panos skoulidas – heat advisory

A fan against intense heat for a heart patient... no air conditioning in apartment - SA Texas

Or a few minutes in the swimming pool is ok as long as he stays protected by the sun, 110F - SA Texas 2011


Panos Skoulidas

Heat Advisory


The US drought of 2011 will go down in history as one of the most severe natural disasters in decades. Beyond the financial impacts to farmers and ranchers, there is also a more far reaching impact to the overall quality of life to the inhabitants of the affected regions. As temperatures soar to over 100 degrees day after day for months on end, daily tasks become physical dares made between yourself and the heat. Pets, children, even the young and healthy struggle.

Shane Azar is 43. He is not healthy. Diabetic, overweight and recovering from recent open heart surgery, Shane has become a prisoner to the heat. Doctors have advised him to avoid the scorching sun because of potentially fatal reactions with his medications. His world is limited to the bed, a treasured fan, and a 5 minute daily dip in the pool in an effort to preserve his sanity.


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  • very COOL :) assignment!

  • John…

    I’m sure you’ll find a RoadTrip inspiring. Of course the typical suggestion would be to advice you to find something interesting whilst going through all that boring clinic shit…but as you damn well know it’s quite enough just being there without adding more complications with a camera.

  • Erica, i appreciate your comment so much..thank u very very much…
    btw, i still hope for a print for Burn-ED Garden exhibition,- if u have the time-, coz i know you guys (You and ANDREW Sullivan are very very busy and thats AWESOME..
    (Andrew S, if u read this , i didnt forget u..wish i could twist your arm (both of you guys) and receive a print!
    Again, either way, big hug, one love…!

  • hey there – I’m a bit out of the loop re garden exhibit, whatwhenwhere? and yes am stupid busy but not w Andrew – we finished our collab workshop in May, and tho he may be stupid busy elsewhere :) our collaboration is just in the workshops, the develop bag, and workload, I’m afraid, is my own.

  • Panos- Thanks for the arm twist! I’ve been planning to send you a print for a couple of weeks, but now I’ll put it in the mail for you next week. Looking forward to hearing all about this endeavor. Love the idea!

    Hope you’re well,

  • Erica , Andrew,!
    as we say in LA: “awesoooooooooooome!”

    LET ME REPEAT , INFO , ONCE AGAIN (i know i know im asking too much! love u guys..stay busy!)

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    panos skoulidas

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    panos skoulidas

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    panos skoulidas

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  • Panos; how many prints have you recieved so far?

  • Panos, can’t decide which one, now which “me” did you want? :)) … but will send something asap. Thanks for living it.

  • DAH

    in regards to your last tweet… i am so curious to see your long lens pic… what you do with an iphone is just amazing…

    cheers, federico

  • Tom ;) u have lots to chose from…lots! u choose

    Ross ;) withh those in the mail anywhere from 30-50 items/prints so far! i see another 100 coming!

  • Panos; that’s great! :-)


    Andrea Morrow, Spokesperson for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) said the top priority right now is public drinking water supplies. Surface water, she said, refers to water that comes from lakes and rivers. And sometimes, depending on the location of a community, a big lake may be residents’ only source of water.
    So what do you do when when that lake dries up?
    “We’re just praying for rain,” Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator, Brent Bush, said.

  • PANOS..

    are you going to Greece now? we were thinking of bringing you here to document Diego’s 40th birthday party in Rio…..Diego might not even be here…..i told him no matter…there was going to be a big Happy 40th Diego no matter if he was there or not!! that ought to bring him..cause he knows damn well i will have a big party in his honor without him..for sure…so he will not want to miss it….i am pretty sneaky , yes??

    cheers, david

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