Your questions answered….

Can you tell us the details on the portrait of Candy and if you used any flash or other light? I really like the flavor of it.

Regarding this post.

I always have loved painting with light. Any light. For many years I have used ordinary flashlights. The ones for five bucks at the hardware store. Same here. Only this was a five dollar head lamp. The kind everyone looks silly wearing. I found the headlamp truly super cool way to light something. The light goes where you are looking as you can see here as I shoot Panos.

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  • Hey Harvey, one of the benefits of our advanced years is not minding looking Dorky. I think I’m going to start wearing grey sweatpants all the time, and my led headlight.

    Good fun.


    i think i never minded looking dorky…and always did

  • I remember one night in Venice shooting with David and using brown beer cans and even pieces of bread in between the flash and the subject !!

  • too funny! I love it …let’s all bask in our dorkiness :)

  • Okay, I’ll bite:

    1. Vis-a-vis Panos, why are you recreating scenes from Marathon Man? Won’t the California Highway Patrol shut this whole thing down if they find Panos running down the highway screaming in pain? I know I would and my level of tolerable strangeness is fairly high.

    2. Vis-a-vis Candy [and again, ma’am, my apologies for the informality], why does she look like someone just told her she’s pregnant with the AntiChrist?

  • I was never a dork. I was simply very polite for my age.

  • So I played around with my bike led lights, one red and one white, last night under the sheets of my bed after I read this. That child-like magical feeling of being under the tent made of sheets reappeared and held my interest for some time. Thanks for your epic contribution. I’m making a book right now with a poet friend of mine, and definitely will send a copy your way when finished. In process, “All That I Want Is”.

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