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Kyunghee Lee



‘Island’ is not an real island. It’s just a metaphor.

I am an island. You are an island. We all are islands.

I would like to say “the relationship and communication” between you and I.

I have always thought about them…

‘Island’ is the reflection and introspection on relationship and communication.

-Kyunghee Lee



When art mirrors life, the reflection seen is both an inner vision of the artist and  taps into the psyche of the viewer as well. Humankind is made up of many “individuals”, but a true artist is able to trigger something inside of all of us who may view the work even though the work is coming from a unique “personal vision”…

Such an artist in Kyunghee Lee. With her eye and spirit, Kyunghee Lee uses the camera to tell us what she feels.  While we, the viewers, may not expect what she shows us and are enlightened by what she shows us, we surely understand the moment.  Viewers want surprises and to see something from everyday life seen in a new context.  Kyunghee gives us this special pleasure. The world never quite looks the same again after looking at her photographs.

When I see her photographs , I sense a romanticism and a lyricism coming from deep inside.  Her inner being and personality are put right it front of us, but not in an  overt way, but with grace and subtlety and style. When I see her work, I recognize the elements, the place, the mood, and yet her pictures  come at me in way that I know I have never seen before.  This is art at it’s best. Recognition with enlightenment. Familiarity with surprise. Distance with emotion.

Kyunghee Lee is free and freedom is hard to find.  She does it by dancing . By playing  with the ordinary she achieves the extraordinary.  Her unpretentious photographs hold us.  Keep us. Make us think for awhile, and yet let us travel as we may through her juxtapositions of  unselfconscious simplicity and raw curiousity.

Kyunghee Lee is flying with a warm wind. And the wind will carry her far and to places even she cannot imagine.  We will always be waiting to find out where she will take us.

David Alan Harvey


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119 Responses to “kyunghee lee – island”

  • Right on,
    Reimar !

  • I love Kyunghee’s Island. Your work is sweet, romantic, melancholic, passionate, sublime, fantastic…
    I have just bought your book…
    Best, audrey

  • Reimar Ott,

    About forblurriness:
    There have to be present “you and I” for coversation and communication
    The relationship between forblurry object and focussing object are like that.
    Usually Photographers take pictures of objects only…
    but I put myself or someone’s soul in my ‘island’.

    There are big differeces between Image 6 and 7.
    Image 6 is like a heavy burden of life to carry …
    But image 7 is smiling face of stone stature … means deliverance from repress..

    In case of image 14 and 15.
    Image 14 is like rumination…
    Image 15 is like …stand alone elegantely.

    I can’t express well.
    Because photos are like index and poem… somthing that can’t express exactly…

    I hope you enjoy my ‘island’,Reimar.
    Thank you so much. :)))

  • Kyunghee

    You are my master of way of thinking about own work. Your words expaline a lot.
    You are like a poet with camera, a thinker.

  • “but burn is not a blog…”

    Bob, here are my two (euro) cents: burn is what we make of it… we have still to learn how to manage this “road trips” evolution, but basically the spirit should be kept the same as before imo. The problem is that burn is more dispersive (“road trips” was basically a single flow of conversations moving, and getting richer, from a post to the next one) but on the other hand offers features (essays, single photos, the still to come work in progress section) that were felt as missing in the previous “incarnation”. My feeling is that, for the time being, burn looks more like a gallery open to the public, whereas “road trips” looked like a family’s living room, where you can talk more freely because you know that you will not misunderstood (due to the shared contest).

    Bob, please keep contributing also with your comments: I would personally miss your enlightening point of view…


  • BOB…
    I missed that “part”…
    or I misunderstood it..
    You didn’t mean u r stopping writing here..!!
    What the hell did I miss???
    Anyways , “BONES” are coming up soon..
    Anyways.. Sending U an emal…;-)

  • That is a good assignment for me…take photos that knock David’s socks off! :))

    I will give it my BEST shot. In the meantime I did just submit a single image that I hope is worthy of your consideration. Thanks.

  • Kyunghee
    Thank you very much for your reply. To find words to explain the own world of thoughts and ideas is always difficult. Yes, it would be much easier to talk face to face. Who knows – perhaphs one day.
    With your words it became more clear how deeply you think about your images. In contrast to that is my rather superficial way of looking at a picture. Perhaps I am more a plebeian rather than an intellectual. This makes me struggle with methapors and so on. My stomach talks.
    Nevertheless I enjoy looking at your images very much!

  • Dear Kyunghee Lee … One of your books in on its way to me. Looking forward very much to hold it in my hands!


  • Panos! you just said the “A” word! Photography and Art! Photojournalism and ART!!! Is it possible to show the world to your viewers and include something of yourself? I think so … Pep Bonet of Contact Press thinks so (I presume).Am I correct. Uncle Pep?

    Good light to all…

  • I would like to say ” Thank you very much from my heart.” to the friends to buy my book
    And also Thank you very much to the respectable viewers and sincere responsers to my island.

    For the freedom of Photography!
    Hope keep going!


  • I really enjoyed the images (music OFF) but it is of no importance if I enjoyed the work or not. Only the photographer would care, maybe… What might be interesting though, for those who like Kyunghee’s essay is to look at the work Pictus Interruptus by Ray K. Metzker.

    Regarding some heated discussions above I’ll just repeat what I said in another thread. I know it is the internet, therefore discussions get all over the place, but I imagine 99% of the people here are photographers. All these heated discussions, especially on essays, are beyond me. “Should have been done like this, should have been done like that”??? It’s done! I take it or I leave it. If I feel commenting I send the comment directly to the photographer. Every different way of treating the photograph (color, b&w, desaturated, painted, upside-down, whatever style) has it’s audience… None of the styles satisfies everyone! I understand people leaving comments here but I can’t understand why many feel that everyone should fall for the same thing.

    I honestly did not expect such a variety of different work here at Burn, but I’m very happy that Burn (David) goes for it all. It has become a place I have to visit every day and mostly because I know I’ll see something different than the day before (whether I like it or not).

    Cheers to you all. Veba

  • Paul, you said…

    “I was unsure about this piece as it flowed before me but at the end I felt strangely satisfied and I’m unsure as to why, though I did want it to continue a while longer.”

    Lsst part of my island… maybe It liberate all restriction, repress, pain, worries…
    And The last photo (dog tair and a hole of fence) is like a joke.

    You didn’t explain why and wanted to swim in those images above… I surely can understand your feeling.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings, :)))

  • Velibor,

    I have serched ‘Pictus Interruptus by Ray K. Metzker’ … Very unusual, awaking my thoughts and motivating me … Thank you very much for introducing him and your careful comments.

  • I understand Cathy, but why in the internet we need always guidelines? when we have exhibitions, outside in the real world, do we place security officers beside every single picture who control what the visitors say?

  • This week I received in the mail my signed copy of Kyunghee’s book “Island.” For those of you who had questions about her work as seen here, I encourage you to consider buying the book. This body of work is better suited for print than computer. It also calls for close examination of each photo rather than seeing them whiz by in slideshow format. To buy the book go to:

    Now I want to see an exhibit with her gelatin silver matted and framed prints hung on the wall of a gallery or museum. That would be best of all.

    Brava, Kyunghee!


  • Beautiful kyunghee lee, your mind is just beautiful :)
    love, miguel

  • I have just received your book, it is magnificent…

  • Dearest, KyungHee Lee sunsaengnim!

    Do you remember me? I am Hyun Min and we met last summer through Ilwoodang.
    It is amazing to see your works here. I was websurfing, and i got here somehow, and i am now very surprised and astonished to see your name here. I didn’t know that you have your works published. Congratulation! Your works are emotional, poetic and powerful. This reminds me of Busan so badly. I wish the best luck with your future works and i will keep up with them. :-)

    Hyun Min Lee

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