us shooting us

getting going on this is hilarious… i mean we cant get out of L.A…on the other this is not a point to point trip necessarily.. maybe we never leave here.. who cares really? our new camper van sits by the sea… sunset .. nobody would leave here now.. nobody

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  • For sure it was Candy picking the RV!!! As guard dog way too cute.. you’d need that … umm… pic of Antoine to keep thieves away? ;)

  • get the fuck off your asses already!!!!! ‘;)))))…..there are other sunsets to see yo!…

    good think i’m not that to kick some major ass…life is too short to be sitting around in Venice ;)))


  • Bob, are you sure it isn’t, life is too short to not sit around in Venice ;))

  • I agree with Bob. If you all are just going to take photos of each other, at least consider making it more theatrical. Something like this. You get some giant plastic pods for the four videographers. The S2 is slowly lowered into the center of a circle. The pods open and the videographers emerge, cameras whirring as a group of midgets come out and dance around the Leica. David then picks up the giant camera and takes a picture of someone in the camper. That would work, I think, but you might have to revisit the idea of a pay wall to cover the cost of the extras and their tiny camper.

    Just kidding, you know, good natured-like. I’m sure you’ll find other subjects and they will be compelling. In this photo, I like the dog and the girl, but if it were me, I’d consider photoshopping those guys out of the background. That’s okay to do, I’m told, with elements that distract from the main composition.

  • mw,

    My impression is the the guys in the background have been photoshopped IN and a hatchet job at that.
    Surely the orange sun flare enveloping them is a fake. Easy to tell because the guys in the background
    have no shadows around their feet when the fake light is clearly coming from behind :)

    If that wasn’t enough, check out those fake Hollywood-whitened teeth on the woman running to
    escape some unspeakable deed happening inside the camper :)

  • Clearly the dog wants to escape,as well, but being a Golden (not too bright. I have one) it’s
    trying to escape through the closed window when there’s an open door 12 inches to its right.

    And why would they give a video camera to the homeless guy in the checkered shorts?
    He’s spending his time filming the outside wall of the camper :)

  • This is not some sort of Zen road trip, is it, one of those trips where you stand still and the world moves around you? Very unCopernican, I think, although it is very easy on the gas budget.

    Master Po: Are you ready, Grasshopper?
    Caine: Yes, master, but where are we going?
    Master Po: To the east.
    Caine: When will get there?
    Master Po: When we get there.
    Caine: When will we leave?
    Master Po: We have left.
    Caine: Are we there yet?
    Master Po: Yes.
    Caine: I see…you’re just making this stuff up as you go along, aren’t you?

  • Akaky, I think it’s more Hunter S. Thompson gonzo experience than zen….

  • All this fake talk…here’s the serious stuff:

  • Tom ;)))…hahahahahahaha…..well, i’ve been to Venice ;))))…and ummmm…there are better places to see the sun ;)))…but, yea, i hear ya….

    MW ;))))))))…right on! ;))

    must run…

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