We just spent a great evening with Maddy, left, and Eli in their cozy home in Arcata in Humboldt County, California overlooking the sea. Candy kisses Ruka and Pickles snuggles Eli as a light rain outside only made the warmth inside all the merrier. Eventually we made our way to an RV park about ten miles away and yes oh yes turned right towards the east coast. However, we did not get far today. At 6,000 feet we ran into a snowstorm and had to turn back. La Tortuga is not as homey as is the home of Eli and Maddy and Ruka and Pickles, yet we are making it more of a family quarters all the time. I will show you soon. Thanks Eli and Maddy for your hospitality. Surely a night to remember. I think even Panos will remember.

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