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As a Thank You, we’re giving away any MOO product you’d like AND one of David’s own camera bags, signed by him, because who doesn’t like free stuff? Just leave a comment captioning the above picture and you’ll be entered to win. The best caption will be announced later this week.




The Burn Team

David, Diego, Eva, Candy, Kaya, Haik, Claudia

EDIT: Congratulations to winner Andrew Harrington!

160 Responses to “BURN GIVEAWAY!”

  • Kitsch Christmas in all its glory.

  • Merry Christmas?

  • Now go fourth my disciples, go fourth and find this “claus”

  • The Anti-Cat

  • Oh Dasher is fine but the next mouse at the North Pole is mine.

  • No man is an Island, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent.

    Cats however couldn’t care less, during their christmas summer day.

  • Okay, just one, and, please, don’t show to my friends…

  • What a purrrrrr?!?

  • It Ain’t Christmas without some doggone snow!

  • As a kitty, Aslan was into Christmas.

  • Now, that is the best Facebook proile picture ever!

  • “Well Chairman Meow, this is what your life has come to. I guess it’s time to go out there and make the most of it.”

  • Now, this is the best Facebook profile picture ever!

  • I don’t care, do what you want

  • Reminder for 2013 : no more stupid bets.

  • Puss in woods.

  • Gray wished he had paid attention to his gut feeling when a street photographer had gushed about his profile being perfect for an exclusive photo shoot.

  • Yeah this is bad, but last year I was stuck in that tree – as Rudolf!

  • ANd as he heard the sound of bells fade with the dawn sun’s rise, he realized all he had gotten was a lousy hat …

  • Although getting down the chimney was going to be much easier, Santa wished he had thought about how he was going to carry the presents now he had transformed himself into a cat.

  • Santa Claus only shaves during Christmas (except the beard, of course), during summer, he lets the hair on his body grow.

  • Cat’n Claus

  • Santa needs to know exactly how good the humans are, so he desguised as a cat to photograph them when they are bad. :) Ho Ho Ho, Santa Cat is clever than us ;) All the best, from Santa Cat.

  • I put this dumb hat on & the fat bastard still hasn’t rocked up!!

  • Kissing the wrong frog again.

  • lewis.wilson.photography

    Old Saint Nits

  • lewis.wilson.photography

    Santa clawed the sofa to shreds again…

  • Looking for Mrs. Claws

  • “Social Media”

  • reminds me to Robert Frank

  • The cat was harmed while taking this picture.

  • “Why me?”

  • The Cat is Dead! Long Live the Cat!

  • Silence is the best answer to a pointless question.

    : )

  • “I lost my cattitude”

  • Sometimes a little extra fur can stir such a fuzz.

  • It’s like this…I hit my head, fell into a vat of blueberry jam and as I came to there was this little guy with pointy ears who plopped this hat on my head! And that’s my story.

  • “I hate Photoshop.”

  • I am the Keeper of Christmas Cats

  • A cat is paying close attention to flying birds while making its new year resolution of drinking less milk and eating more diet cat food in 2013.

  • Tree Furry

  • I hate Christmas and Photoshop!

  • “The hat might fake but the cat shit in your shoes is very real”

  • I’m dreaming of a Mice Christmas …

  • Graham.Martin.Photo

    “Sigh… why do I always appear purple when shot with that damn Velvia???”

  • I’m no Crepuscular on Twilight.. Waiting for Saint Nicholas from North..

  • I was just watching Citizen Kane with the voice over commentary by Peter Bogdanovich and was struck by an anecdote about the Director of Photography, Gregg Toland. Toland was, according to Bodanovich, widely considered to be the best cameraman in Hollywood at the time. Orson Welles had never made a film before. Welles didn’t know that the DP was responsible for setting up the lighting and started doing it himself. Toland just followed him around and observed what he was doing. When Welles eventually found out and asked why, Toland told him that he learned so much working with newcomers because they didn’t know what they couldn’t do. That reminded me of this link from mavina’s website to a quote from Ira Glass about how it typically takes a lot of practice before one’s skills catch up with one’s tastes.

    Seems to me those two quotes end up at the same place coming from totally different directions. The important point both make, I think, is that it’s important to do a lot of work before you know what you can’t do. Going a bit further, I like to think that while it’s important to gradually fill a box with all of the things you’ve figured out you can’t do, it’s equally important to never get to a place where you feel you know all the things you can’t do. I think for the best it’s a constant pushing at those boundaries.

    Thinking of things like this as I finally bear down and get my digital archive in order. I’ve been going through every photo I’ve taken since I got my first digital camera in 2004. I’d done a lot of work with film in the three years previous. I went through all that last time I was in my Mom’s basement and found next to nothing worthwhile. The early digital work is very sparse in terms of quality as well. But I can see and remember myself trying so many things that I didn’t know wouldn’t work. Most of them didn’t, but in many cases I see things I learned from those failed experiments manifesting themselves across the years. I think Glass has it right about keeping at it, and that’s something David constantly reiterates as well.

  • Oh, and by the way, since I’m posting my ramblings on the contest thread, did I win? If so, when can I pick up my bag? Was it the Cat in the Hat reference or the other Cat in the Hat reference that won it? Or the Wasilla joke? Or do you just average multiple submissions?

  • Yes MW let’s post comments here :)…

    To see as a photographer sees: Mikhael Subotzky at TEDxStellenbosch

  • I spent most of the afternoon “fighting” a print in the darkroom, my fault I didn’t take the photo properly. I just couldn’t manage it, lack of experience and also a lack of love for the darkroom helped me fail dismally. I scanned the image into photoshop and with a little bit of patience managed to get a very decent image. First time I’ve ever preferred a digital BW print in photoshop than a wet print…

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