piotr zbierski – love has to be reinvented

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Piotr Zbierski

Love Has To Be Reinvented

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When Venasque told me about diaries of Cocteau, I came across this fragment, which deeply affected me:

“And then I realized that the world of my dreams is equally full of memories as my real life, so it is the real being and also richer, deeper, full of episodes, and more precise in many details. It was difficult to properly locate memories in one or the other world. They were extraordinary, complicated, and have become my second life, twice bigger, and twice longer than my own”.

Why? Because you have this gun with cold water when I’m turning into someone unlike.

With or without is trivial difference. Is it not the way to communicate with friends?

We are still here.

I know your deepest secret fear. And you know my deepest secret fear: egoism.



Piotr Zbierski (b. 1987) studied photography at National Film School.

Author of three individual exhibitions (White Elephants, Here, Childhood Dreams), participant in collective exhibitions and publications including Photokina and Lab East. He presented his works in many countries like Poland, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia. As well as magazines (Shots Magazine, Ninja Mag, Archivo Zine, Die Nacht, Gup Magazine).

In 2012 he won the prestigious prize for young photographer Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award and has been shortlisted in many other prizes (Les Nuits Photographiques 2012, Terry O’Neill Award) for his series “Pass By Me”. His works has been shown at festival in Arles 2012 and are in collection of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. He lives and works in Lodz.


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Piotr Zbierski


54 Responses to “piotr zbierski – love has to be reinvented”

  • And one cannot begin to comprehend how utterly frustrating and distressing it can be to visually create a concept.

  • Mike – Truly brainy work for the true egg head. So smart and witty it left laughing in a most intelligent way.

    Why didn’t you contact me? I would have organized a nationwide fundraiser and we could have pulled in that $25.00! Now, whoever does win the EPF is going to be left feeling inadequate and very unsure of him/herself, wondering if s/he really deserves the award all, knowing how differently it might all have turned out if you had but made the time and come up with the $25.00.


    Getting hit over the head with dysfunction has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. That’s why i am practically on intimate terms with the photographers i mentioned and others besides, like Larry Clark and the inimitable Arbus. But lately i want to do more of the work. Be seduced by the photo as opposed to having my eyeballs raped. Different kind of photography but i am crushing on Henry Wessell these days. Subtle-ty.

    Ross, Civilian..hola to the night shift..Gracie too wherever she might be..and the perpetual lurkers Imants and Gladdy. And shape-shifting Panos fire-bombing us with videos and streaking back out like a rebel fighter..and DAH, our man in Jamaica..that Miriam portrait’s a killer.



  • Beautifully dark and dream like.

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