the process.

Many have watched things around here the last few weeks as I was on a ‘Off For A Family Drive’ bookmaking expedition. And you saw that life ain’t always easy. Thank goodness nothing BAD happened. Nobody was injured (except me slightly), and all got home safe. Safety  was all I was even thinking about at many points. A van with 5 people is a lot to haul around and take responsibility for and make work simultaneous. Yet we will show you a mini portfolio in the next few days. A roundup of the few pictures I did make. For three weeks I would rarely expect to have more than say 5 pictures. Sometimes less, sometimes more. That is just the way it is for me. Slow learner.

Yet my immediate bonding with the Robles family has been a highlight. No van. None of my cast of friends who are really really my family as well, I love them all. Really. However, to be alone here in Vegas with all that has transpired in just the last few weeks starting with BurnBooks winning Pulbisher of the Year, and taking that party scene on the road up to now just three weeks later ending up at dinner with some very special life long new friends I can tell. That is a lot of life in three weeks!! Whew!

These pictures as presented are sort of a step by step process contact sheet. I rarely get a photograph while at the dinner table, so I try to shoot around and away and in this case very fast. I know the best work will most likely be BEFORE dinner. As with my photo of Briseida above (top) which I shot immediately. I try to photograph people as fast as I can in the learning process of getting to know them. So one must have special sense of when to make eye contact and when to look through the camera. Somehow I try both simultaneous. I feel like I making constant eye contact, even when the camera is covering my eyes.

So this is just dinner. My first meeting with the Robles family. Yet alas all of you knew before you got to this paragraph I will try to go back for more. If they want. My little secret to photographing people is to always make sure THEY are truly enjoying the experience. I want my work of course. Yet I always want my subjects to somehow in some way be getting as much out of it as do I. The symbiotic relationship.

The only way to live.


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  • I absolutely love it!!!! You are great, can’t wait to meet with you again!

  • The magic of the evening comes through in the pictures, that’s the greatest achievement anyone can expect.

    Thanks so much for sharing the trials and tribulations of the last several weeks, it was a number of great lessons, and it’s sincerely appreciated.

    Looking forward to more life and art!

  • And the journey led to this. It could not have happened any other way.

  • What an amazing experience. Must try my self to be open to everyone.

  • Beautiful picture, beautiful story.

    Yes, Vegas did take a totally unexpected and bright turn for you.

    In the morning, I go traveling again myself. I do not expect to have much of an internet connection.

    Signing out for awhile…

  • Rocío, yo creo que ese tipo de magia produce cosas que se parecen a los reflejos de los reflejos en el agua… lo mismo que dices de David lo alcanzo a ver yo como el trazo que deja tu propia luz y la de tu bella familia!

  • Little pieces of everyday magic. Feeling lucky just being able to read about this. Amazing.

  • you meet the people you were meant to meet when you meet them

  • The images & essay are great! Makes me wonder how many stories like this are right down my street..
    Can’t wait to see more !


    Speaking of familia ( reunion with Lola and Art on Jars – foreground – by Imants )
    Have fun y’all :)


    yes, i think this is the point of this and all of it is presented here as a real time experience…and the way i do all of my work…99% of the situations i am in as a photographer are “everyday life”…i rarely cover events as grist for my mill….out of “ordinary” situations can come something unique…i think in the long run i will for the book only have a very few pictures of the Robles family depending on the scrapbook look and design…yet the combo of the experience plus a few representative images will i think be a real addition to this book…nice to see you again here and i miss seeing your images….

    cheers, david

  • I still think that biggest thrill alongside actually taking the pictures is meeting the people whom you would never have met without the excuse of the camera getting you out there…

  • ROSS

    exactly my point….i hope you are fine Ross..nice to hear from you

    cheers, david

  • What a marvelous feel good way to begin my day early this morning, seeing such a healthy, loving family. Amazing how exhilarating life can be.

  • David; Yip all good here. Busy editing, shooting and knocking my piece of land into shape… :-)

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