Rio Workshop – 2014


Back in Brazil

with David Alan Harvey

Rio de Janeiro

January 19th-25th, 2014

 Rio de Janeiro. Just the name alone conjures up imagery. Spectacular location geographically and the place of beauty and passion and excitement and well yes, a physical and psychological Shakespearian stage of life. For me to do a workshop in Rio, following the publication of my award winning (based on a true story) and an essay in NatGeo, and smack in the middle of my shooting on my Beach Games project ,should for anyone I mentor here be the experience of a lifetime if ever there was one.

I have rented an apartment right on the beach in Rio as the location for our classroom. For critiques of daily individual shooting and a hang spot to discuss ideas and directions for my students.Most of the time however, you will be exploring one of the great cities of the world with a history and culture to fall in love with for sure. At least I did. I am quite sure you would as well.

Join me. For my first full on workshop in Rio ever. My work here for NatGeo and for (based on a true story) has me familiar with the streets and the culture . I will have on hand a top local team as well to make sure you get around with grace.
As in all my workshops I pay attention to YOU. To make sure your investment is a lifetime investment, not just a week of “class”. Besides in January it is gonna be freezing in most of Europe and most of North America, and a hot summer day in Rio! Think about it.

We will select the most promising students for this class. My workshops are always challenging and are intended for those who really want to make a mark.

Portfolio review and personal Skype or phone call with david prior to acceptance

12 student limit for this very special class


January 19th-25th, 2014

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuition: $3,200


To apply, please submit a portfolio (a link to your website is preferred) as well as a brief description of yourself and where you are as a photographer.

Workshop contact: Kaya Lee Berne

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  • This is so exciting that you will be working in Rio… and I really think you should come to Argentina too! (Where I live). So much great photography and so many amazing photographers to hang out with and meet etc. I would be MORE than happy to help you out if you needed it, as I speak the language and also have lots of contacts and already give workshops. You can email me at, dale! Come!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and after RIO and ARGENTINA and NORTH POLE…maybe you can make it to Grecolandia…we might be in “war” but our borders are still open…oups, I have to check with the European allies first …

    VIVA RIOOOOOOO…February 9 to 15th …WHAT NOT TO LOVE !!!

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