No left turn

No left turn…

Sorry for putting myself up here at the top of Burn. Don’t worry, not for long. Yet an early winter wet snow as I crossed over the Pacific Crest Trail meant only one thing. My first snowball of this coming yes Winter. Fired directly at Panos who managed to get this rather amazing moment with his iPhone. Join us next door. Over on Road Trips. I am trying to build an essay and am so far unsuccessful. There are a lot of things right and there are a lot of things wrong. Moving an RV across country is both right and wrong. La Tortuga is home for Candy and Panos and temporarily Bill (he is being replaced by Lauren Martinez, my friend from the Outer Banks). Yet La Tortuga (our RV) is an albatross in another way. We spend a lot of time tending to our turtle.

The trip is billed as a free online workshop and some of you will totally be able to take advantage of this. Mostly a thinking process. Right now I have nothing. So I am in the same position as my own students. My past reputation or successes mean zero. A man without pictures is a man without pictures. Anyway come on over and help me out. I am on my way to my mom’s 93rd birthday. If I can’t get in the zone after that, then nothing can move me. After all this is indeed a family affair.

Find us. Come and hang out. I am shooting whatever happens around me. Nothing more, nothing less. Catch us if you can.


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    You weren’t shooting from hip, were you?

  • Panos, if I had known this would be posted here, I would not have left my comment on Facebook. The sentiment still applies.

    “I am shooting whatever happens around me. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    Same damn thing I do just about every day with my blog.

    I have no doubt, though… when you are done, you will have your pictures.

    You’re just not the kind of guy not to get your pictures.

  • While I have no idea about the pictures you have gotten so far, for me, of those you’ve shown here, the second DOGS shot is a keeper.. a keeper for what kind of project, now that is an entirely different story..

    You have set out on this adventure with “American Family” pictures as a starter, and your “Off For A Family Drive” album you shot a while :) ago.. but perhaps this will be or become something completely different.. or just be the end of it, this might not work as it is.. crossing the whole of the USA in one month / six weeks AND getting pictures can not be it though.. doing a couple states each time, multiple times, that might work out..

    I wouldn’t worry though.. you’re out there doing it, beats the heck out of being in here talking about it!!

  • Amazing shot. Luck and nerves. It needs nerves to keep shooting while something is flying your direction.

  • I love this shot. To a Canadian, letting off a little steam by peeling a softie at one’s brother – hopefully in the noggin for full marks – is one of those hallmark memories. This is an iconic image, and that it happened on a family drive just makes the viewing pleasure so much fuller and poetic.

    Panos should have read the road-sign a little more carefully before he ditched Tortuga…and suffered David’s wrath! :)

  • Perfect shot…. BAM! You nailed it Panos! and got nailed too it seems ;-)

    David, I think once you get with your Family in colorado everything will change….you’ll get in the zone.
    I remember seeing some great shots in instagram during a recent family reunion.

  • You don’t need me to tell you it froze hard last night, and it may be snowing a little in Winnemucca right now but it looks localized and not heavy on the radar. From there to the Utah state line you have roughly 50% chance of scattered light snow flurries for this morning. Along I-80 in NV beyond Battle Mountain, starting around Carlin and moving through Elko and beyond, there are a number of road construction projects where some lanes may be closed, speed reduced, flaggers out, etc. so be prepared for those. Great interactive road info site for Nevada here:
    (Be sure to zoom in on the Elko area)

    From Wendover on the NV-UT line to Salt Lake the temp now is above freezing and is forecast to reach the low 40s and you will definitely get some precip but it is likely to be rain through most of the day… but some of it may be light snow and there will be snow around Salt Like tonight. Utah road conditions here:

    and for more detail, here:

    For I-80 from the NV line to Salt Lake they are saying “Weather impact on travel- minimal” and ditto for the Salt Lake metro area

    As before, cast an occasional glance at the NWS radar sites for Elko:

    And for Salt Lake:

    As for heading south from Salt Lake, as of now things look pretty good for the Hiway 6 cutoff from Spanish Fork on I-15 over to Helper and Price and Green River… and Utah DOT says the road is dry and snow is not forecast, but I would check the Utah State DOT website again when you are near Provo before making that decision and I wouldn’t do it in the dark… it goes over a pass and also through a lot of canyon country… you don’t want to miss the spectacular scenery.

    I hope this is helpful… don’t mean to be a nanny, so apologies if this is all redundant or overkill. Drive safely, stay warm… and have a blast!



    hey amigo, you are great on this and all is so so appreciated…..thank you

  • Here’s an 11 AM PDT update: unfortunately some of the snow from Winnemucca is following you east on I-80 though it doesn’t look heavy.
    The good news is that the precip has pretty much lifted all across northern Utah except for very isolated pockets of light rain or snow.

  • We don’t get much snow like that here – warm and wet, easy to pack into snowballs.

    Our snow tends to be cold and dry, usually impossible to pack into snowballs.

  • I don’t care if it’s packable or not, I still hate snow.

  • DAH, some months ago, while shooting in Rio, you’ve said that you love “contrasts”. Once again from sunny beaches in CA to snowy mountains in NV. As Clooneys used to said “What else?”

    PANOS, nice and great shot of the baseball/snowball player.



    you are getting quotes mixed up

  • Sidney THANK you so much for weather reports and updates..
    We are safe now ( or for now ;)
    Big hug to ALL…

  • PANOS,

    Glad to hear it!
    Assuming you’ll be in Salt Lake tonight.
    I’ll check in again early tomorrow AM.
    Your snowball shot is the best picture to emerge from the trip so far.


    Buenos Dias, señores y señoritas, hope you had a good warm rest last night.
    Since you are in town and a motel with TV, car radio, etc. you have access to all the local weather forecasts and road traffic info around Salt Lake…

    The big decision you will have to make this morning is just south of Provo on I-15 at Spanish Fork, whether to take the Hiway 6 cutoff over Soldier Summit to Helper and Price. There was some snow there last night and there are ice patches on the road at higher elevations. Once past Helper you would be in the clear, but given the overloaded Tortuga, the climbs involved, and yesterday’s trials you may want to play it safe.

    See road conditions (both CURRENT and FORECAST) here:

    The safer alternative is to stay on I-15 south past Nephi to Juab and Hiway 50 (from Scipio to Salina, then get on I-70 eastbound) with no mountain passes… along this whole route the road is dry and you should have clear sailing all the way down to the Four Corners with the roads dry all the way and no precip in the forecast.

    There may be some slush on the roads around Salt Lake but once you’re south of Provo it’ll be clear and dry all the way.

    Hasta luego, amigos y amigas!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Am I late?

    MR.HARVEY…aha,your right… rocks!!!
    and PANOS,CANDY…did u feel the heat…:))))))))))))))

    …only in BURNLAND…can I sing now?

  • Thank you Bill!!!!!
    I love your blog although not commenting..
    Most comments in your blog cover my sentiments anyway ..
    Thank u again and keep it up!!!

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