Tourists view Golden Gate Bridge

Tourists view Golden Gate Bridge

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  • Now that’s a good photo. Seriously, my favorite photo yet of these snapshots.

  • Oh…my first impression was that they were watching Emma taking a shower…

  • That one doesn’t see the bridge is spectacular. I would not have thought of that. Love it. The dog adds to the shot as well.

  • This looks like the lookout at the north side of the bridge in Marin County.
    Other route advice posted here has suggested going via Flagstaff or Salt Lake, but that assumes going most of the way on interstates, the most boring way to travel I can think of… you still have 5 days, and a more interesting and far more mythic route from where you are would take you across the Sierras to Tahoe and Carson City, then down Hiway 95 to Vegas, St. George, Utah, and then east through Grand Canyon and Four Corners country to Shiprock… this time of year there won’t be much traffic on those roads…

    Or are you planning to ditch the camper and part of the crew before hot-footing it to Durango?

  • Sidney, you are right. That is a much more excellent route to follow. I have never taken that precise drive, but have traveled all these stretches of road.

    Thanks to you, I now want to do it again, in the order you describe.

    Ah, if only life came with a much greater abundance of time and a steady stream of travel dollars!

    The butt of the dog really elevates this mundane picture beyond the realm of mundane.

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