If you are American, you know well from the above snap that I am most likely on an Interstate highway. And is there really anything more artful than a Denny’s breakfast menu? I collect menus. This is where we had breakfast and now we are trying like hell to get out of California but are having a terrible time doing it. This blue sky and palm tree is very misleading because the highway ahead has police signs saying snow warnings in effect and trucks must have chains to go over the mountains. We got nowhere yesterday because of snow in the mountains, yet thought we were in the clear today…Normally I would try to stay off the Interstate highways and take back roads when possible. However in this case, I think we are safer out here on the main roads.

Familiarity does tend to breed contempt. On the other hand, sometimes a bit of convenience and familiarity is just what we need.

Taking pictures is easy. Just as is writing a totally perfect and grammatically correct sentence. Creating something with meaning and feeling is another whole story. That was the intended topic now…But NOW suddenly I am in freezing temps and pretty deep snow…Just while writing this. Back soonest…

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  • Maybe you just need to hunker down in California ’till spring.

  • Does Dennys still have the “grand slam” breakfast?

  • “Familiarity does tend to breed contempt. On the other hand, sometimes a bit of convenience and familiarity is just what we need.”

    I feel you. On one hand, I hate the homogenization of America, but sometimes you’re travelling from point A to B and want to get a bite from somewhere that you’re pretty sure will: taste OK, be affordable, and not give you dysentery.

  • The snow has pretty much stopped along I-80 in the Sierras… there may be tiny isolated light pockets, but you should be good as far as Lovelock, NV. The problematic snow area is still around Elko, but there may be light scattered snow showers anywhere between Winnemucca and Wendover… you might want to consider doing that stretch in daylight, so if you make it that far today, you might consider spending the night in Winnemucca and getting local forecasts.

    As far as Tom’s rumination on the Provo-Price-Moab cutoff in Utah, that is looking very clear at the moment.


    yes, exactly…although the sickest i ever got was from a bad burger at a fast food chain…


    i think we can make it to Winnemucca…we have just had three nights in a row of driving in less than perfect conditions…night driving with the RV is in general not such a great idea…throw in some rain, snow , ice and just better to stop and ride it out….you are the perfect air traffic control guy!!

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