5 Responses to “Nevada”

  • Now, this one, to me is much much better than “Hair”.. this one works..

  • EVA

    not sure that i see the comparable relationship between this and “hair”…i will do a portfolio in a few days of the pictures i think best sum up things so far….but posting here does NOT mean i am considering any particular shot for the book or for anything…this is merely a chronological posting of the “diary” aspect of things, not a group of “selects”…

  • David..

    just saying this one as an abstract (shapes, colors) works to me, it’s got mood.. whereas the “Hair” one might have the first two, but to me lacks the last ingredient..

    Regardless of how and even IF this shot will be used, to me it works as a photograph.

  • Abstract reality… I thought the same as Eva when I saw it, about the comparison with “Hair”…

  • i know this might not be in the book or so, but i definitely have a feeling for this photo!

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