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Jonathan Shaw, writer, son of composer and bandleader Artie Shaw, with his wife Julia, joins us for a late night drink in the camper. Jon and Julia may become subjects for the book.

Jim Powers

This road trip thing seems to be primarily performance art. I’ve realized that I’m not interested in the process, the details, of this project, just the end result. Hard to find a context for the (in)activity.

Think I’ll bypass all this and wait for the book.



for sure Jim, i am shooting in front of an audience…i had never done that before Rio, and for sure Rio “worked out” even though evidently not your cup of tea….i am a newspaper photog at heart and i can shoot for an audience here on Burn in exactly the same way you do for your newspaper and i did for mine…

i always of course value your judgement calls, however calling the game while we are still in the locker room seems a bit odd….this is a 6 week trip…i might only get two good pictures the whole time or maybe none which amigo is exactly what some will be here to learn….for some the process is important….and you enjoyed the process of Rio, but probably have no need to see this one…that is fine of course….sure just wait for the book…that is the only thing i ultimately care about as well….

when i started out as a photographer whose work was seen first by dozens, then by hundreds, then by thousands, then by millions i never let this aspect interfere with how i was thinking about the subject…so performance art was never in my mind…using the net to build audience is a whole different deal of course and some aspects of it are things with which i am not totally comfortable…however, in the long run i am way way happier doing my own thing rather that being under the advertising umbrella of any publishing corporation…

sure the run up to this won’t have much content…i will be heading to shoot an interesting family this afternoon….so far on this trip we have mostly been dealing with the Lucies and just getting the van, and food , and towels and all that stuff …just getting set up…many readers will appreciate i think that pictures do not just appear for me….and that routine everyday life is all part of it…

anyway yes, just wait for the book…you are 100% right in thinking that is all that matters….

cheers, david

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  • In a way, David, you are now doing what I do almost every day. I face the irony that the more productive the time, the less I post, and when my time gets really productive photographically, I sometimes don’t post at all.

    Seeing as how Jim is not going to follow you, I need not feel too bad that he does not follow me.

    I will follow you, though, but I don’t think I will comment much and maybe I will drop by only every few days. I spend too much on the net, much of it at Burn, and I’ve got to stop it; I can’t afford the time and must begin to restrain myself a bit.

  • To me, the process is just as fascinating and important as the end product(s). Can’t have one without the other.

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