amanda lucier – night butchering



Night Butchering by Amanda Lucier


Website: Amanda Lucier

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  • Cliff,

    Good comment. And it is the same for cultures around the world. I think we’ve gotten too comfortable in our Safeway/Trader Joe’s society. I sometimes lament the loss of understanding of who we are as a species and from where our food derives. It should not be horrifying or shocking. To watch the likes of a Jaques Pepin make quick work or a chicken or duck, to catch and clean and eat your own trout or catfish, to understand certain South American cultures or Asian cultures and how they create their delicacies… this is beautiful stuff.

    I’m not 100% certain I love the photo but as Charles Peterson said above, it does drawn one in and make you want to explore the greater body of work.

    Good job, Amanda.

  • Hey Carlos,

    Here’s another link:

    Go to “Movies” and then “National Geographic” and there’s the same film only much better quality. (Takes a while to load, though!)


  • I’ll second that Mike K..!!
    “trader Joe’s” society..
    We are all so sensitive all of
    A sudden.. We are all hypocrites..
    We love a double double burger with
    grilled onions but we “hate”
    the butcher..
    Go figure…!


    yes, i know “anon”, but i was reading wrong (fast) and out of context…yes, yes, thanks for the interpretation Bob…that is what you are here for amigo!!!

    cheers, david


    i have no doubt you are right….but, if i put the camera down (or the beer down), my moves are a bit better..but never never the “real thing”….but Carlos, you know what i love about Latin cultures?? they always make me feel like i am doing just fine!!

    cheers, david


    your link up is a totally different film than the youtube piece of Carlos…youtube film was shot in Cuba, the other by BBC in Brazil…

    cheers, david

    p.s. my mistake, Mike you are right…just looked..there IS another one however on youtube from CUBA and i did not know this BBC/NATGEO piece was on youtube…i guess everything is on youtube!!

  • Paulyman I asked for
    a “free”print already;-))))
    Now you killing me brother…
    peace, hugs and laughs to y’all..

  • Hey, my man, I ain’t no hypocrite. I don’t like pics of butchering animals & I don’t eat no animals either! It’s not that I’m shocked it’s just that I care too much about animals to eat them. But as I said earlier, I can still see that Amanda’s photo is remarkable.


  • Thanks for the heads up on American Farmer. Ordered it from Amazon last night.

  • No, no, no…
    I’m the hypocrite…
    I eat meat but at the same time I
    prosecute the “butcher”..
    Smiling.. Not U..
    And I I could I would ask
    that “butcher” girl out..
    And if I also could I would
    propose to my ex-wife once again..
    Peace, smile and hugs…

  • … ( tongue on cheek)…
    I’m also a vegetarian…
    I discovered vegetables and soups when
    I lost my first tooth…
    ( laughing )!!!

  • I love any kinda war because
    it keeps photojournalism
    As profession alive..
    Otherwise Jim Nachtwey and
    Paolo pellegrin they would still
    be truck drivers…
    Peace and wars…

  • Yes, ok.. Ok..
    I hate war too..
    I also hate going poop every
    day but, I have too..
    It sounds like human nature to me..

  • Panos!

    What’s shakin? You good out there in the City of Angels?

  • Yeeep!!!
    Way better than last month..!
    Did I tell U I’m driving all
    the way to Seattle just to see
    where Kurt Cobain and Marc Lanegan
    Hopefully I’ll meet Charles , Katia
    and Tim… and Young Tom aka Tom Hyde…
    I’m excited..
    Can we meet up there!!!
    It’s gonna be sunshine bring your swimsuit!!!

  • Great. Enjoy it.
    I met Paul Mobley this summer on his book tour.
    He put a lot of hard work into this project. Nice guy too.


    Susan Welchman, one of my favorite picture editors, says she cannot eat anything that has eyes!!!

  • Michael. thanks for the link!…

    David, I was kidding about the “caderas moves” you’re very good!….the trick of lating cultures is to “always celebrate…even if you don’t know what you’re celebrating!”

    un abrazo!

  • I’ll second that thought on the clean compositions: so much power in these images. The KISS principle still works …

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