Happy Birthday Burn

The waves today on the Outer Banks are just spectacular. An offshore wind gives the large swells a perfect shape. Although it is for sure a winter day with seriously icy water, the surfing crowd is out there. Modern wetsuits make surfing a year around art form. So about an hour ago at sunset when I headed for the water’s edge holding a birthday cake it just wasn’t anything that could be explained easily to the surfing crowd.

I took off my shoes and waded into the rushing white water and alas only one shot with my iPhone. Yea, I know it coulda been a lot better, but the birthday cake store was closed by then, so well this is it. Last year for our 3rd birthday I burned the cake in my fireplace which was much much easier and I had several pictures to choose from. Next year, if there is a next year, I want to blow the cake up. So stay tuned.

Right now I simply want to thank this audience for well just hanging out with us. We’ve had some fun, chewed on the merits of this essay or that, gone into the minds of some top folks in the biz via interviews, and generally made Burn a place for pro photographer and emerging photographers alike. We have managed to raise 75k through the Magnum Foundation over 6 years for the Emerging Photographer Fund grant (coming up soon again), published approximately 500 essays, and won a bunch of peer group awards, honors etc.

The main thing is that Burn is a no strings attached operation. No ads, no sponsorship, and of course ha ha no money! Great biz plan huh? Well honestly for me, Burn is a labor of love, not a job. A payback to young photographers who might just be looking for an outlet. To get their name known. To show readers a new way of looking at something in either a journalistic approach or with an artists vision. For me personally an equal aspiration and both worthy goals.

At this writing we have I think about 6 hours until we find out if the end of Maya calendar is the end of everything. I doubt it. I hope not for sure because well I think all of us just have too much more to do. For photography is an all inclusive science, art, and journalistic vehicle. We can all use our cameras to inform, entertain, and enlighten. Regardless of your interests in life, the recording of a moment can play a part. I love that simple fact.

When I was leaving the beach tonight,  one of the surfers was getting out of the water, and he strolled over and asked “what was that all about?”. I  said “well it is my magazines birthday and I needed a shot of a cake in the water”.  He ran his hands through his long wet hair and said “uh ok whatever”.

Some things are just better in pictures than in words.


Burning session

The original THINKERS for Burn Magazine. 2008. It doesn’t take long for a picture to look “vintage” now does it?

Erica McDonald, Andrew Sullivan, Chris Bickford, Young Tom Hyde, Anton Kusters, Eric Espinosa, and David McGowan on Skype

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