first night in the camper..

Five of us. We have a nice spot in a parking lot by the sea. Perfect night. Two of our group have headed for a Walmart to buy supplies. From experience my guess is that we will be buying supplies to save ourselves money for the next several days. Right now I am going nuts. The one thing that drives me crazy are tech problems. Here we are in Los Angeles and we cannot get a friggin signal. Maybe this is the wrong time to blast my AT&T account but what the hell?? We will get it worked out.

Yes Candy is back. Doing what she signed up for in Rio. My digi do it all please. Obviously she became a whole lot more than that for (based on a true story), yet this is a totally different kind of photo exploration for me than was Rio. Or is it? This is what I do not know. Yet I must assume the very nature of keying off of a childhood photo album has just got to be personal at least on the emotional shooting level. Using others as subjects, yet totally digging into my own psyche to do so. I must think.

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  • Five in a camper? Yikes :)) I thought 8 in the fo’c’sle was bad … but then I was the biggest problem. Crew threatened to drive a marlin spike through my heart if I didn’t stop snoring.

    Hey man, loving these postings from the road. Looking forward to the tales of the good, the bad, and the Greek.


    tell me about it….nightmare…we will get organized (i think)….right now i am trying to decide what to do…change plan? dunno…thinking

  • Panos, why are you smoking weed in the rv? The trip will be over before it starts if LAPD thinks you guys are smuggling dope across the length and breadth of this our Great Republic.

  • Five adults in an RV? Getting organized?

    Either ALL take a shower, or NONE.. some yes and some no does NOT work! (ask me how I know)..

    Hope you solve the tech problems.. otherwise, as I already said last time.. forget about us here and just do your thing!

  • Hah Ha, Eva, yes! That is the thing. After four or five days without it’s not that big a deal, sort of … uhm, unless you are interacting with the broader public.

    David, best of luck. Maybe you should buy a used bus. I keep looking at a few that aren’t too bad as I drive by a used lot, and dreaming. Roughly equal to an RV rental for cross country one way I think (if you are renting an RV). If the bus breaks down in some small town, that’s where you should be. Head home with the mechanics for dinner with the family. You could also buy a beat up used pickup and put Panos and the dog in there to tail the crew. Get him a straw cowboy hat. Panos too.

  • Hugs Panos :)) That Bugler is tough, much prefer Top myself. :))

  • Ha ha… Love love the comments… Yes I chose the “penthouse”;)

  • Akaky;)
    LAPD are good people.. They are here to “protect and to serve”… No worries..
    They are on our side .. Well, err.. Almost;)

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