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Marco Vernaschi


BIOPHILIA, a newly born NGO based in Argentina, is currently developing a set of programs with different Communities throughout the Country. The photographs featured in this essay are part of a developing work in progress that will keep growing through the next four months.

In particular, BIOPHILIA is supporting a diversified set of projects in the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Province of Jujuy, fostering the culture and economy of the Quechua people inhabiting the Andean Atiplano. BIOPHILIA is implementing a number of projects with a selection of local farmers that contribute in the development of a sustainable, local economy, taking into account the cultural and territorial values and reflecting such richness into their products. Traditional culture and rural economy are at the core of BIOPHILIA’s initiatives; in particular with the Samilantes Communities of Chalala and Huichaira, as well as with the vibrant and colorful community of Tilcara that shines through the Diablos, during the traditional Carnival.



With the same philosophy and criteria, BIOPHILIA is developing a sustainable program with the Guarani Community of Jasy Pora, in the Province of Misiones, up in the North East region bordering with Brazil. The main goal is to develop a flow of responsible Eco-Tourism, which is currently the main possible source of income for the Guarani people inhabiting this portion of the region.

Through BIOPHILIA Experience we will shape a comprehensive map of rural farmers, eco-projects and innovative initiatives that are contributing to foster a sustainable model of development, involving local communities and ethnic groups, reflecting the cultural values within each territory. BURN is BIOPHILIA’s main media partner. Starting from now, we will develop a variety of original formats and contents, and we will soon feature a dedicated BURN-Biophilia page.  The journey began in Iguazù, on the border with Brazil, developing through the North Western region and then through a long trip descending the legendary Ruta 40. The itinerary stretches from the Argentinian Amazon to the surreal Andean Altiplano, all the way to the Austral South, in the heart of Patagonia.




Marco Vernaschi was born in Italy, 1973. He lives in Buenos Aires since 2005. Through 2006 and 2008 he worked in Bolivia, following the early stages of President Evo Morales’ new policy on coca crops and the fratricidal war among miners in Bolivia’s Altiplano. In 2005 he covered “The Bitter Taste of Salt” on the daily struggle of the Quechua salt-miners living in the northwestern salt flats of Argentina. In 2009 Marco began working with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, documenting the major illegal activities behind narco-terrorism. In the Project West Africa’s New Achilles’ Heel, Marco focused on cocaine trafficking, in Guinea Bissau, documenting how criminal networks led by Hezbollah and Al Qaeda control drug trafficking in Africa, giving insight on the aftermath of this phenomenon at a social and political level. Again for the Pulitzer Center, in 2009, Marco started an international campaign on maternal mortality, with the project Dying for Life, focusing on the dire situation of maternal health in the Sub-Saharan African region. In 2010 Marco worked at his third project with the Pulitzer Center documenting child sacrifice and organ trafficking in Uganda. His last work, Placebo, was exhibited in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale at the Italian Pavilion, in St. Petersburg at the Karl Bulla Historical Photography Foundation and at Rome’s MACRO-Testaccio, among other exhibitions.

Marco’s personal work has published in several major fine art magazines, including EYEMAZING, La Lettre de la Photographie, DIENACTH, GUP, etc. His documentary work has been featured worldwide by STERN, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, GEO, Newsweek, The New York Times and Sunday Times Magazine, among others. He has receives several award including World Press Photo 2010  (1st Prize – GN Stories), PGB Photo Award 2010  (Best Picture of the Year – Picture Story of the Year – 1st Prize), finalist on ASME Award 2011,  Lens Culture International Exposure Award 2009  (1st Prize), nominee at ICP Infinity Award in Photojournalism 2010, SONY PHOTO AWARD 2010 ( finalist on Current Issue), finalist ODP Award for Human Values 2009 (Finalist)

BIOPHILIA is a newly born NGO, of which Marco Vernaschi is President and founder. The organization’s mid-term goal for 2014-15 is to work closely with a number of selected communities, local producers and farmers through Argentina, on a series of synergetic and diversified projects that will allow such communities to develop a solid, local economy. The model they have in mind, takes into account the cultural values of each region and ethnicity, the unique features of each territory and of course the demand in terms of global markets, which is important to make the project successful.


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  • Beautiful work and for a good cause too.
    It’s great to read Burn getting involved!

  • @ MARCO:

    Felicitaciones por esta hermosa serie!! Good luck with the new NGO and the aim of working with this kind of people sounds really interesting!
    Heading south “la 40” would be an amazing experience!

    There is a book called “The uttermost part of the earth” Lucas Bridges, when the autor met Yagan community in Tierra del Fuego and lived with them for many years.

    Abrazo porteño. P.

  • In these portraits I can see the modern individuals inside the traditional and ceremonial clothing. The artist has succeeded in bringing out two sides of the same individuals in single images. Well done.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Welcome home MARCO !!!

  • Thanks Civi, Frostfrog, Carlo and Patricio. I’m glad you enjoy the project! More soon on BURN!

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