Hot air balloons lift above the crowd in this time honored tradition. Drawing thousands of enthusiasts to Albuquerque annually since 1972. Photo © Jeremy Wade Shockley for BurnDiary

We have lost our original account for our BurnDiary Instagram account. The email associated with our account was accidentally changed by one of our users. Changed to something nobody knows.

So we are starting over. Appropriately I think we have re-started with Anton Kusters who helped Burn get rolling in the first place.
Unfortunately we lost all of our “followers”. However, I think in a few weeks we should be back where we were when we lost the account.
We sort of care about the followers being lost, yet on the other hand our primary goal for our BurnDiary is to over the next few months create enough content to produce our next Burn03 just from the work of the photographers on Burn Diary.
Anyone following BurnDiary will be seeing a book made in real time and being built by this audience. We will use some iconic photographers, yet most of the work for BurnDiary will be from lesser known emerging photographers. My usual formula for publishing work here on Burn.
While Instagram does not replace anything else in the world of photography, it has certainly changed the landscape of our craft more than anything I have seen in my career.
Photography is now a common language. Actually the world’s ONLY common language. Think about it.
Some lament this development. Some applaud it. I love it. Just fun for one thing.
Does not take away from anything else you may want to be doing with your work.
Let us know if you aspire to be the week long essayist for BurnDiary. We are choosing carefully, yet absolutely everyone has a shot at it.
Even if you go back right now and simply look at our archive of about two months of BurnDiary, you may be able to see how we might think we could get a book after several months of dedicated shooting. We will see.

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  • Old school burn peeps will appreciate this feature on Charles Peterson https://vimeo.com/channels/developphoto/87407338

  • Thanks Erica. I love it when the guy asks Charles something along the lines of what a particular photograph means and he answers “it’s just a damn good photograph.” And it is. He is certainly a master at capturing motion. I think his best photographs capture motion in a way that communicates profound meaning. It’s just a type of meaning that can’t be verbalized.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Happy First of the month !!!

    June is here and we will rock …

    BURN is the place to be …

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I have missed so many birthdays, tech talks,arrivals and departures but I am back,I am HERE in BURNLAND…
    I am a civilian,I am your mass audience ( I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

    Are U ready my BURNIANS ?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Good morning from beautiful Grecolandia!!!

    6TH of June here…

    Happy days ahead and happy birthday MR.HARVEY !!!

    I love you ALL…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    RIOO !!!!!


    BRAZIL !!! …PARTY !!!

    RENATA, ROBERTA …BURNIANS in Brazil…we are dancing !!!

  • Civilian,

    The real party starts tomorrow…..it’s the KICK OFF!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    yeah,THE Party is ON !!!

    with ALL my respect to my Brazilian people …I can relate with the suffering and the pain…I am one of You
    but I love football…and therefore Viva and may the ball starts rolling :)))

    Love,Peace,Photography and FootBall !!!

  • Hello Everyone

    maybe no one remembers me. But its nice to come back and drop in on Burn. Still going strong, I see.


  • Hello stranger, nice to see you back among the burning pines, such as they are.

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