tracey tomtene – empire state building


Empire State Building  by Tracey Tomtene


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  • That look back may be a last attempt to see if someone will stop it before it jumps…..


  • Tracey – I can remember seeing this at the workshop – I can’t believe I missed the stumpy leg!
    Congratulations on the publishment here on Burn!
    I hope all is well with you!

  • This is an amazing shot, the detail is great, and you’ve captured a great expression on the pigeon’s face! The detail of leg is great too – many a pigeon has miraculously escaped a near death experience. All in all a wonderful capture, I like it in every way!

  • You have to be kidding me. A tourist snap like this is a selected photo. I am sure there must be many much more deserving photographs and photographers out there you could have chosen. Am I missing the joke?
    I registered and created my account just to leave this comment. If you are willing to publish it I will at least admire Burn for that.

  • Appalled,
    there is better reasons to admire Burn than just having your comment published…:)
    Go find the Burn 01 book, for example , and i promise u , you’ll discover a brand new world..;)
    And regardless of u missing the joke or not ,all im saying to you is “welcome”, although im not the hotel manager over here:)
    Stick with us for a minute and i promise you “horizon expansions” and good magic of all kinds…
    U just opened the Pandora’s box..Lucky u!

  • Hey all, appreciate the feedback..thank you! Yes, you too ‘Appalled’. I, like Panos, do hope you stick around and not be so disenchanted based on one image you deem a ‘tourist snap’…you will admire burn for a lot more than just allowing a dissenting opinion to be published. Cheers!

  • Though that is not one, I can like tourist snaps. They are as much photography as anything else, if not quite meant to emerge in the field of professional/serious photography.

  • Appalled

    While my comments about this photograph were light-hearted, “charming, quirky, fun”,..this is in no way meant to minimise or dismiss the power of this delightful photograph. Photographs that make us smile, that present a visual joke, that poke fun, are rare. Elliot Erwitt is the only photographer I know of who seems to know how to do it with any consistency, he is one of my heroes.
    This is one of those rare photographs that achieves humour. And while the reaction has been one of fun, and sillyness, humour is serious business, and much more difficult to achieve than the somber documentation of the worlds woes.

    In any case, welcome to Burn, dissenting opinions welcome. I encourage you to use your real name, and a link to your own view of the world.

  • Fantastic shot. It’s great because it works on so many levels. I was immediately reminded of the nearby Chrysler building, which has Art Deco eagle heads looking out in all directions… this lowly, crippled pigeon seems to aspire to being an eagle, and the camera’s point of view (subject above the horizon) gives the form a “monumental” feeling. Incidentally, I believe the pigeon is actually observing things on the ground, but its opposing eye necessarily has to be directed in the other direction.

  • We take urban wildlife for granted, and often think of them as dirty animals, and a nuisance (the racoons in my neighbourhood can certainly be a pain). But there’s a lot of beauty there, if you look for it. Pigeons, for example! And so, I’ll share with you an image I captured of a neighbourhood pigeon, with all of its glorious colour:

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