tom chambers – prom



Prom Gown #3 by Tom Chambers


BURN will soon be featuring an essay by this artist. For this series, Mr. Chambers was influenced by Mexican religious art.

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  • Whether or not an artwork stirs your emotions is entirely subjective. For my part, I like this image a lot. I found it startling first, then intriguing – it made me want to learn who made it, why it was made, what it means to the artist, what it means to me.

    I don’t have a problem with it being a montage, because really, aren’t we always being fooled by art? By that I mean: doesn’t art exist to fool us into thinking, feeling and responding in ways that wouldn’t ordinarily be available in reality, even if it happens to draw directly from real life (as traditional or “pure” photography does)?

    Of course, the viewer has to be complicit in the deception. But if allowing yourself to be fooled means opening yourself up to new combinations of imagery, new combinations of thought, and yes, new combinations of feeling, then surely that’s no bad thing.

    Thanks Burn!

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