Kathy watches son-in-law Oscar give little grandson Owen a gentle toss. Kathy and her husband David and a few members of their clan head up to see her 102 yr old mother on her birthday today…Kathy has the most amazing attitude on life and general good spirit…Kathy smiled broadly in the mid morning light in our campground as she told us she was terminally ill…

“It’s the attitude, and this is what I tell everybody who’s dealing with this. You can’t give up, you just keep on going, and you know what, you live the life you wanna live. Don’t turn around and feel sorry, poor me, no that is the worst thing possible. You just get out there and you hit it every day, you hit it every day” says Kathy.

I of course well know these pictures are not good pictures. Record shots. They are not being presented as such. I met Kathy as I walked down to the beach with my morning coffee and I simply liked her story. I just made these as we were leaving our camp spot and heading for an appointment a couple of hours north with the Malloy family of surfing movie fame. I did not get any good pictures there either, went too safe and pro, and I will show you tomorrow how I went wrong.



4 Responses to “terminal…”

  • Kathy got that right!

    So.. what made you leave and go to the appointment with the Malloy family, instead of maybe following Kathy’s family (if they would have been up to it)? How do you decide on this, gut feeling? Follow a set plan and schedule?

  • Like the transparency…following you guys on this adventure…thanks for keeping it real.

  • EVA…

    this is a daily decision making process…not just today, but any day, any subject…in this case we had an appointment with the Malloys….you may imagine they are hard to “get to”…everyone wants to get to them…had we not had that locked down appointment, we might we have gone with the serendipity of Kathy…my most likely scenario most of the time will be the serendipity approach…

  • I suppose somedays there will be nothing to shoot family wise and then on other days you’ll have an appointment with a family plus the typical serendipitous moment like yesterday where you’re left guessing and in doubt about which way to turn the camera. Of course that’s life and Sod’s law and the only thing one can do is take a decision and not look back in doubt and keep on heading forward.

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