On the Road

a political science...

a political science and art major, is missing a week of classes to get a real education with us on Road Trips…hmmm

4 Responses to “On the Road”

  • Never short of a muse are you :)

  • LEE

    Lauren is a good friend from my hometown in the Outer Banks…she is also a photographer…i would not describe her as a muse, yet she has appeared here on Burn prior in the Comic Book series…..please search Comic Book here on Burn and you will see it all….

    cheers, david

  • Aaah, must have missed that somehow. Glad you’ve got some friends along with you :)

    Incredibly jealous of you all! Wish I was there hanging out and helping things along. One day I’ll do something like this here in .au!

  • That’s right! I knew she seemed familiar.

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