Merry Christmas from Burn

Perhaps if you are a new reader you do not know that Burn was born on Christmas Day in 2008. All of the Burn team wishes you a happy holiday season . We will have some new cool stuff going on in 2014. For one thing there will be new Burn03 coming up from the best of BurnDiary. So, try to get that job.  In any case, stay tuned. As always we will try to make Burn worth your time.  -dah-

Video production and stunts by Frank Overton Brown III

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  • That is so bad it’s wonderful. Happy Christmas David!!!

  • LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL Mother-fucker! :)…..promise, we will hug in 2014….

    and congratulations on being (i won’t say ‘grandfather’ because u’re too strong and beautiful for that kind of old man title) a Mentor and Force to Bry and Michelle’s little one :)))…

    see u soon (promise)! :)

    love ya

    (now, ditch the tie!)

  • ps., this is my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS VIDEO OF THE YEAR….:)))

    now, can Parr please (or Soth) put this on their list of Best of !


  • Oh! phahaha

    Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

    Love and Hugs

    Kyunghee Lee

  • a civilian-mass audience

    this is one of the most inspiring videos of 2013…

    THANK YOU FOR THE CAKE !!! finally …hihiiiiiiii

    I LOVE YOU ALLLL,MERRY CHRISTMAS and 2014 may bring health and happiness!!!

    yoho,yoho,the BURNIAN’S life is for me

  • That was great ! Have a wonderful Christmas !

  • Mary Christmas!
    Happy Birthday!
    And a big Thank You for all you’ve done!!!

  • That was supposed to be “Merry”… dumb dyslexia…

  • Awesomeness. Happy birth day to Burn,

    And happy Christmas to all,
    And to all much good light!!

  • @ BURN:

    Feliz Cumpleaños from Barcelona!!
    El BB ya tiene 5 años… Wow!
    Time is like a fuse, short and BURNing fast.

    Merry X mas as well.
    Happy 2014!


  • Nice!! Keep Burning in 2014…Happy Holidays!

  • David is featured tonight at 11 pm EST on “In Frame”, a tv documentary series by Arirang, a Korean international broadcasting company… here is the link:
    Magnum’s Chris Steele-Perkins, Alex Webb and Patrick Zachmann have been already broadcasted in the past few weeks as well as VII’s Gary Knight and other notable photographers…

    Enjoy and, of course, Happy Holidays to all!


  • You got me there for a second!
    Good stuff and burn….best stuff!
    All the very best and to many years to come.
    Happy holidays!

  • THANK YOU for the link, Federico!

  • Merry Christmas…

    Great video.. :)

  • Merry Christmas David. I hope the cake was tasty! All luck and energy for 2014. Will try and visit more next year.

  • Merry second day of Christmas, everyone. First, I like the tie, but that’s just me; I’m a tie guy. Second, Soupy Sales is dead, even pie was more his bit than cake was. There’s a reason for that; pie is funnier than cake. Third, wasn’t Mary Christmas the ho ho ho that Santa Claus keeps talking about?

    In any case, there’s this:

  • Enjoy the new song I just recorded ( I did the arrangements drums and vocals ) but the GUITARS are all by KIM SKOULIDAS and famous architect ( non musician but great artist ) UCKY .. Enjoy:

  • Ha ha ha Funny video!!
    Congratulations for these five years, and more in the future!

    Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo from Spain.


  • hahhahahahaha funny video !!!
    merry christmass and happy new year!

  • Nice Tie.

    Happy Holidays All

    Paul O

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • Happy late birthday, Burn. David and crew: I’ll bet even none of you had any idea about what you were going to accomplish.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    tick tock …oh!!!

  • Merry Merry…
    Happy NEW Year!!

  • Nothing like a EPF longlist it is all become a bit mundane with instagram being the only current work shown.


    isn’t that the point? we had 30 fine essays for the EPF and we felt it fair to show them all….now we are indeed finished showing them all..and yes BurnDiary is all real time work…new work….so we have both…new real time work w BurnDiary, and certainly not “old” work from the EPF…

    matter of fact Imants the only reason you have a clue that these essays are from the EPF top 30 is because we told you so…otherwise you would have no idea…for sure you have not seen them before…so they have to be NEW to you!!

    for sure BurnDiary is going to make a great book since it is shot in real time in front of this audience…more importantly it recognizes the art of working within a time frame, a finite space…a canvas clear…no bullshit….oh i am a big BurnDiary fan…at the same time i do not disparage the “long form”…they can blend…

    Happy New Year Imants..always good to have you around…how is Tasmania?

    cheers, david

  • David, have you found that you shoot less with your regular cameras or that your shooting more in general? I feel like instagram gives me a different format that my usual cameras cannot provide, so I shoot more. experiment more… look more.


    oh i do not think it is about “accomplishment”…i have no need to accomplish…i am just having fun with photography…i love seeing new work from others and perhaps stimulating them to live up to their own potential and then i try to do the same for myself….not to “get” but just to “be”….to be awash in imagery that in fact is even more than a mirror to our daily lives…ironically technology has actually brought us closer to our real human spirit…we are all now like cave painters…..expressing ourselves in whatever way we want…no parameters….freedom to fly….

    still photography quite clearly is something even beyond what we ever thought it was…a common language…and there is something about it that has made us addicted to it…we NEED pictures everyday, every hour, every minute…i hear complaints about too much imagery and at the same time at any given moment i can see someone looking at pictures on their iPhone…there is something primal in there….anyway, that’s all i am thinking about….

    cheers, david

  • David

    Even so, you have accomplished something unique.

  • Ahhh dunno some new comers could get disenchanted if EPL takes up over 6 months of burn, there may be little reason to submit essays. Your site your play.

    Tassie is fine about a third of the way through the build, should be right for Easter
    …………… summer here a couple of 30F days the rest like autumn fire on during the night

    The dog is guarding the sheep

    Good luck with Burn Diary I am not big on it, just doing books these days esoteric as ever.

    Have great new year


    we have not had an official “submissions” section on Burn for quite awhile…we might bring a version of what we had back…with some sort of limit …like close it out after 100 submissions per month or whatever…an open submissions section just kills us…we get too many and we literally cannot look at them all….so what we have done this past year is to operate like any other magazine…those who have great work are going to find us or we are going to find them..

    somebody is always going to feel disenchanted i suppose….yet those who take the time and effort to end up in the top 30 out of over 1000 submissions for the EPF i feel deserve some special attention…

    i don’t think the EPF should be taken for granted Imants…i raise 15k every year to give away to photographers in this audience…i do this without any sponsorship or advertising, exactly how many photographers on the planet am i supposed to keep from being “disenchanted”?

    i too am only interested in books….Burn exists for the printed page…Burn03 will literally be from BurnDiary….we just did Valabrega’s Daughters of the King and Mike Young with Beer, Bait, and Ammo is going to press in a couple of weeks…my retro Tell It Like It Is will go to press in May…and my own COOKBOOK is coming towards the end of 2014….so yea, books!!!

    actually i think you should give BurnDiary a try…from Tasmania…you are a fast producer…you get on it…i have seen this….i like esoteric……

    cheers, david


    how can you have a birthday pie? and Soupy Sales was a character i had completely forgotten about….

    by the way that red tie was given to me in a pub in the outback of Australia years ago when i was doing a piece on Banjo Paterson, author of the song Waltzing Matilda etc etc ….i had befriended a brumby catcher…a wild horse catcher…we met every night at the pub while i was shooting on his turf….we were serious horse chasers by day and serious stubbie drinkers by night…real mates….

    while i was there, his mother died…and this was the tie he wore to his mother’s funeral…..he gave it to me that night at the pub…and i have never taken it out of my duffel bag since…this was however the first time i wore it..

    cheers, david


    i am shooting more in general…for sure the phone camera has changed things…as you say, we all tend to shoot looser….at the very same time however, i am also shooting more film….medium format…..

    yet there is no doubt in my mind that the phone camera is the single biggest revolution in photography since Barnack put a 35mm camera on the table…actually even bigger….with my iPhone in my pocket i can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…..oh i always also have a “real camera” with me…and there have been a few times when i shot something and i wished i had a larger file than the phone file…yet on the other hand with a larger camera i might not have taken the picture at all…

    the phone cameras have forced the point and shoot cameras to become now professional cameras…my D800 gathers dust….there are so many small cameras that now do what “big” cameras used to do…i cannot even keep up with them….the GF1 was my workhorse small camera for a long time…i use now the Fuji X100s…but there are a myriad of cameras i want to try…once there is a wifi set up in all these small cameras, maybe the phone camera will be used less..i don’t know..

    by the way, we are working on your story idea now….

    cheers, david

  • I seem to have given up shooting with a digital camera since my computer broke down a couple of weeks ago. Thought I’d miss the damm thing, got the spare part sitting on my desk. Can’t be bothered to fix it, because I’m safe and happy with my phone and medium format camera.

  • David,

    I agree, I wish the phone had a bigger file – perhaps a TIFF file. However, I am please with it, when I first met you I did a lot of phone shooting. Then, the phone broke and I couldn’t replace it so it’s taken me until this year to get back into that game. I don’t have time to think about researching new cameras… I used to try to keep up on whats new but, often all those features are just rubbish. I still shoot with my little range finder, a voigtlander, and my d700 has become a camera to shoot blog stuff nearly exclusively. I think those big cameras are just that: too big. it’s a big sign that says “hey look at me, I’m a photographer” and thats not at all what I’m into, I just want to make work, not be a spectacle… it’s nearly the same when someone’s holding up an ipad to make photos.. it’s ridiculous.

    I do shoot less film than I had, and certainly less digital… I need some new stimulus… and just going out and finding it isn’t in my budget. what to shoot from my own back yard that I haven’t already shot….

    I saw the email from Diego… I sent him a reply…

  • Happy New Year!

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • a civilian-mass audience


  • a civilian-mass audience


  • a civilian-mass audience

    4 !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    we’ve made it !!!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…almost 50 …it’s mine!!!

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