Miho Aikawa – Dinner in New York

Miho Aikawa

Dinner in New York

The term dinner refers to the main meal in a day. Consumption of food is as essential an element of life as sleeping for a human being. Most of the people who know the importance of eating habits care about the quality of food and nutrition. However, even if the food provides the necessary nutrition, that alone is not enough. The question is, what is a quality dinner? Having dinner is not just about eating food, but portrays many aspects of our lives.

A study in Public Health Nutrition which compiles data relating to American’s food-related time use over the past 30 years reveals some interesting trends: Eating as a primary activity declined in the past 30 years. On the other hand, eating as a secondary activity rose dramatically in the past 30 years. When we combine the primary and secondary eating time, we see that in total we’re spending an average of 25 or more minutes daily eating than we did 30 years ago. We now do almost 50 percent of our eating while concentrating on something else.

I would like to propose thinking what a dinner should be by objectively seeing diverse dinner situations. When you enjoy mealtimes, you’re more likely to eat better.
Let’s think what we can do to enhance the pleasure of the table.




Since Miho Aikawa graduated from the Masters in Digital Photography program at the School of Visual Arts, she has been residing in the New York.
Miho entered the Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, majoring in journalism. During her junior year, she attended the University of Miami to study photojournalism in a one-year exchange program. The experience in Miami broadened her view and made her desire to become a photographer stronger than ever.
Miho became a freelance photographer and won The Best Award for Corporate and Commodity Advertisement from Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association Competition in 2006. Miho’s works have been exhibited at museums and public spaces such as Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, World Bank Tokyo, Konika Minolta Plaza Tokyo and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts collects her photography.


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Miho Aikawa




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  • I think they should share the damn pizza with the damn cat – that’s what I think. Of course, the cat might then refuse to eat it (frame 9). I like the cat in frame 7, too. It probably had a real good meal before it laid down at the table for this nap.

    And I also like to eat – wherever I am, whatever I am doing – especially fasting. Eating while fasting is wonderful.

    Fun essay and one that really does make a statement about life in this modern, soon to be ancient, age.

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