Hot air balloons lift above the crowd in this time honored tradition. Drawing thousands of enthusiasts to Albuquerque annually since 1972. Photo © Jeremy Wade Shockley for BurnDiary

We have lost our original account for our BurnDiary Instagram account. The email associated with our account was accidentally changed by one of our users. Changed to something nobody knows.

So we are starting over. Appropriately I think we have re-started with Anton Kusters who helped Burn get rolling in the first place.
Unfortunately we lost all of our “followers”. However, I think in a few weeks we should be back where we were when we lost the account.
We sort of care about the followers being lost, yet on the other hand our primary goal for our BurnDiary is to over the next few months create enough content to produce our next Burn03 just from the work of the photographers on Burn Diary.
Anyone following BurnDiary will be seeing a book made in real time and being built by this audience. We will use some iconic photographers, yet most of the work for BurnDiary will be from lesser known emerging photographers. My usual formula for publishing work here on Burn.
While Instagram does not replace anything else in the world of photography, it has certainly changed the landscape of our craft more than anything I have seen in my career.
Photography is now a common language. Actually the world’s ONLY common language. Think about it.
Some lament this development. Some applaud it. I love it. Just fun for one thing.
Does not take away from anything else you may want to be doing with your work.
Let us know if you aspire to be the week long essayist for BurnDiary. We are choosing carefully, yet absolutely everyone has a shot at it.
Even if you go back right now and simply look at our archive of about two months of BurnDiary, you may be able to see how we might think we could get a book after several months of dedicated shooting. We will see.

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  • Welcome back BurnDiary! I love Instagram, I think it’s amazing. Personally I believe my photography has improved no end since I joined, it makes me work harder photographically. Then there’s the fun part of following other people and the fascinating part for me at least of seeing how they see and work.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,we are UP and ROLLING,BURNING…

    BURN DIARY is back again and I,Civilian is calling out BURNIANS in the Dialogue aisle …
    oh,well…be ready …

    be humble,be brave,be free…even the sky is not the limit…for those who have vision

  • Add me in as a recent Instagrammer who is having almost too much fun with it. I returned from my last real work shoot over two weeks ago and have not even picked up my “real cameras” since. Of course, I was shooting under physically hard conditions and damaged every piece of professional equipment I took into the field, but even if I hadn’t I am pretty sure I would not have touched those cameras until I truly need to again.

    Jeremy, on the other hand, jumped on Instagram early. I see him almost as a pioneer. I follow him every day, anyway, and he is one of my big inspirations.

    Good start.

  • @ JEREMY: Nice picture! burn the air, looking up, looking to the stars! P.

  • A small point of clarification: Mathematics is considered the common universal language of the world, although it is not “common” in the sense that it’s easily accessible to all, the way photography is.

    Besides, I don’t want to visit a website on a daily basis devoted to emerging mathematicians…not that I have anything against those who do. :)


    yes i think for sure photography is now the ONLY “common” language…understood by all, used by all, everyday, all the time….

    cheers, david

  • Sorry if I missed this, but will the previous essays find their way back to this site? Seems a shame to not see all in one place. Curious.

  • About “common language”….


    “Who knows, this fanatical documentation and hyperconnection could lead to a profound shift in our way of being. Perhaps we are witnessing the development of a universal visual language, one that could change the way we relate to each other and the world. Of course, as with any language, there will be those who produce poetry and those who compile shopping lists.”

  • Speaking of common language, I just learned that one of the most popular sites on the web, icanhascheeseburger, has stolen one of my cat images. What does one do in such a situation?

  • Frostfrog: Thank you for the kind words you posted above…

    as for your second question ~ file copyrights and Lawyer up!

  • Civi, Patricio: Yes!….and Thank you!!

    Mike K. and DAH: Agreed, it would be wonderful to merge the archive somehow into one BURNdiary. Never-the-less as David stated, the ultimate goal of publishing this work in print is a fine one regardless of it’s digital/online counterpart!Common language indeed!

  • Another NatGeo photographer likes the IPhone:


    Richardson’s takeaway: “Nothing visually profound is being produced here, I would have to say. But it feels good…”

    Sums it up quite well, imo, though I wouldn’t say “nothing.” Michael Christopher Brown has certainly produced some visually profound work with the IPhone. His case is sad though, in that it seems his photographs have gotten attention much more because of the camera he used than for the subject matter. Carnage in the Congo? So what. Guy takes pictures of carnage in the Congo with shiny phone? Wow! It’s so much fun!

    And it’s funny how just about how just about every one of the thousands of articles written about IPhone photography say that the camera doesn’t matter, that it’s just about the photographs. Yet each and every one of them is explicitly about the camera. I mean, sure, it’s a nice little point and shoot and it may be the best option in certain situations where stealth is required, but I don’t see that it merits these ridiculous levels of obsession.

    Seems that somewhere we got off track and the camera became more important than the photo.

    And at the same time, the purpose of photography became “having fun” much more than producing meaningful photos.


    Yes, all the previous essays are already in Diary page on Burnmagazine. We will also add the previous ones to our new instagram account @burndiary

  • Interesting, I think insightful, take on instagram and photojournalism by Ed Kashi:


    Doesn’t mention or promote any particular camera or the idea of “fun,” but does address the concept of “meaningful.”

  • MW

    i think the “obsession” with the iPhone is because of all the conversation about “common language”…everybody everywhere is using the phone camera “to speak”…either to many, or maybe to only one other person…

    the criticism of using an iPhone as serious way of making pictures has now bounced all the way in the wrong direction as you say….criticism of the camera has turned into perhaps undo adulation of the camera…

    for sure i do think that the phone camera is the biggest photo related tech revolution of our time….why? because the phone is a tool we use for many things and in our pocket all the time….we are glued to our phones…that mini computer available anytime and all the time…makes taking pictures easy…and yes fun…

    and every single camera manufacturer is scrambling like hell to make their cameras like the iPhone…that is , in the ability to send a picture anywhere anytime..built in wifi capability….the point and shoot cameras will have to work really really hard to keep up with the phone tech….Nikon says their point and shoot camera biz is virtually gone because of the phone cameras….why buy a point and shoot if you have your phone with you anyway??

    there are a few spreads in (based on a true story) where some iPhone pictures are opposite pictures taken with the M9…when i see you i will show you…and in some cases you will have a very hard time to tell which is which…i am talking about yes, even the large format magazine version of the book…

    the combo of iPhone and Instagram is the real revolution….just phenomenal, and i seriously predict will take us even further down this road of photography being the “only” common language…

    none of this precludes working in the darkroom or shooting 8×10 film or whatever….it is not a competition….it is an addition, not a subtraction…

    i think the mistake is just all the conversation about it….as if it were a religion or a philosophy or a doctrine or almost now a war or whatever…it is true, as i said above, that the phone camera is more a part of your body than anything else…an extension of a whole lot of other stuff going on with the smart phone..

    i could leave my house with just an iPhone and travel the world and shoot pictures,send pictures to a magazine, publish a book even with only my phone in hand…my boarding pass is on there…i can find a Chinese restaurant in Barrow, i won’t get lost, and i can post here on Burn…so it is pretty damned amazing…

    however, it doesn’t seem to me that any of us should get too worked up about it one way or the other…some will use it, some will not, yet in the long run it is only a tool..

    the only thing i do not like about the iPhone is when i misplace it …or think i have lost it….heart palpitations, cold sweat, headache, chest pain, and nausea soon follow…and i cannot call an ambulance because i cannot find the damned phone!!

    cheers, david

  • “i can find a Chinese restaurant in Barrow.”

    Now that Pepe’s North of the Border has burned down, Chinese – at least Asian – is about the only kind of restaurant you can find in Barrow and there are several. And you don’t need your phone. Once you get off the plane, you just need to start walking, or, if its too cold for you, grab a cab and it will take right to any one of them.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok…we are looking for a Chinese restaurant but I will keep calling out BURNIANS…
    after JIM …I am a calling out

    please,report ASAP to the nearest Dialogue Aisle.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


    i lived in Barrow for several weeks from dark dark cold cold winter right through the whaling…camped out on the edge of the leads….scared to death half the time…..carried an rifle on my shoulder to shoot a polar bear should he/she attack and alone on a snowmobile across miles of ice at night trying to get back to Barrow etc etc etc….

    i “recognize” your work up there….and really sorry i did not have you shooting for BurnDiary a few weeks ago….keep us updated on what you will be up to….

    when i lived in Barrow, in the church rectory at one point, there was a Chinese restaurant…that was awhile back by now…soooooo far back , for sure i had no iPhone!!

    cheers, david


    i will be seeing Roberta and Renata in Rio right after the first of the year….you should come on down!! for sure the three of you would hit it off…boggles the mind actually!!

    cheers, david

  • the combo of iPhone and Instagram is the real revolution….just phenomenal, and i seriously predict will take us even further down this road of photography being the “only” common language… …………….only if it becomes open source and no longer subject to restrictions such as copyright

  • David, I thought about that in advance of my journey to Cross Island but I did not know if I would be able to get a wireless signal strong enough to Instagram on. I was pleasantly surprised when I did, but it usually required that I stand on top of the cabin and point my iPhone towards Prudhoe Bay and it was most always windy and cold, sometimes very windy and cold with rain and snow shooting by horizontally, and sometimes the iPhone would die from the cold before I could finish an Instagram. Maybe my new iPhone 5s could have handled it better. The Instagrams I posted only hint at what I did there or how it fits into the larger project I hope to complete over the next three years if it doesn’t kill or totally disable me first.

    At some point, I will fill you in.

  • CIVI!!!

    you should follow dave’s advice and run to Rio with your chickens.. Sunny Rio, DAH, carnaval preparation! just lacking some “civi” spirit to reach perfection. Give us the grace and pleasure of your visit! Put the van together… you, panos, vissaria – the greek mafia plus some burnian fellows and come to dominate the carioca land! That is your call , civi! dont disapoint us. Dave is also counting on you, he says you can succeed the Rio mission!

  • my nominee for the most common universal language is bullshit. It’s something we all have to put up with, it’s something we all don’t like, and it’s something we all understand.

  • Akaky – That’s all bullshit… hey! We’re speaking in common!


    ok, we will talk about when is the best time for you to jump in on the BurnDiary bit…

    first off, i do not think you are limited to the iPhone for Instagram…you may use any camera…the iPhone at this very moment is usually connected with thinking about Instagram only because of the wifi…by this time next year surely almost all cameras will have wifi capability built in…many do already….and there are easy connectors these days for any camera to send pictures to wherever by wifi…

    i use a crude way of doing it now if i am using any camera other than the iPhone for Instagram…i simply email myself the picture, open the email on my phone and save to the camera roll on the phone…mostly i do use the iPhone for Instagram, just because it is fast and easy…yet i welcome built in wifi as the next logical step for almost all cameras….

    cheers, david

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    Dear BURNIANS,

    we have report from RIO,yes,ROBERTA is reporting …
    ROBERTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,THANK YOU and thank you again for the invitation…
    I will be there,oh,yeah,I am everywhere…and we will BURN RIO!!!
    Big hug and lot’s of love from your Greek family to you to RENATA and to our family there

    and because I love to copy and paste,here I am :

    {as Mike Young says above “I love to travel to places I have never been”…}

    MR.HARVEY,I don’t know how you do it but you find a way to boggle our minds…
    hihiii,I had to google the …”boggle”…shhh,academians are reading…hiihii

    ok,I love you ALL…be ready…I am calling out BURNIANS

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    and I am calling out SIDNEY …
    MR.SIDNEY,we would love to hear from you…
    Thank you in advance…

  • Yes, David, I have seen those possibilities from the beginning of this process and have been a little irritated that my $3500 camera bodies cannot do email by cell wireless or otherwise. So far, to keep the process simple and to challenge myself and make myself think differently, I have chosen to do Instagram totally by iPhone. I downloaded from my cameras into my laptop every day but the only wireless I could get on Cross Island was the very weak signal that slipped across the waters from Prudhoe Bay, so there was no way I could email any of those to my iPhone.

    But there are lots of possibilities. I’ll be in touch…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am calling out SIDNEY A…just a brief report ( we accept pics too)…

    P.S FROSTY be in touch and to ALL our BURNIANS in INDIA area…be strong,be safe and report…

  • Vivianne Sassen on photobook making…


    you may be interested in a sd card, which has a wifi built-in. It is called Eye-Fi, and there is also an iPhone app for it, which can automatically transfer the pictures from any camera with this card to your phone. All you need to do is to configure it once in your pc and then connect with the Phone via wifi.
    Have sent a picture on instagram of a card, too.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you THOMAS for the response…Eye-Fi or high five!!!

    MR.SIDNEYYYYY ATKINS …we are waiting for your report!

    meanwhile I am calling out LASSAL…we would love to hear from BURNIAN LASSAL…!!!

    Thank you ALL…and yes,I love you ALLLLLLLLL
    keep shooting and report!

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    SIDNEY and LASSAL …please report to your nearest BURN aisle…

    raining,raining in Grecolandia…oime,EVA, weather report please,do you more rain moving over?

    thank you !!!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    read proof…and rain proof …not my strong points…hihiii

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    KATIEEEE FONSECA and MYGRACIE…be ready to report..

    BURNIANS…I can be a pest,a fly …I am going to hassle till I hear from you.
    You have been warned !!!

  • @ ALL:

    Yesterday I have misspelled burnmagazine on Google… and I’ve landed in this web page:

    Burrn Magazine – Japan’s Heavy Metal Bible

    Nevermind, Burn or Burrn magazine, both rock the same :-)!!


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    SIDNEY,LASSAL…I am waiting…

    oime…where are you MY BURNIANS…?

    I am calling out KATIIIIEEE FONSECA…and my GRACIE and POMARA…be ready !

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    meanwhile…the calling is for ALL MY BURNIANS and my Silents too

    “In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”

    I love you ALL…

  • CIVI:

    Love that quote, thank you!

    Checking in from bourbon-horses-bluegrasland….went to listen to Penelope Umbrico speak about her work last night at the UK Art Museum. It was better than I had anticipated….still processing some of her comments and philosophies that I don’t think I quite agree with….but a good, thought-provoking event.

    I did like her series built out of the parts of the images of the screens of televisions listed for sale on Craig’s List….she takes the image, and crops out everything but the screen, leaving the ratio the same as the original image, then arranges these into a collage. In many, you can see reflections of the sellers interior, and often them. You’d be surprised how many people take photos of things to sell while wearing only underwear (or nothing at all)….

  • Bruce Davidson talk…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ANDREWB…PAUL…thank you for reporting!!!

    ALERT,alert from Greece:

    we are still looking…

    and I am still waiting for reports from OUR BURNIANS…


    I’m a bit late in responding here, but my two cents on iPhone photography & Instagram as an online community is summed up in my mind as EXPOSURE. Simple as that.

    We have an opportunity to show our work to the world, share our vision, and all this can be achieved in a workflow that takes less then twenty minutes from capture to share, consuming this visual stream is even easier, delivered every few seconds around the clock! How cool is that…

    James Estrin’s recent write up in NatGeo, titled the Visual Village is a wonderful read. I think he really nails it.

    …it is as David says, COMMON LANGUAGE!

    I think if your having fun, you will also produce meaningful images if your good at what you do, especially if you believe in what your doing, and perhaps most importantly if you ARE having fun!!

    My friend Mike Kircher describes the iPhone as the great equalizer, everyone is given equal limitations, or better -opportunities- to make images using their own voice as journalists, photographers. Camera know how is less important then vision, the iPhone reinforces that in my mind!

    I have done some serious work through out the years on multiple mediums, some published, some that may never get published, and so much that is not worth publishing…yet some of the most rewarding images I have made to date were shot on my iPhone, this work is meaningful to me, it is personal, intimate!

    Most importantly these photographs are out there, published, accessible to anyone who cares to take a look…these images are given a life beyond the moment.

    Thanks for sharing my work David! Respect, Jeremy

  • Jeremy…

    Well said!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DEPORAH is going Upstairs…LOU REED is going Upstairs…oime…

    and PANO’S Spider is going Upstairs too…

    Last call for SIDNEY,LASSAL…

    I am calling out KATIEE FONSECA …!!!

    Thank you ALLLL…be ready for HalloWin …

  • Jeremy Wade Shockley…
    Maybe this link I’m about to paste here in a couple of seconds maybe a clue of what we should perhaps start saving up for. Especially as we both love that Panasonic 20mm pancake lens…

  • “My friend Mike Kircher describes the iPhone as the great equalizer”

    I think that camera phones (& close out deals on last years cameras) in general are the great equalizer rather than the i Phone. Here in NZ an I Phone costs over NZ$1000; so can’t really democratize photography. Whereas close out deals on cameras (My V1 kit- 2 cameras, 4 lenses and flash) cost about the same price as a single I-Phone… Cheers :-)

  • PAUL,

    Yes, this looks good in theory…I had the opportunity to put my hands on the new Sony a7R over the weekend, paired with the 35mm prime lens. Very nice, great size, nice full grip. If I had the cash that might be the direction for me, or the new Fujix100s.

    The market for these mirror less systems is competitive right now, and that is great for us…new ideas (technology) around every corner!

    I really likes this idea for a concept camera:


    Nice light, thin body for standard Nikon prime lenses, FX of course!

  • She says, “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side”
    He said, “Hey honey, take a walk on my backside”

  • BURNIANS – Walking the streets of Oaxaca is where I would like to be…waking to the cockerel’s crow and the smell of warm tortillas!

  • Just came across this video and DAH speaks about Lucie Award winner Rich Clarkson, thought you might enjoy. Hope all are well here. x, e

  • Nice video clip…thanks for sharing! Rich is responsible for the Summit workshops in Jackson, where I first met David Harvey in person, Micheal Kircher and so many others years ago!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh, I love BURNLAND…I miss you ALL…hard times in broken Grecolandia.oh,well,I am a civilian and I don’t forget…

    SIDNEY,LASSAL,KATIEEE…pending your report…

    I am calling out AUDREY !!!


  • a civilian-mass audience


    now,it’s time to report …Viva BURNIANS!!!

  • Anders Petersen interview:

    It’s striking how to humble this gentleman is, however on second thoughts I get the impression it would be impossible to get so close as Petersen manages without being like this.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…I love you ALL !!!

    Reporting from broken Grecolandia…internet access …I am back

    spread the LOVE, spread your lenses …keep shooting.

    and don’t forget to report …hmmmm…I am calling out DAVIDB…

    thank you ALL!!!

  • Mr Harvey…
    Smiling…I think the pot round here needs a little stirring…like in the good old days…something beyond the obvious and out of the box. (This has nothing to do with Federica’s essay which I honestly can’t understand why none of the regulars have commented on.. There’s a lot going on in that essay).

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.”

    Nelson Mandela

    safe travels and THANK YOU for everything !!!

  • Civi, I came here today just because I saw you had left a comment and I wanted to see your name and to feel the heart and love in your words. Boy, do I miss having you in my daily life!

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    Boy,you can’t imagine how much I miss you FROSTY…

    I am down here in Grecolandia…with my chickens,my azaleas and some olives…
    running around…I am an optimist but it’s getting harder everyday …
    it is painful to watch …
    my people are suffering …
    empty eyes…broken dreams…
    boy,oh,boy…I need every drop of my leftover energy to be strong…
    but I know,that here in BURNLAND ,I can find YOU and ALL my Family is next to me.
    Thank you FROSTY,thank you BURN and MR.HARVEY and MY BURNIANS !!!

    Please,keep BURNING cause through your vision I can dream too.

    oh,well,Viva and don’t forget…keep reporting cause I am watching YOU :)))

    P.S…FROSTY,I hope my cat is doing ok…(as you have promised)

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    And DAVIDB get ready to report…

    almost 5 years here in BURNLAND…you should know better…

    I CAN wait…oh,yeah…

  • Civi! I am still here. Has it been 5 years? Keep the faith in Grecolandia, I’ll keep the smoke going for the BBQ.

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    keep the smoke going …cause I am a hungry civilian…
    Thank you for reporting!!!

    69…70…post…AKAKYYYY is your time…


  • “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s”
    Joseph Campbell

  • “Eventually I discovered for myself the utterly simple prescription for creativity: be intensely yourself. Don’t try to be outstanding; don’t try to be a success; don’t try to do pictures for others to look at-just please yourself”.
    Ralph Steiner

  • “I shut my eyes in order to see.”
    Paul Gauguin

  • “Eliminate something superfluous from your life. Break a habit. Do something that makes you feel insecure.”
    Piero Ferrucci

  • “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
    Anaïs Nin

  • “Do not fear mistakes-there are none.”
    Miles Davis

  • “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”
    Doris Lessing

  • I’m not a Monster ….I’m just ahead of the curve.
    The Joker.

  • A great Diane Arbus documentary:

  • CARLO, Great video, Thanks for sharing here…

  • Sorry, Civi, I don’t have anything new, but here’s a bit of something:

    Francis Doherty was thirty-seven years old and the master of most of what he surveyed. He was the golden boy of a venture capital firm, a man whose ability to spot winning entrepreneurs and turn their sometime crackpot ideas into stock market gold earned him the favorable notice of the business press and a seven figure income. Those seven figures, in turn, allowed him to indulge a taste for expensive clothing and even more expensive sports cars. Doherty owned an entire floor in a very tony condominium building, the floor and the building selected for him by his equally tony girl friend. She was a graduate of Harvard Law, a descendant of a signer of the Mayflower Compact, and a real blonde, a fact that she brought up every so often just to remind herself that it was true in a sideways sort of fashion. Doherty thought about marrying her occasionally, but he’s always been able to suppress the thought. With so much going for him, Francis Doherty could not imagine anything ruining the perfect tenor of his life, except for this: Francis Doherty did not want to be bald.

    No, he did not. Baldness was, he felt, a proletarian phenomenon and not at all something a man of his means and position should have to endure. Unfortunately, Doherty’s genetic inheritance overruled his personal preferences. His father, a policeman who’d spent thirty years in a patrol car without ever taking the sergeant’s exam, was bald by the time he was twenty-five and Doherty was determined to avoid his father’s fate. He tried the various chemical solutions that promised to relieve his embarrassing condition by growing a new head of hair and the various chemical solutions were a collective flop. Instead of hair, the chemicals usually grew a large rash, which was not the point of buying the chemicals in the first place. Doherty had a closet full of hats and toupees, the increasing lifelikeness of the latter providing a reliable guide to his rapid rise in the financial world, and he had considered surgery. He had considered it and then shoved it down the same mental hole where he put the idea of marrying his girlfriend. Knowing that people would see the hair plugs in his scalp and know for a fact that he was bald was an idea almost too horrible for him to contemplate. That just about everyone in his life knew that he was bald did not seem to make a difference to him. Doherty did not want anyone to know that he was bald, even if they already did.

    So he needed a new toupee, a perfect toupee, one made to his specifications, and at length he found the people in a very exclusive and incredibly discreet men’s store in New York who could make it for him for a little less than five thousand dollars. The toupee was a thing of beauty, woven strand by strand from the hair of a Chinese woman from Szechuan province, and when Doherty put it on his head for the first time he knew that the craftsmen in the backroom had created a work of art. The toupee was as perfect as anything could be in this imperfect world, and so it therefore came as a considerable shock to Doherty when he woke up one morning to find that his new toupee had rifled his pockets and run off with his wallet, several suits, one of his Italian sports cars, and a small fortune in cash that Doherty kept hidden from the tax people in a small safe in the back of his clothes closet. This disturbed Doherty a good deal, as he was an optimist at heart and he could not believe that the toupee would do such a thing to him; the toupee had shown no previous signs of dishonesty and had no cause for unhappiness, as far as Doherty knew. It was enough to make anyone, even someone as optimistic as Doherty, bitter at the fallen nature of his fellow man.

  • “Pictures are not good or bad in themselves; they are either more or less persuasive. A bad picture can be extremely persuasive. Our task as photographers is not only to record what is in front of their camera — our photographs have to show the traits of our personalities and temperaments. That is what makes a photograph more persuasive.”
    Anders Petersen

  • “Endless lists of other peoples quotes on what makes great photography will not make your photography great.”
    John Gladdy

  • John Gladdy…

    Well of course I didn’t for one second think these quotes could miraculously change anyone. But if just one of these quotes serves as inspiration for someone to walk out and TRY, that’s good enough for me.
    I use quotes as reminders, like when I’ve finished work or at lunch break when I need to turn off my analytical mind and refresh my creative side.

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    BURN=21st of December 2008 !!!

    HAPPY NEW SHOOTINGS to ALL…yeahhhhh!!!

    P.S…HAIK where is the cake?

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    and MICHELLE…are we there yet?:)))


  • A very merry Christmas to you all and happy birthday Burn.

  • What happened to the last essay?

  • Straight to the point and of course powerful….not mincing any words…

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    BURNIANS…I am not that much around due to IMF restriction BUT I follow you and I am next to YOU

    don’t forget to report …I am counting and I am “counting” on YOU

    Thank you MASS …
    your civi

  • Old school burn peeps will appreciate this feature on Charles Peterson

  • Thanks Erica. I love it when the guy asks Charles something along the lines of what a particular photograph means and he answers “it’s just a damn good photograph.” And it is. He is certainly a master at capturing motion. I think his best photographs capture motion in a way that communicates profound meaning. It’s just a type of meaning that can’t be verbalized.

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    June is here and we will rock …

    BURN is the place to be …

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I have missed so many birthdays, tech talks,arrivals and departures but I am back,I am HERE in BURNLAND…
    I am a civilian,I am your mass audience ( I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

    Are U ready my BURNIANS ?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Good morning from beautiful Grecolandia!!!

    6TH of June here…

    Happy days ahead and happy birthday MR.HARVEY !!!

    I love you ALL…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    RIOO !!!!!


    BRAZIL !!! …PARTY !!!

    RENATA, ROBERTA …BURNIANS in Brazil…we are dancing !!!

  • Civilian,

    The real party starts tomorrow…..it’s the KICK OFF!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    yeah,THE Party is ON !!!

    with ALL my respect to my Brazilian people …I can relate with the suffering and the pain…I am one of You
    but I love football…and therefore Viva and may the ball starts rolling :)))

    Love,Peace,Photography and FootBall !!!

  • Hello Everyone

    maybe no one remembers me. But its nice to come back and drop in on Burn. Still going strong, I see.


  • Hello stranger, nice to see you back among the burning pines, such as they are.


    of course we remember you, and i hope to see you in Korea in November….thanks for checking in….

  • @ ALL:

    Hi! Just a very short post to see if anyone is heading to VISA pour l’image 2014, Perpignan this week? Would be great to meet burnians somewhere. A few years ago the dressed code was to recognize each others was DAH mask!

    C U there. P.

  • @DAVID

    Sure, sounds great. Just let me know by skype when you will be available to meet in Seoul.

  • Patricio,

    When will you be there?
    I think I will be there Thursday and Friday…or maybe tomorrow and Thursday…not sure at the moment.
    It will be really cool to meet!

  • If you get bored with The Frenchists at visa and wish to escape the fishy garlic people and drink proper beer….



    Did i mention Beer?

  • http://www.silverprint.co.uk/speakers-corner-john-gladdy/

    …..and yes i am aware that this is getting perilously close to spamming.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    RAFAL, RAFAL…thanks for reporting…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JOHNYG… we are wishing you the best…
    beer? …oh,yeah,I will be there…I am going to wear my silver pan…
    biggest hugs from Grecolandia

  • Nice essay in the NYT on Nicolas Nixon’s on going portraits of the Brown sisters…

  • AKAKY: [whistles loudly in Dialogue] What do you think?

    AKAKY_IRL: I think they’re all dead.

    AKAKY: You’re kidding, right?

    AKAKY_IRL: Nope. That Ebola stuff’s not something you want to play around with, bubba.

    AKAKY: [starts to say something and then stops, realizing the utter futility of saying anything]

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,I know, you are all busy with “life” but hey,I just missed you MY BURNIANS and I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL

    Can I sing now?

  • Hey David,
    I’ll be in London tomorrow (Sunday).
    Would love to buy you a beer.
    (And meet in person, after all these years).

  • a civilian-mass audience


    and can I sing now?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh, and Happy Birthday HAIK !!!


    Love,Photography and B-cake !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    21st of December …BURN


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Go GREECE …new chapter …let’s be strong and positive

    MR.DEMIS RUSSOS is going Upstairs…we wish him…safe travels and let’s dance


  • a civilian-mass audience

    From Greece with Love :Thank you ALL (wherever you are, whoever you are) for your solidarity !!!
    “We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know”
    W. H. Auden
    your civi

  • a civilian-mass audience


    For ALL of you who celebrate Easter…please,enjoy with the spirits and be grateful for being around !!!

    eat some eggs (my chickens), drink some red wine (or ouzo), and hug (don’t hung) everyone you see!!!

    oh, and don’t forget to shoot …cause you are my “eyes” and my”voice” …

    thank YOU


    ‘HAPPY EASTER to you and family as well…

    big hugs, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    …”civi,you are Greek , you will celebrate Orthodox Easter next week”
    Where are you AKAKY?

    MR.HARVEY…big hugs to our little “bunny” and THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU for “fighting” …!!!

    “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
    George Bernard Shaw
    and as SOCRATES would say…”easy with the sugars”…hihiiihii

    Keep dreaming,keep moving…your vision our future

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Happy 4th of July and Happy 5th …Love you ALL…

    Democracy in Europe…Now, Embrace for Impact…
    and THANK YOU…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Democracy in Greece…oups, too much ouzo or something like ouzo…

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