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I am starting a new spontaneous off the cuff iPhone reality YouTube series with photo tips from home (as is this) and also letting you meet some of the fascinating people I know in this business from all over the world. Some of them might be very useful for you to know. All in the name of letting you know whatsup in the world of photography and the arts…Cheers, David

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    Frame the video so as not to cut off your head as it looks a bit……well like the above really. :)

  • Good tip. But all I’m thinking as I watch this vid is, “Damn! That looks like a great place to rent for vacation!” Haha.

  • Frank is awesome! and so are you David…
    Nice moves Frank!

    Joking aside…this is a cool idea. Hope we get to see more.

    Take care Presidente!

  • Cool idea…
    David, how do you like the xt1? Is it easier to manual focus than x100s?

  • In my new guise as a sports photographer, I actually figured that out on my own. And it’s true, so true, certainly with the Fuji X-series cameras and especially with the longer lenses. Though there’s still something to be said for composing a shot, focusing on where you expect something to happen and then waiting for something to happen there, which is what I do when I absolutely have to get something usable. Of course I’m probably the only sports photographer in the galaxy using Fuji’s, and almost certainly the 60mm lens for which autofocus is useless for moving objects. The X-100s isn’t so bad. But man, I’ve gotten some condescending remarks from the Canon and Nikon guys when I use it, which is most of the time. I’m going to shoot an event with the IPhone one of these days, just to fuck with them.


    of course you are correct, and using the iPhone in reverse mode doesn’t give very good quality either…we opted to go for this anyway, just because it was so real and spontaneous and i hope to have that aspect of my upcoming “conversations” always have that unplanned feel to them…this is just the first “test”…assuming we will get better and also assuming when i get to London , you sir will be willing to share your thoughts…i know damned well you have some!!!

    cheers, david


    come on down and have a beer on my front porch….there are certainly fancier and more elegant environments, but if you just wanna take your shoes off, kick back, and chill, i think you will find all to your liking…plus some good bird photography to be done, landscapes too, so yes you can work as well…

    you and family welcomed….

    cheers, david


    Frank just cracks me up….he takes care of my cats and house when i am gone…he and his wife Dawn pay special attention…stay tuned!!


    the XT1 is WAY EASIER to manual focus than the x100s which is impossible to manual focus imo….the x100s has been my primary camera for all this past year…but the XT1 is WEATHERPROOF and much faster in all functions all around…I AM NOT SPONSORED BY FUJI…they were however kind enough to give me the XT1 to test for a bit…like thing is that all the stuff you really need, iso dial, shutter speed, f-stops , and exposure comp are ALL ON TOP ANALOGUE….very user friendly….wish it were full frame….the 35mm(equivalent) f1.4 lens i have here is SWEET…


    i think everybody pretty much figures this out on their own….eventually….at least for wide lenses….when i am manually focusing on moving subjects , i just pick a line in the clothing or edge of a shoulder or whatever to focus on as best i can..not perfect…but better than autofocus, which if set there, the camera won’t even fire most of the time… anything tho , it takes a little practice ….

    cheers, david

  • It was cruel of Fuji to come out with the x-t1 so soon after the x-e2, essentially the same camera for the same price only weatherproof, which I would have happily paid extra for. Please ask your Fuji contact to give me one. Yea, I know…

    I’m not a technology geek. Before using the x-100 for about half a year I had never had any deeper feelings for any of my cameras than I did for any of my toasters or can openers. But somehow I did come to love that little camera and I guess it’s mostly for the analogue aspects. Those dials aren’t for show, they are really convenient. With the x-series cameras over time, I’ve become a much more deliberate photographer and shoot almost entirely manual most of the time. No kind of decision on my part was ever made to make those changes. It was an evolution made possible, if not inevitable, by the camera. As for image quality, they are relatively good in low light for a mirror less camera and otherwise fine, but there are plenty of very good cameras in that class, so I don’t want to come off as too much of a corporate booster. Just the other day someone was gushing over what great pictures my camera takes and she wanted to know what it was so she could buy one too. I recommended less expensive options.

  • I’m pleased I tried the X100s, I knew straight away it wasn’t for me. It wouldn’t of lasted a month in my hands. Anyway just in case and for the record I’m not implying the X100s is flimsy.

  • Impromptu indeed! “We’re still recording somehow….”

    :) great fun. And I’m all for nuggets of learning. Love the idea, can’t wait for #2.

  • Oooooh! baseline tips. I love it. for people like me who learned through trial and error, we sometimes miss some very basic information along the way. Another good, quick tip, is that nobody should ever know how tall you are by your photographs.

  • PAUL

    what didn’t you like about the X100s? just the durability? for sure they need to make it weatherproof…

    it is very susceptible to the elements…especially the on/off switch is vulnerable..i spilled just a little bit of beer on the top of the camera and the damned on/off switch got stuck…i mean really!

    cheers, david

  • And buried in there is baseline tip #2 (or #3, if you count John Gladdy’s tip):

    Don’t spill beer on non-weatherproof cameras. :)

  • David…
    The only problem I found with the X100s was durability. Files were amazing and I kept getting the good vibes I used to feel with my M6 and Velvia. But I carry a camera ALL DAY hanging on my shoulder or in my hand. I need to “forget” about the camera and I didn’t manage it with the Fuji. Don’t know if it’s the same with everyone else but I have to shoot an incredible amount of crap to be able to get one image, so I wear cameras out very easily.

  • Not sure if there is a dialogue section anymore, but I thought this might be of interest to some…

    Craig Jensen – Master Bookbinder:

  • a civilian-mass audience

    only in BURNLAND…we keep rolling and we are rocking !!!


    simple mathematics …oime!

  • I like the framing…it’s completely appropriate a new spontaneous off the cuff iPhone reality series. Don’t change a thing! Kate

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