Snow Day…again

It is not so cold. Just enough to snow. We are trying to get to Reno. The setting for Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift and the classic film The Misfits directed by John Huston. We went from warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky , to this in about 20 minutes. All nice as long as the roads stay passable….

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  • DAVID,

    You might consider stopping for the night in Lovelock, NV instead of Winnemucca… there is some localized snow flurry activity right now on I-80 just a bit west of Winnemucca…

    Even from Lovelock you would still have a good shot at getting to Salt Lake by evening tomorrow.
    OK, I’m signing off for the night. Will check in early Wednesday AM. Drive safely, get some rest, and stay warm, everybody in La Tortuga.


    i just gotta love you guys….i mean this really has always been a family around here….we had trolls at the beginning but it is really amazing what a nice little group we have here…one of the greatest pleasures of my whole career and the reason i can’t quit Burn is because have met so many of the audience here in person…i mean dozens all over the world…at photo fests in Europe , Burn is a joke

    yet i have met neither of you…nevertheless for sure there is a kindred spirit…yes? forget the fact that we do not always agree about photographs…pretty boring if we didn’t……somehow we all got bonded here…some come some go most come back…

    anyway boys we are camped comfy in Winnemucca. All the comforts of home.

    Many thanks for caring.

    Abrazos, David

  • David…
    I’ve just read on Burn you feel you’ve got nothing special photo wise on this trip. Focus on the American women… Perhaps somewhere as you head up to your mother’s house and birthday there’s a pretty waitress working at some roadside cafe who will kick you into the zone. But it’s definitely women your inspiration and AMOR…

    BTW I’m loving this Roadtrip…

  • And then there will be a nice full press set of insanity in Ohio over the next two weeks. But can you find a zebra in the backyard?

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