Message in a Bottle

NGS Picture ID:622552


Two of my photos left our solar system today and are now in interstellar space aboard Voyager. Two shots out of the 100 chosen to represent life on Earth. The only “message in a bottle” from our planet. I shot this picture of a father and his daughter in Malaysia while on assignment for NatGeo in 1976 and with my whole family in tow. The shot has been flying high for 35 years. Destination unknown!

ahhhh, Kodachrome!!!


NGS Picture ID:621257

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, Va. Beach Va….my mother sort of “made me” go see what was up at this wildlife refuge…Not my thing really, but when your mother makes a suggestion and leans a bit , well you just do it!! ¬†Walked right in to this. This was also a double spread in NatGeo for an article on Virginia where I lived at the time. Thanks Mom. That picture went a whole lot further than we thought….

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  • Another County Fair in East Texas ends a successful week. The farm animals are o.k., but the carnival is where the action is…

  • Jim Powers…

    Nice one image…
    Apart from a job is a photography a necessity/compulsion? Or could you live quite happily without photography?
    I find it to be a intense necessity. In fact I realize it helps me suffocate certain demons and unhappiness in my life which I’ve found time and time again will haunt me forever.

  • Definitely a necessity/compulsion. I’ve been obsessed with photography since I was 10 years old…that’s 53 years! Never been able to limit it just to work. Perhaps because I’ve always had photography as an outlet, I’ve never had demons to battle. While the compulsion to photography could be seen as a demon, I’ve never considered it one that I had to battle. I simply surrendered to it.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    wow,I can’t believe it…I was ready to call out JIM first BUT he got me…wow!!!

    Thank you JIM for your report.I like the “fuzzy” image !!!

    P.S FROSTY,you got the 50,it was about time…right AKAKIE ? !!!

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