sex scene

Meet the new members of our crew. Brandon meets Lauren for the first time in our Motel 6. We flipped on the tv just in time to see the last moments of a sex scene. A bit short in my opinion. Totally random. Anyway we have about an 8 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow. On our way to Durango, Colorado. Now we are just drinking warm Tecate and discussing how many germs must be in the average motel bedspread. I mean how often do you think they get washed? Stay tuned.

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  • The scene might be short, but everyone looks quite happy, though..

  • (Same post over on “No Left Turn”):


    Buenos Dias, señores y señoritas, hope you had a good warm rest last night.
    SInce you are in town and a motel with TV, car radio, etc. you have access to all the local weather forecasts and road traffic info…
    The big decision you will have to make this morning is just south of Provo on I-15 at Spanish Fork, whether to take the Hiway 6 cutoff over Soldier Summit to Helper and Price. There was some snow there last night and there are ice patches on the road at higher elevations. Once past Helper you would be in the clear, but given the overloaded Tortuga, the climbs involved, and yesterday’s trials you may want to play it safe.

    See road conditions (both CURRENT and FORECAST) here:

    The safer alternative is to stay on I-15 south past Nephi to Juab and Hiway 50 (from Scipio to Salina, then get on I-70 eastbound) with no mountain passes… along this whole route the road is dry and you should have clear sailing all the way down to the Four Corners with the roads dry all the way and no precip in the forecast.

    There may be some slush on the roads around Salt Lake but once you’re south of Provo it’ll be clear and dry all the way.

    Hasta luego, amigos y amigas!

  • Speaking of weather, you’ve probably hurricane Sandy, which may be heading for the North Carolina coast. Or it may be heading straight for Brooklyn. Of course I hope it heads for Iceland, but if it must land here, after Irene, I now have some practice shooting hurricanes down near the beach and have a better idea how I’d handle it. What happens if it hits OBX and you’re not there? I trust you’ve made arrangements.

  • Sidney thanks again…:)

    Snowing in Salt Lake City as we speak…

  • I’m sure those bedspreads are seldom washed, and you do know what goes on on top of those beds.

    I hope you’re finding your zone David. Personally, I find it difficult to get anything interesting during a road trip, and would find it doubly difficult if I were with a bunch of folks. I dunno, maybe sometimes I’m trying too hard. I always find pictures come looking for me. If I go out looking for them, they are illusive. Didn’t Picasso say something like “I do not seek, I find”

    Hope you’re having fun anyway.

  • PANOS and DAVID,

    If you folks are departing Salt Lake now, I would definitely stay on I-15 down to US 50 and not take Hiway 6 after all… it is snowing a little right now on the grade up to Soldier Summit on Hiway 6 and there is slush on the road northwest of Helper… you may hit patches of wet road and occasional light snow showers even south of Provo on I-15, but once past Nephi you should be fine.


  • MW

    just what i needed, more good news..ha ha…i did not know much about Sandy…if a hurricane seemed to be heading obx way, i would jump on a plane immediately….i love hurricanes for two reasons…(1)a hurricane is a violent force of nature that is predictable..all in the path are forewarned (2) they are a violent force of nature unparalleled by anything else that you can watch, be in the middle of, and survive …not so with avalanches, tidal waves, and tornadoes….


    where you see 50? we are on 70 east and seems fine so far…some snow showers, but intermittent….i can tell you one thing…i do not recommend an RV for any kind of winter travel….an icy road is never welcomed…with an RV an icy road is really scary….

  • DAVID,

    You’re further along than I thought… you breezed right past the US 50 cutoff without realizing it south of Nephi if you’re on I-70 Eastbound now… anyway, glad you made it that far, and it should be clear sailing all the way to Green River, Moab, Monticello, Cortez, and Durango from here on out.

    Yes, there are a number of cautionary lessons here about winter travel, especially with RV’s, and especially in the Rocky Mtns. and Great Basin… Tom told his story about hitting snow at Soldier Summit on Hiway 6 when it was 105 degrees in Moab… I’ve had similar experiences on a number of occasions in Wyoming, Northern Utah, in the North Cascades here in Washington, and coming from Dalhart in the Texas Panhandle up into Raton, NM and Trinidad, CO… this kind of thing can happen anywhere in that vast expanse of the Rockies, even in mid summer… this is one reason I became personally involved in your progress. 30 or 40 years ago the weather and road information resources we have now so easily at our electronic beck and call were far cruder or non-existent, you really were on your own, and anyone who ventured off the Interstate anywhere in the Rocky Mtn. West without an axe, bucket, and shovel and plenty of water in the car was a fool.

    Anyway, when you first hit snow up around Mt. Shasta, I thought I’d ride “Cyber-Shotgun” with you for a while… now you have an open road in front of you, access to the same info I have, and your mother’s warm house and loving arms awaiting you tonight… so I will back off, and wish good luck and good light to todos los Tortugalleros.

    Vaya con dios, hombres!

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