broken chair at dawn

broken chair

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  • I feel kinda dirty after that. ;^}

  • Fifty is the new thirty Michael….

  • and let me add my voice to the choir…..the archive looks KILLER!!!

  • Fifty is the new thirty only in the minds of the innumerate and the chronologically desperate. I didn’t mind turning thirty; it was just a number, or so I thought at the time; but I still haven’t reconciled myself to the idea of being fifty, even if I’ve had four years to get used to the idea.

  • 49 again for the second time this year for me….

  • I fully agree with Akaky on this one…
    Physician agrees :(

  • a civilian-mass audience

    aouch…ROSSY,at least we tried…:)))

    49,23,68,86…they all numbers…aha…let’s play lotto or something…
    you never know…THE UNIVERSE is with US !!!

    MICHAELK…you are bad:)))

    Good morning from raining Grecolandia…where the olives are black,the skies are blue and our souls are
    combination of those two…boohoohoo

  • a civilian-mass audience

    they are all numbers …

    proofreading is not my strong point…:) boohoohooo

  • No new essay this week?
    Or are we expecting a surprise… Perhaps a surprise like “Burn Diary”?

  • Paul, I was wondering that myself, but then I came across this picture, which I think is the burn staff, that indicates they are hard at work preparing the next essay. Though I suppose it could indicate they’re out running around somewhere with their heads cut off. Depends on how you look at it, I guess.

  • MW…

    Fun photo and made me laugh :)! Seriously that photo is from that desert festival. What’s it called? Burning man or something like that.
    Hmm! infrared digital BW. I must admit I’m not a fan of infrared, this is just my view, but I prefer your colour work by far… it’s your signature style.

  • Perhaps DAH could post a slideshow of his workshop student’s work after each workshop. I would be more interested in seeing those photos than the work of some of the quasi-emerging photographers I see posted here. Seriously, show us essays from your workshops.

  • Funny, the last three essays were from workshop students.

    Paul, thanks. Wasn’t showing that as a good photo, just a little joke about your observation that the essay hasn’t changed for an unusually long time. Took that with an old 2MP camera. I think it works well in very bright sun when there are several other conditions, e.g. deciduous trees with leaves, in the picture. Would you really like it better if the sky were white?

  • As to other amenable conditions for my old 2MP camera, meant to say “no deciduous trees with leaves.”

  • MW…

    White skies are a pain in the butt.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahah (‘quasi-emerging photographers’)….hilarious…

    want that on my tombstone, sooner rather than later…

    as Michael (MW) said, i think Virgil and Nathan were DAH workshopstudents…but wouldnt call their work ‘student work’ at all….dont’ know about Arif…..but in truth, i dont give a damn, just want to see work…

    as for waiting…yea, agreed…disappointed it has been stalled, but that disappointed is probably nothing but selfishness and since it does feel like the days of Burn discussion are over, generally, the part i wait for is the pictures and maybe a discussion/argument about pictures, regardless, under whatever essay emerges…or ‘quasi-emerges’ (What does that mean)…

    but if you wait for others, you’ll wasted your life, what little time bequeated

    instead gallop out toward what you must do and to where you must seek….

    running o-u-t

  • As Juvenal or some other long dead Roman put it, the times do not admit of satire. I bring this up because of the sudden spread of Sudanese Disappearing Penis Syndrome, the name of said disease explaining its main symptom, and if I were a less forgiving sort I would comment sharply on the irony of this syndrome appearing in a country where the practice of female genital mutilation is common, but that would be wrong, I think. The syndrome is apparently spread to male Muslims by shaking hands with infidels or by the using the public rest room in the Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, an action filled epic starring Charlton Heston as a sexually repressed British imperialist fond of odd hats and Sir Laurence Olivier as the mad Mahdi; I am not sure what the Mahdi was mad at or if the Mahdi had a thing for hats as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. Very little surprises me anymore, unfortunately. In any case, the owner of Khartoum’s public rest room, Mr. Abdul ibn Abdullah, vociferously denied that his rest room had anything to do with the sudden rash of vanishing penises in the Sudan, claiming that this was deliberate misinformation spread by agents of Zionism and an Ethiopian Tourist Bored with trying to get low priced tickets to Miami during the winter months. Mr. ibn Abdullah said on Sudanese television, both of them, in fact, that his rest room was the most sanitary public relief station in all of Khartoum, especially now that he’d had the wall painted up to a height of 2.5 meters, well beyond the propulsive power of any normal man’s bladder, and that he now offered fresh unused hygienic rocks imported from America guaranteed to clean in one pass through the crack vile.

    It appears, however, that Sudanese authorities will soon ban the public rest room as well as shaking hands with infidels as an emergency measure needed to stop the epidemics of vanishing penises. Sudan’s minister of health suggested today that, instead of shaking hands with infidels, loyal and patriotic Sudanese should urinate on them instead as a way of guaranteeing that their penises hadn’t disappeared; Sudan’s minister of tourism added that all foreigners coming into the Sudan, a bare dry arid sere mostly desert country with lots of camels and marled burros, should bring a raincoat and galoshes with them until the epidemic had passed. For those of you going to the Sudan on your summer vacations, consider yourselves warned.

  • A note/feature request on the archive. On the front page I keep seeing images that make me want to see the essay, but when I click on it, it just takes me to the top of the archive. There needs to be some way to see the essay related to the image that is showing. Or at least include the name of the essay/photographer so you can go to the archive and look it up.

    Regarding the disappearing Penis epidemic, here in the U.S. it seems to happen to people who watch too much Fox News or listen to hate radio. Those affected who want their penis back would probably would do well to piss on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and the like. Return the favor, such as it were.

  • MW

    yes, i agree…but i am not sure if we can do that or not…let me ask Haik….

  • Yes, I love that Majoli quote too! ‘The most important thing is: get off your ass! Take pictures!’ he says later in that interview, I think.

    Paul, David — Winogrand was on the same track. Work and play aren’t different when it comes to creativity, or anything really, it’s where learning is really, really activated.

    I really loved this exchange between him an a student, read somewhere on American Suburb X:

    GW: It’s not a question of solving. It’s a question of stating.
    GW: Yeah. You don’t solve anything ever, really. You simply state a problem which, when you’re lucky, gives you some idea of what possible problems you can—it indicates, you know, your future headaches.
    But that’s all related to the idea of the “game”—it’s being a “game”?
    GW: Whatever word you want to use—you want to use “work”? Use the word “work.”
    Work— play—
    GW: I use the word “play”; but you understand the word “play”—if you ever watch children play—what do you observe when you watch children play? You know, they’re dead serious. They’re not on vacation.

    Too important to take seriously. ;)

    Thanks for the Scorsese video! Brilliant!

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