Free beer, no sorry, free portfolio reviews…

It is past midnight.. It is late and it smells late..I leave for France in the afternoon tomorrow…I have not packed, nor have I ever learned to pack for any trip in all these years. Always get it wrong. Working on it. I am headed for four days of Magnum meeting followed by four days of Les Rencontres d’Arles arguably one of the most important international photography assemblages. After days of biz meeting with Magnum I am sure many would cut both ears off instead of one as did VanGogh in this fair charming south of France town.

Yet I always go. Never missed an annual gathering of the tribe since 1993 when I became a Magnum nominee and forever changed my life. I have already been to two photo fests this spring, am burned out on the social scene, and would not go to one now were Magnum not meeting on this 65th year in this historic Arles. The vibes in Arles buzz in way as in no other place.

My little book from 1967, Tell It Like It Is,  gets its two minutes of fame along with 10 other Magnum photographers who are participating on a presentation called “First Time”. Addressing the evening audience on July 3 with their first work, their first important work. The work that took them forward. For me this is bracketed with my recent Rio novella (based on a true story) entering the prestigious Library Actes Sud and a book signing at Les Rencontres. So my “first time” and my most recent. All the while surrounded by terrific exhibitions and evening presentations.

Burn will also have a stand where we will do free (buy me a beer) portfolio reviews. “We” being the entire Burn staff: Anton Kusters, Diego Orlando, Eva-Maria Kunz, Candy Pilar Godoy and Claudia Paladini. I do not think we have EVER had all of us together in one place. We work by remote control. By Skype. By text message (should be illegal) and by brain debilitating email. Fate has brought us all together. We are electric. On fire. BurnMagazine, BurnBooks, and BurnUniversity are all happening. Details on all will follow after the Burn gang meets after the Magnum meeting.

It all blends anyway. Magnum’s new website may unleash a whole new Magnum. For sure exciting times. Times to reinvent, times to invent, times to push push the proverbial envelope just as far as we can without losing the thing Magnum members care about the most. A place in history. A seat at the table. Burn seeks to help find new talent and celebrate the icons who may be a beacon for those forging ahead with oftentimes a wrinkled map.

If you are anywhere near the south of France June 3-8 please stop by. If you are on the other side of the world and have a lot of miles to cash in, now is the time. Everyone in this Burn audience knows well they have input in what goes on around here. Either with their voice or their pictures. Burn eliminates a lot of excuses. If you have something to say, you can say it right here and you are reaching an impressive cross section of our craft. Both the photographers and the editors and a lot of well versed serious photographer who choose photography as an avocation, rather than as a business.

I only write tonight and rambled this long to avoid the inevitable packing I must do. So let me get to it. Wishing all of you a pleasant morning/evening and ask you to stay tuned as I report from Arles in the week upcoming to flow alongside our EPF finalists.



Williston, North Dakota, from the Magnum project Looking For America, May 2012


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  • No award money, but work opportunity:

    Deadline: August 19th, 2012

  • This has to be the best Bruce Gilden video I’ve ever seen… So hilarious!


    article about freelance photography and Burn:
    “WE OWN THE FUTURE OF THE NEW” by Genevieve Belmaker

    the new issue of
    is out today, click link below and read
    DAVID ALAN HARVEY/DIMA GAVRYSH and yours truly interview online for free, by clicking PDF

    or click this link here(takes u straight to pdf):

    just scroll down to page 22 , article ends on page 28

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Back from the mountains…it’s a busy summer…oime…

    Fighting the demons…hardest thing!
    I didn’t know that I have so many…:)))

    I am making an effort to get along with them…”unorthodox all” as MR.HARVEY says…:)

    oh,well…COME ON BURNIANS…I need some reports…ASAP!

    may the wine be old
    and the chickens be hot
    may our souls be free
    and the spirits agree…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    hmm…MR.GILDEN…oime…he doesn’t like ouzo candies…:)

    what can you do…we live in a “free world” afterall…:)))))))))))


  • Experimenting with time lapse stuff and miniatures today …take a look here (full HD),
    25 min down to 3.

  • I like your time lapse video, Panos. And I have become a Vimeo fan:

    Eyes for You from Michael Webster on Vimeo.

  • MW thank you , here is a smaller on : CLOUDS OVER TEXAS i finished 10 minutes ago, music by Mozart

  • Nice link to Quill magazine Panos. Good read!
    Cool videos too. I have a thing for timelapse ;-)

    For some reason my mac cannot open the vimeo links.
    Will have to watch later….

    Following you guys (panos and mw) on vimeo.

  • Dunno if this has been posted here yet, but I just let people know in the DEVELOP facebook group that BURN.01 is part of this upcoming exhibit, so thought I should make sure you all know here as well – and also that Anton’s book is in the exhibit too:

    Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco will host the 3rd Indie Photobook Library feature-length exhibition curated by Darius Himes and Larissa Leclair. Photobooks selected include those of Alec Soth, Anton Kusters, BURN.01, Jessica Hines, Mathieu Asselin, Matt Eich, Simon Roberts, Tomas van H, Valerio Spada, Yann Gross and from the exhibit Uncommon Intimacy co-curated by Laura De Marco and myself featuring Amy Stein, Amy Touchette, Erica McDonald and Juliana Beasley. See the photo for the full list of names.

    Opening reception Friday, September 14, 2012 – 6-9pm with a weekend full of workshops, lectures, and a Photobook Club meet-up.

    Concurrently, an exhibition of photographs chosen from the selected photobooks (artists names coming soon) will be displayed in the gallery curated by Gwen Lafage. This component will explore the differences in experiencing photography in books versus on the wall.

  • Carlo i know you are a video expert so please…no harsh critique;)…just testing and learning,trial and error…
    big hug bro!

  • Panos,

    I think those clouds are too white ;-)

  • Joseph Koudelka contact sheets…

  • One of my favorite photographers…

  • “A lot of them think if they can apply all of the right filters, composite and change the lighting and exposure after the fact, that they can be great photographers. Photography has become so easy that a lot of students don’t realize how phenomenally difficult it is.”

  • point shoot and pp gotta love it

  • “Photography has become so easy that a lot of students don’t realize how phenomenally difficult it is.”

    I wouldn’t call those examples “Photography.” Photo Illustrations, perhaps. I’d call them “butt ugly tacky” for the most part.

    If you wanna see how a pro does it, check this out. It ain’t photography, but it ain’t easy either.

  • MW…

    I really found both the artist and the program absolutely amazing.

  • I have mentioned a number of times here that I do not own a cellphone nor do I intend to buy one any time soon, I will pass over the reasons for this ongoing personal Luddism, except to say that if you notice that my continued lack of a cellphone makes it impossible for you to call me whenever you feel like disturbing me with whatever niggling little problem you are having at the moment, and if you suspect that this unwillingness to listen to you chew my ear off morning, noon, and night might be deliberate, indeed may even be the point of my not having a cellphone in the first place, then in the interest of personal verisimilitude I should say that you might be right.

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    And this is just the best-case scenario. What happens if something else uses your cellphone? Dolphins, for example, don’t have access to a phone most of the time, but when they do, they enjoy using their prehensile penises to make obscene phone calls to female police officers, especially in California; why California faces this problem more than other places is the subject of ongoing research, but early and very tentative results from a UCLA study suggest a linkage between obscenity and police pensions in that state. Most fish have no use for a phone, cell or landline, but hermit crabs will have no compunction about using your phone to call their realtors. The fight for better underwater housing is Darwinian in its intensity and the recent housing crisis doesn’t seem to have affected the hermits’ race for new and roomier homes; they want what they want and they’re going to get it no matter how far in debt they have to go, an attitude I’m sure the bankers loved just a few short years ago, but one that few people can afford nowadays. That the hermit crabs still act this way shows how economically unrealistic some species can be, no matter how awful the market is. As P.T. Barnum didn’t used to say, there’s a suckerfish born every minute.

  • a “fast night out for tacos” click link below

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…oime…yes,fishing is a lonely business…oime,AKAKIE,oime:)))


    A big THANK YOU and safe travels to PRABUDDHA DASGUPTA…he is going Upstairs!

    May the Spirits be with US…

    I LOVE YOU AlllllllllllllllL…

    wine on KAYHLEEN FONSECA today…viva MY BURNIANS!!!

  • wow! lots of videos….but no time to watch right now.
    Will catch up later!

  • more great work.. by Aaron Huey…..
    photos + vision…..

  • “Today our book (based on a true story) was featured in a 5 page spread in the Sunday Times of London in the Magazine section..”

    “I head off soon on a dream road trip from New York to Los Angeles to continue my 3 yrs in the making ”

    Harvey, I dunno, you get to do all this cool stuff, hang out with beautiful young women, I’m feeling very inadequate here.

    You’re an inspiration to all us old photo dudes out here. Looking forward to American Family.

  • ALL

    apologies for my absence…a Harvey family reunion in Colorado (where computer time deemed illegal) and now off to Chile for my show opening has left me with no time to comment here…i will be in Santiago for about a week, but should have some time to write a new dialogue post…

    i just had to buy a not my preferred style warm jacket in a golf shop at the Dallas airport when i suddenly realized two hours before flight time i was indeed flying into winter….yup, that’s how i buy clothes all the time…and that’s why i also have never been accused of being “fashionable”…

    stay tuned for a John Gladdy essay up next..

    cheers, david

  • @ DAH
    Buen viaje al sur! and yep… beyond Equator season is the opposite as in northern hemisphere…

    Tell the cops, that there are some solutions before shooting to dead and stop someone who has a knife walking down the street… Taser, Lacrimo Gas, Rubber bullets, Geez!!!To much Call of Duty in America!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT!!

    The shooting starts in this video at 3’20

    Angry Patricio

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Happy Birthday KIM SKOULIDAS!!!

    and Happy Birthday to All of YOU out there!

    Thank you EVA,VIVA for the report and yes, GORDON …London is calling!!!
    don’t forget to give a big kiss to MARTHA and MOM!

    MR.HARVEY…YES!!!…safe travels amigo…I bet,I have wished you at least 300 hundred times
    Safe travels…:)))
    yes,AKAKY…watch me…300 is coming up and it’s all mine:)))))))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PATRICIOM…keep reporting!

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