Which hair?

Sometimes I am ONLY interested in texture. Shape. Color. Mondrian. However, I am torn between the top full frame with just a wee bit of context , or the totally purified distilled crop below. What do you think?

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  • I prefer the top full frame. While the one at the bottom is a perfect designed image, it is flat compared to the top one. The back of the guy with part of his head add depth and make it more personal. The blue color in the top right corner makes the photo more color dynamic and gives the whole thing context. While the context in this case is not important, the very small heads of people that we see over the guys shoulder, repeat the ‘head’ theme of the foreground adding a bit of humor. And the black hair of the woman has more depth and shine as it gets more light adding more texture and interest. So I choose the top full frame.

  • Personally the top frame thought mostly because I am usually rubbed the wrong way by compressed looking images. Both seem like images that would have a place in a sequence more on account of a relation to other images in the sequence but that’s just where they’d be organized in my toolbox. The wheels are turning though and I bet with time I could imagine some things that would primarily relate to IT instead of the other way around.

  • I prefer the first one, as it has more context. The second is too abstract for my understanding – it may be very much dependend on other pictures in the edit.

  • First thought was the first one – well articulated by edite. The top right of the first one – sea & sky – adds some fresh air, ventilation. Paul

  • I’m not really a fan of either.
    Even though there are only 3-4 elements I find the images,somehow,cluttered.

  • top, but like mtoalty not thrilled with either

  • I can’t relate to this shot so nothing from me….
    I would like to hear from you David about this if you can…I know you are sketching right now….

  • i think Edite articulates my feelings as well and yet like Mark, Carlo, and Gordon, i doubt this picture will make the final cut…it is an “almost”…

  • #2

    “Abstract” communicates through color, shape, composition, not through context …

    although I don’t like the blouse/jacket …

  • I like the second one too. As it is a Mondrian-like study, it *should* be flat. I think that you would need to further crop it to remove the distracting top right corner, though.

  • Personally it’s Number 2. I don’t believe all art is created to be understood – just meant to be. The sky in number 1 distracts me and there is a lack of balance which makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • I really expected something better but so be it
    “Everyone else pretends to see the clothes too, until a child shouts, “The Emperor has no clothes on!” The title is often used to describe a situation in which people are afraid to criticize something because everyone else seems to think it is good or important.”

    Enjoy your holiday David can’t see the point if posting the trip on the net is about images like these.

    That’s it from me until much later

  • I went for the top frame as well.

    @Imants -pretty harsh condemnation I feel. Isn’t this is all a process? The point of all this is to see, follow along and participate in the process. Something virtually no artist would be willing to do.
    If you don’t feel you are learning anything, fine but surely you can see the use and purpose?

  • Also..
    speaking of Mondrian, there is another interesting character: Joaquin Torres García. I hadn’t heard of before working at a museum with a huge Latin American collection. He was from Uruguay, studied in Paris the same time Mondrian was there and was part of his artist group. Was birthing those ideas with him and it’s fascinating the different interpretations.

  • Thanks Milli! I kind of like Torres Garcia better. His less refined style is friendlier than Mondrian to me. And well, I like that he’s from Montevideo.

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