Sunrise Moab #2

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  • You have a $20,000 camera and you missed half her face? How the hell does that happen?

  • Typical DAH light, nice shoot. Speaking about light, below, great pictures of Cuba in NatGeo November issue from one of my favorites photographers…Paolo Pellegrin.

    Question: Will Cuba be like a new Cancún or Miami in 2025?

    Have a nice week end, and remember to change to winter time tomorrow nite in Europe

  • @ AKAKI:
    Looking at properties of the image, that’s not a 20,000 USD camera, it’s simply a D800 Nikon. That’s why there is so much of Candy missing in the frame. To get the whole portrait is much more expensive… ;-)

    Have a niche weekend burnian

  • Akaky it’s actually $40K camera ( with lens )

  • Patricio , you’re correct !
    David shot also with the S2

  • Personally speaking the D800 is the best all around camera so far I touched..
    S2, different animal, medium format!

  • “Akaky it’s actually $40K camera ( with lens )” Dunno, that’s a lot of money for pictures that are only maybe a weeeny bit sharper if ya make a reeeealy big print….and of course that’s only if you are using low ISOs. Like I said before, maybe sharper pictures, but are they BETTER pictures?

    I say stick with the Panasonic David, weeeny cameras rule!

    Actually, I’m just jealous. I’ve never spent that much on a car let alone a camera. Actually I delight in using cheap gear. One of my favourites right now is an older digital Rebel that I got on Craigslist for $100

  • OK I wanna run out and buy a motor home. They can be had really cheaply right now. Hit the open road, before gas prices get right outa hand.

  • I love this, the lines of her hair and the shadow. THe shapes from the light …may be my current favorite of the trip.

  • “Akaky it’s actually $40K camera ( with lens )”

    At this year’s Photokina,Leica announced the S2 replacement as the ‘S’
    Same general camera and sensor with about 30 performance tweaks.
    As well, they have now priced it for the more budget conscious.
    Body alone is around $21K and 70mm around $6.5K. A steal at under $30K :)

  • David

    Assuming one is shooting RAW, in the Nat Geo workflow, who handles the file processing?
    Does each photog process their own images once final edit is done or is all handed off to
    tech people at NG and they make the visual decisions regarding color interpretation,etc?

  • mtomalty, hey 27five plus tax is still $30 grand where I come from. I could be driving a Mini Cooper S for those kinda bucks.


    neither …a tech person meets with the photog right before press time..TOGETHER they work and the final decisions on how the picture should look..this tech person is only listening to the photog wishes and the photog listens to the tech person who knows how it will look with ink on paper…photog involvement in the entire process is the hallmark of NatGeo..

  • Thanks David
    Was just curious as this months print issue just arrived and there were a couple of images
    in Paolo Pellegrin’s Cuba story and Paul Nicklin’s Penguin piece that really stood out for me.

  • David…

    Do you ask this tech person to make your pictures look like your classic Velvia look or do you do that on your own?

  • All right, it’s a 40K camera. It’s still only half her face. So the thing doesn’t work unless you keep pumping C notes into the slot?

  • As there really is no open dialogue forum right now, I don’t know where to put this, but it is also about making a journey, so I will put it here for now. Many of you will remember the fate of my muse, and will also have accompanied me on the train journey from Bangalore to Pune with her sister for her sister’s wedding. Now, driven by the same sort of pain that drove me to return to India take that train ride, her sister, Sujitha, is driven to go to Kenya to do volunteer work in a home for the orphan children of AIDS victims as well as for the elderly survivors left behind.

    She plans to go in April and has that long to raise the funds (about $2000) necessary to do it. If anyone should care to contribute, you can find a bit of the story in three parts, plus a Paypal button and bank transfer information here:

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime,FROSTY…I have a chicken to donate…actually, she is a volunteer…

    but I will try my best…:)))

  • PAUL

    i literally sit side by side with the tech person….not trying to necessary match any particular “film look” yet surely my sense of color palette will jump out…i chose for film Kodachrome, later Velvia and when i now shoot digi i don’t literally try to match anything other than the light that was really there…so i am choosing light, not “film”…i chose film to match the light….and with digi it is much easier of course…i feel many photogs have not locked into their head a palette..not as the whole style, but surely part of it…yet Family Drive will have a few palettes…including black&white…an odd mix appearing at first to break all my own “rules”…a consistent palette for this project would just be “wrong” for this particular book imo…this body of work must use inconsistency to be consistent with this particular scrapbook quality i want…but it is hard to make wrong look right….

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