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Mary Jane in the garden    by  Ashe Kazanjian

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  • Hey DAH you are an excellent photographer, but as a curator…

  • great very moody picture, impressionism. Ashe I like you “The magician” it is very strong self-portrait. One of my favorite ever.


  • mr.soso

    there is quite a nice portrait group on flickr (of all places!!)

    you might find something you like there.

  • I have always loved this photograph, just as I loved Ashe’s series down Any Given Evening, from which I believe this photograph is a part of…if my memory is still intact….

    her magnificent face always reminded me of the girls in Balthus’ paintings, and what i particularly loved about her face and ‘presence’ in the series is that she acts as an observer, like the angels from the Wim Wenders film Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire in English)….a guardian and a watcher….what i particularly love about this phtoographer is her extraordinary face: it’s age and it’s sadness, again, a face here filled with so much ambiguity, both sadness and watchfullness…and the play of all the fields of red…

    a heartbreaking expression in a moment of tenderness and adult sadness reflected in the wise eyes of this young little girl….


  • Ashe – i adore every photo you have not just this one. there is no exception and preference. they reflect extraordinary mood.

  • Hsy, Ashe!!!!
    R U still in Prague?
    Surviving the winter?
    No rollerblades over there??
    All cobblestone streets..
    Nice meeting U up in Brooklyn..
    Stunning photo.. & of course I do
    remember your whole essay…
    Totally agree with bob..
    peace & hugs from LA..

  • Also agree with my friend HAIK..
    what’s up Haik????

  • mr.soso & ben,
    also agree…
    For your taste or style of
    portraiture.. please visit
    Don’t waste your precious time
    getting “BURNed” over here..

  • …as a curator!!!?..
    what??.. cmon finish your thought…
    Don’t be scared!

  • that’s quite aggressive of you panos. I was merely pointing out some other photographs. and it’s good to look at other photographs, right?

  • Ben that was just shameless.

    it makes me wonder who ‘mr soso’ is now,… if it was a link to some other ’place’ and the name was Mr Cola Chugging, Pizza Eating, Surf the Web 24/7,… well then i wouldn’t have to wonder.

    …or maybe providing a link to not ‘one‘, not ‘two‘, but ‘five’ baby pictures of you next your name in hot-link-lights.. well.. maybe it‘s just me that thinks that a bit shameless ;-)

    it’s a good thing that C.K.‘s is one of the top two groups on flickr to reference or i’d really open a can of humility on your arse~! (by the way Ben’s a mate and this is just an affection hard…very hard… jab to the arm)

    Anway, yes it’s a good flickr group, but more in the context of this image, and to push this link up to enjoy, hopefully before you run for flickr, I urge you to take a ride over here, you’ll feel a lot closer to one human here than a hundred strangers of there, i know i feel a bit ‘introduced’



  • Mr. SOSO…

    laughing!! my oh my..can’t you see i am trying to get you to think beyond the obvious, out of the box…what i do myself and what i may appreciate in a larger context are two different things…but, i certainly do not expect everyone to like everything…and did you ever imagine also that i just might like to stir the pot???

    anyway, stick around…surely i will put up something you may like…c’mon SOSO, you gotta love Mary Jane!!!

    cheers, david

  • joe, i though you knew me better. i have no shame.


    hey boys boys…take it easy…now Panos, Ben was just having us look at something else…relax…hey Ben, i am hoping to publish a selection of your work which i find very intriguing…i do hope you will get in touch…you two could not be more different in your work and probably in your temperament as well…frankly, i think you could both borrow a page out of each others book without giving up one single teeny bit of your respective personalities or styles…just a thought…

    cheers, david

  • well I’m off alcohol for the whole of january so it’ll be at least a month before i go all gonzo on your asses.

  • BOB…

    what a memory?? you are a virtual encyclopedia of who did what when….many thanks for remembering Ashe…she struggled through much of our class trying to get a “handle” and then everything just fell into place and she allowed herself to be “free”…as you well know , everyone says they want freedom, but when actually faced with it, can choke completely..

    cheers, david

  • BEN…

    are you in London?? if so, i know a good pub….be there soon if you want tea time instead of pub time…?????

    cheers, david

  • ‘imagine’…’Stir the pot’

    Now that question’s got me laughing.

    David, do you even have to wonder if it’s working!?!

    no offence David, i think i like it better when you stay behind the curtain and just keep turning dials, pulling levers, and pressing buttons… all those things that keep us feeling lost.

    and if you are going to pay us a visit, i’d prefer you to be much shorter, like oz-shorter ;-)


  • I’d be interested to see DAH write a brief explanation of his reasons for choosing the photos here, and what he likes about them. It might provide a starting point for discussion (instead of these ‘i love it’ ‘i hate it’ comments, and would at least be interesting if nothing else.

  • JOE…

    i think i have told you this before , but i will tell you again…you are one of the most refreshing and intelligent new writers/observers/critics i have here…we all look forward to whatever you have to say..back in New York on the 15th or so…come on down…

    cheers, david

  • ALEX…

    maybe a good idea, but not a practical one…..besides, the whole point of the picture per day is a discussion between you and the photographer…i will jump in occasionally, but frankly my job right now other than editing single and essays is to try to make it so that we are really producing original work for BURN…in other words, so that some of you may receive paid assignments…

    besides, what would i say about Mary Jane?? i just love the simplicity of this seemingly very simple portrait…perhaps it is the expression on her face that draws me in in in….combined with the overall mood ….the softness compels…the out of focus red flowers mirroring the red shirt also make my eye move around but always come back to the sweetness of her face…i like Mona Lisa, i like Mary Jane in the same way….

    cheers, david

  • Thanks David, overyly kind, and again, thanks for the invite :-)

  • Well its a shame that what you are doing With Mary Jane you can do with millions of other things, I mean “thinking behind the obvious”,this kind of thinking approaches to much the “white canvas” in a gallery.

  • David,

    Maybe you need some sort of header saying “photo of the day” with a short two lines or so saying what you said above… the point of the photo of the day.

    Actually, it may be cool to have the photo of the day and the current essay both showing on the page. That way the essay doesn’t get bumped so soon and the two would stand as more separate types of parts of the magazine. (yes I know this will make more programming work for Anton, but hell! I know he loves it.)

    Just an idea.

  • Also,
    Did you get the images I submitted? I emailed them but I can resubmit through the “submit” button if need be. Lemme know. And if they SUCKED.. thats cool too. (GRIN)

  • Ah yes… we all appreciated horses and flowers in galleries, I almost forgott. And very impressive photos, especially addicted society, or war only.
    I saw once white canvas at vernissage in one gallery two or three days after 9/11; “thinking behind the obvious”.
    Even if I could agree with you, your arguments are ridiculous.

  • I personally appreciate the way DAH has basically stayed in the background–working his ass off if putting up my essay was any example!–and letting the selected photos and essays speak for themselves. It also gives the photographers the chance to engage directly with those who leave comments. All too often our temptation is to want to know what the editor/curator thinks, but the very fact that he or she chose to post a particular photo or essay says all we need to know.

    But one thing we’ve already seEn here on Burn is that we’ve got an editor/curator who dearly loves to “stir the pot.” I’d say he’s doing a pretty damn good job so far! Burn baby BURN…


  • My first impression was: now what is this? I had a glance at the comments and then looked up the web page of Ashe to see the photo in a context, which I found very helpful in this case.
    It is part of the series „any given evening“. After looking at some of the images I loved them right away! Wow! Great images!
    The image shown above I feel is rather subtle. Something to look at for a little longer.
    As said above: it is the mood that makes this and many of Ashes images very special.
    And yes, a short introduction would be helpful.
    I enjoy this diversity of photographs. Keep them coming!

  • perhaps an alternative would be some writing from the photographer explaining why they chose to submit this particular image, and maybe also explaining the context within which the image was originally made. (i.e the larger body of work…)

  • after all, having a conversation about a single image is kind of shallow at the end of the day isn’t it…

  • When I saw this picture I got sucked into my Mac. The image filled my consciousness so completely that everything around the screen, ie all the clutter on my desk, vanished from my peripheral vision and this little girl, this delicate creature commanded my complete attention. I found myself starring at her for ages wondering about her. I was simultaneously wanting to draw her in and hug her and utterly spooked by her.

    This photograph of Mary Jane has shaken me a little and I’m not entirely sure why.

    Thank you for the experience, Ashe. It’s one I’ve not had for quite some time. I didn’t expect it. Nor was I ready for it. I was simply checking in before going to bed. I know now that I’ll be lying awake for a while.

  • I was also wondering if you received the photo that I submitted. I can have a short attention span at times and unable to keep up with the torrent of comments here but I admire what you are doing.



  • Ashe, I just went to your web site and looked at every one of your photos. I also went back to the Loft Workshop I 2008 slideshow posted under “movies” on David’s web site. I wanted to re-enter the remarkable world you’d created in that slideshow.

    Your essays transport me into worlds other than my own, but none touch me as deeply as the one “starring” Mary Jane. This little girl has seen it all yet retains an innocence that breaks my heart. This particular image is iconic in my opinion. It shows he world as reflected in the sad eyes of a little girl who has seen more of life than I, even though I’m some 60 years her elder.

    Ashe, when I look at your images I totally forget about technique and simply fall into whatever story you are telling. You are the real thing.


  • off alcohol, on coffee …

  • DAH

    nice to see our class getting some love over here. “machete” would be a good one to put up here…

    will hopefully have an update for you in the next week or two regarding “shared september”


    seeing MJ here brings me right back to our class…thanks for that.

  • But Ben, it seems to me we’ve had some pretty significant discussions that were triggered by a single photo here already. Katharina Hesse’s “Bangkok” and Tom Chambers’ “Prom 3″ are just two examples.


  • WAYNE…

    yes, i do have your photo…along with about 300 others….i look carefully at everything and then just make a decision….obviously i cannot publish all that are submitted, but all will be given very careful review…i will let you know soonest by private e-mail where you stand in the lineup…

    cheers, david

  • MARC…

    yes, i keep trying to figure out a way to use that machete picture….do not worry, i will come up with the most appropriate time…hmmmm, laughing all over again amigo!!

    cheers, david

  • one of which seemed to involve lots and lots of hot air and speculation, with the photographer having to defend herself constantly. a typical “webisode” in my eyes…

    i actually think that this whole site would be better with comments disabled on both photo essays and single images…

    as it is, it seems like the photographs play second fiddle to a whole load of bickering.

    for me, a brief description of the image and the photographers pitch would be enough – and some way of contacting the photographer if people feel the need to pass on their appreciation/thoughts.

    leave the “dialogue” in the “dialogue” section.

    leave the

  • Ashe…

    it was great to see this photo again …damn, what a mood! Can’t wait to see what you find in Prague.

  • David:

    ;)))…i have a ridiculous memory for people’s faces, trivia (especially trivial/useless things), memories, photographs, books, useless quotes and moments, but i always forget the exact dates of people’s birthdays (like my sons) ….it drives Marina crazy ;)))))…im totally impractical f.u’d guy…i remember seeing Ashe’s essay and being stunned by this child’s face, and also that picture of the tall brunette in one doorthreshold and young couple about to fuck in the other…and this little child’s face, like a guardian, ‘governing’ that series :)))…

    freedom’s just another word for nothing else to lose ;))))

    hugs from the family

  • astonishing face. it stays with you, almost hauntingly.
    i had the same reaction as paul, staring at her a long while-
    really pulled in.

    is it my monitor or is her face violet-colored?
    not that it matters. it bothered me at first
    then all i saw was her expression.

    KYUNGHEE LEE fans — her book is for sale, SIGNED, from Photo-Eye:

    rock on!

  • I just got word that my signed copy of “Island” had been shipped. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!!!


  • hey pete.

    good suggestions… and yes this is all in the pipeline, but needs some careful design considerations first…


  • Ashe,

    I saw that picture on the wall of David’s Loft first. I had stayed long in front of that picture.
    Her eyes and face expression made me heartbreakeing… I don’t know why.. I never have seen that sad eyes of children… very emotional shot…Thank you so much for sharing…

    oh! thank you sometime blog fan..:)))
    Patricia. Thank you very much! I hope you very enjoying my book… :)))

  • Ben, you may be missing a concept of Burn. This behaves just as much like a photographic community as it is ‘another’ place to show work. If it were just another place to show work… it would just… get it? And if we kept the dialogue in the dialogue thread, then it would be even less than a blog.

    people are becoming aware of each other here, discovering each other’s attitudes towards photographic ‘things’, not just opinions on a single image,… i thought that seemed pretty obvious and maybe by design of the promoter? And i’m sorry that hearing these ‘things’ may just seem too obvious for you to care about Ben, but it’s certain these things are far too difficult for you to explain for the benefit of others to understand better.

    And Ben, how do you know that the transparency of conversations that are taking place here about anything photographic are ‘Not’ paving the way for off-line dialogue in e-mails, calls, and meet-ups? How do you know those extensions of team work would still take place if people didn’t get to know each other in a lounge atmosphere like this?

    i find your position on this aspect of Burn most ironic Ben, because in another world, but a world of equal spirit, you seem to revel in rants over everything photographic, and you’re no stranger to both participating and instigating webisodes, no Ben?, pot or kettle?

    i’d just relax Ben, if there’s effort that’s taking place anywhere that you don’t think fits your philosophy, then just take a chill pill, and do as you personally wish to do; which is send out those appreciation e-mails and only chat in the dialogue section, that might be better for everyone actually based on your grumpy-smurf philosophy. But there’s no harm to you if those other things take place while you stick to doing what you feel is right for you to do, no?


  • joe

    maybe next time you choose to call me a “grumpy smurf”, perhaps you could do it in an “appreciation email” or as part of some other “offline dialogue”.

    just a thought…

    bye bye…


  • I don’t understand this photo, and I don’t understand why it is showed in the “selected photographs” section.
    I’d like to learn more about photos, so two or three lines explaining what you find interesting in it could be useful. Thanks.

  • David

    How many stories you have submitted right now? There are many? I would like sent short essay but maybe you have stories for a half year forward?
    How your beach house? After move in or it will be summer house?

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