Candace Owens, Outer Banks artist/photographer, stopped by just now to get me to sign her copy of the June issue of NatGeo with my OBX story in it. I am right now so crazed busy, but how could I say no?

The mother of two of the cutest kids I have ever seen, Candace and her husband Randy are also part of my upcoming American Family series. So you will someday meet the whole family. One of Candy’s paintings (a mermaid) graces my wall. She also shoots weddings and family pictures for local photographer Brooke Mayo.

As you probably know I shoot all the time. Mostly casual snapshots like this. After all, lucky me, photography is very much my hobby. Occasionally I post here, but it always seems awkward. It interrupts the flow of the emerging photographers essays. So I mostly put my stuff on Instagram and share right along with everyone else waiting to see if I have any “likes”. Funny. Essay  in NatGeo, new book out, but looking for “likes” on Instagram. Well honestly I love to see how everyone shoots on a daily basis. What is happening now. I shoot these with my iPhone just to be totally amateurish in nature.

Fact is we all love to do this, so I have a new idea. BurnDiary.

Burn’s own Haik Mesropian has created now for us a new page where we can do this on Burn. Your Instagrams can come here. On a separate Burn “bulletin board” so we can interact for real with new pictures shot with any camera. Only one picture per person per day (yes, you too Panos). Let’s see how it works. Should be fun and it will keep our front page here clean only for essays OR for the the shot that YOU just took that we decide to bring to the front. So sharpen your eye, shoot what is around you in an interesting way, and fire it off to BurnDiary. Details coming soonest on how you will do this.

Thanks for stopping by Candace. Thanks for letting me take a picture of you as well. You are a model mom. My door is open to you and the family any time.


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  • For David it didn’t come with a small price tag.

  • Sorry, I was developing my negatives and the battery on my iPod died. Now it’s charging. I know book publishers are that way, already tried that with another project. I was more referring to magazines and papers. I don’t have any near me I can just walk in and talk to. It’s more of a famine that a drought for us “young” people. The more experienced have the biggest following and respect. I’m not that young, David even suggested I was “too old” to be coming into photography. But history suggests if you make your mark at an older age, the longer you’ll be remembered than if you had been successful in your youth…. Anybody remember a “good” early Robert Downey Jr movie? Or know what Macaulay Culkin is doing these days? For a time Imogen Cunningham, Dorthea Lange, and dare I say Walker Evans were forgotten about too. They were fortunate enough to have a revival.

  • “Started a new project today. It’s about street plants living in the toughest parts of Brooklyn.”

    MW, if you’re interested in looking, I’ve been shooting a similar theme in Montreal
    for some time now.
    I’ve got hundreds of the damn things and don’t know what to do with them :)

    Go to http://www.marktomalty.com and check out the gallery, “urban green”

  • See I think that Mr webster is messing with us with that one. A bit of American sarcasm.

  • My GSP would love to be the link

  • Jason:

    “Anybody remember a “good” early Robert Downey Jr movie?”



    World Leaders Make Little Headway in Solving Debt Crisis

    SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO, Mexico — President Obama and other world leaders pronounced themselves united in the effort to increase growth and employment in the global economy on Tuesday, but appeared to make only modest headway in persuading Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to drop her opposition to more government spending to alleviate Europe’s debt crisis.


  • With his own re-election chances directly tied to the European economic crisis as it drags down growth in the United States, Mr. Obama
    desperately … DESPERATELY…
    wants Ms. Merkel to loosen the reins on spending and the austerity programs that have been imposed on Greece and the other struggling euro zone economies.

  • American officials at the summit meeting hoped that for all of Ms. Merkel’s tough talk, her hard line was starting to soften. One hope is that she and other European leaders will allow the European Central Bank to create low-interest Eurobonds …

    but Angela still NOT listening :(

  • A senior administration official said that the “tone” coming from the Europeans was, at long last, different from two years ago, and that the European leaders were starting to listen to Mr. Obama’s lead-by-example message.

    The meeting has been taking place just as the fragile global economy is stalling again, with the United States the sole bright spot, but even that is relative, given that American employment growth has weakened again. Britain and European countries seem to be either in recession or on the edge of recession, and emerging markets like China and Brazil are not picking up the slack.

  • Ms. Merkel, who has been under increasing pressure from Mr. Obama and some of her European counterparts to ease up on Germany’s austerity-first prescription for the rest of Europe, appeared to take heart from the victory on Sunday of pro-Europe forces in Greece, thereby confirming the fears of some economists and European and American officials who fret that the Greek results might remove the impetus for quick action.

    ( in other words the Fake new Greek government that was created under fear and pressure from Merkel that gives the unreal ok for more austerity , might destroy Europe and the US..
    SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP ANGELA MERKEL NOW.. Before it is too late.. If Obama cannot then someone else should step up…)

  • Bill, we’re friends on FB right, I’ll send you some Epson scans from my latest negatives later today if you’d like.

  • John’s right that I wasn’t entirely serious about the kickstarter thing. I wasn’t entirely unserious either though. At this stage of a project, I find it difficult to tell the difference.

    And I was somewhat thinking of Jason’s “Poverty in America” project. Although I doubt I could actually get funding for such a superficially silly project, it’s possible and that would say something about us as a species (though I’m not exactly sure what) if people cared more about funding pictures of poor plants than poor people.

    Of course it’s possible that many people would rather look at symbols of poverty than actual poverty and my “It’s Not Easy Being Green” project provides plenty of symbols. The first picture, for example, that shows the plant in the ugly streets of Brooklyn against a dark background splattered with white says a lot about perspective. The white represents both the Manhattan skyline and the perceived social reality that the poor brooklyn street plants are up against. The second photo opens for discussion how the poisons so prevalent in the urban wasteland wither the roots and stunt any potential growth in the young plants. The third photo, shows that death is all too often present and that urban values can be pretty messed up. The fourth photo explores the complicated interactions between the green and the blue. Is the blue an oppressor, protector or job opportunity? Poison or avenue for growth? In all the photos, the way the various colors interact and influence one another tells a tale.

    Anyway, the point is… Sorry, I don’t have a point. I think it started as “gallery prints sure are expensive.” I’ve been looking into it and yep, they sure are. I think if I got a big show and had to come up with that kind of money, I’d just buy a printer and do it myself. I figure that financially it would be about a wash after all the paper and ink I’d no doubt waste getting back up to speed as a printer, but then I’d still have a printer and could do it much more efficiently next time. So I’m revising my kickstarter idea for “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Now I figure I can knock it out in two weeks so maybe $50 for coffee and bagels, $50 for metro cards, and $10,000 for a printer, inks and paper.

  • Michael, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I think the topic is seriously underexposed and I would welcome more coverage anyway possible… Go for it. It could be taken as being “green” for the enviornment – or as symbols of poverty, oppression, you just might get funding by those hoping to see “greens” from a Brooklyn basement, especially in those hoods. I agree it would say something about us as a society. That we can’t face the true problems, we want to be entertained more than educated, that we want to be sheltered… I suppose the US had been called on countless times to help the starving, dying, pitiful world that it is just too painful to look at our own skinned knee. Or, we just can’t believe what we see all around us is actually the same thing, only it looks different, and that’s scary. I’ve met plenty of folks who deny they were ever in poverty. They just had some “tough times”… My girlfriend and I are calling it the Nat Geo affect… Our hypothesis is that places like Nat Geo, Child fund international, and others have shows us what poverty “really looks like” from a 3rd world point of view for so long, no one here in the US recognizes that the people we see every day covered in Nike, Adidas, Tommy, Abercrombie, Hanes and Polo labels are in fact just as likely to be THAT poor. Our society no longer makes their own clothes and we down wrap our selves up in other people’s traditional wears and walk down the street. So if it takes photographing some plants then do it. I would suggest however, not starting off trying to buy an Epson 9900… It’s a beautiful machine and makes some damn sexy prints but, borrowing someone’s perhaps you can pay a lab fee over at Bard or ICP and use their equipment… I don’t know good luck.

  • Freaking GOOGLE is trying buy VENICE BEACH…
    Are we gonna let them?

    Why not?
    Isnt that also progress? Stop defending the old and get with the new?

    Who needs old andel adams era sweaty gyms full of steroid bloated anachronisms?
    Move over and let the future in…it is after all what you preach for all the things YOU like.
    Isnt it?

  • I’m not for either stuck and dusty tradition or destructive progress… What’s Google going to do with the beach? sShouldn’t we know that before we get freaked out over it? Maybe they will protect it??? Maybe they’ll buy the Amazon too and protect that also…

    on a note on the old and now stale digi vs film discussion
    I stick with film because I have only lost a negative if I’ve chosen to – I’ve lost MANY thousands of digital shots just because a bearing on a hard drive seized, the heads hit the disc, external hard drive tipped over when moving laptop, SD cards cracked in two, lost USB drives, files corrupted, and DVDs got scratched. But my negatives… They might get a scratch, some dust embedded in the emulsion, or I may trim a little too close sometimes, but they’re always there. I can drop my binder from two stories up and the negatives will still be there.

    I can’t afford to buy a new smart phone every two years and sign a contract too – My iPhone 1st gen lasted a year before it drowned, the 3G almost 5 before the digitizer went bad… along the way the camera went fuzzy, the screen got scratched, the casing cracked, and it slowed waaaay down. For my money, I would rather hold a one of a kind Instax or Fuji instant print shot through an old polaroid peel apart than dink with digital settings meant to make something look like it’s old. I’ll take a Holga over a point and shoot digital, and I’d shoot my all manual voigtlander over the Nikon d700 I have sitting on a shelf too.

    When it comes to products, just because it’s newer doesn’t make it better. Of course – it’s usually only better over the item it’s actually replacing (ie iPhone 4g over 3g) because over time all things degrade, some are built to, some are just prone to do so quicker.

    But when it comes to IDEAS – i.e. google buying a beach – it’s worth hearing the rest of the story. Democracy sounded good 200+ years ago.. today it’s pretty much a sham. Socialism is feared by the US “republic/democratic” society because it infringes on the Free Market! Well the Free Market and Capitolism are different from politics in general. That’s business imposing it’s dusty traditions on a society in need of new ideas.

    I’d like to hear some new ideas.. Anyone got some?

  • Burnian Paul Treacy on CNN’s Photo Blog: “A Father’s View of ‘Boyhood'”


  • John Vink – Lens Blog looks great! I am still enjoying and learning from The Quest on my iPad.

    Paul Treacy – Beautiful spread on CNN.

    Jason – I will be looking for it.

    Panos…. :( I hope that somewhere in this fiasco, there is hope. When a US in decline is held up as the one bright spot…. well…

    I almost got beat up by a gang on Venice Beach for taking a picture of some people playing guitars and singing on a cold (42 degrees or so) rainy day.

    MW – Nice joke… even if not total joke. I think I need to get more sleep. It sounded a bit absurd, but then some absurd things get taken pretty seriously.

  • What’re you all shooting today?

    Dogs on the bed this morning. http://www.pbase.com/glafleur/image/144202069 (no instagrams for me yet) I’m resisting smart-phone cameras partly because I’m afraid it would make me too lazy to use my “real” cameras.

  • Gordon – This is what I developed yesterday
    If that doesn’t work lemme know…

  • Hardly shot anythig so far, probably won’t shoot much more and what I have shot has all been from the car:

    A sign at the edge of the highway giving the number of moose killed on our Mat-Su Borough roadways since last July.


    Vehicles passing between train and me.

    Someone using the great “F U” and emblem of a pistol, all in red, as a threat to kill or rob me and all others who pass by him.

    Woman pushing baby in stroller down bike trail as dog trots ahead.

    Anyone who wants to see need merely to tune into my blog tomorrow by clicking on my name, “Frostfrog.”

  • Gordon – I like the dogs and Jason, I really like the cat shadow and it is good to see your self-portrait.

    Gordon, an iPhone will not make you lazy. It will just expand your vision and cause you to think in different ways. Then, sometimes, you will have both your “real” camera and your iPhone and you visualize a picture, pick up your real camera, suddenly realize that it lacks the capability to allow you to take the photo you want and so you will let it hang and pull out your phone.

    Then, other times, you won’t even touch the phone, because it will lack the capability to get the picture as you see it and can get with your real camera – kind of like a mechanic with different types of wrenches.

  • Bill……..:)
    thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    how i wish oh how i wish i was so accurate as you are when you write…
    i guess im not good in writing…
    (im not even gonna ask bobby black nor akaky on this one:)
    im horrible writer i know..i accept it …
    love u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John oh John…once AGAIN u got it all wrong..
    GOOGLE IS THE PAST amigo…is Ansel..Google IS the status qwo..
    my oh my…ask me…i lived in the silicon valley for a while..
    here is some info (2010…not that new but..) but John oh John listen..
    Silicon Valley moved to Austin since 2010 (Austin is the capital of Texas btw)
    now check this out: (you’ll love this i promise)
    Google is not “alone” in wiping VENICE BEACH off the west LA map…
    “DREAMLAND” aka Stephen Spieleberg studios tried 7 years ago to buy MARINA DEL REY (google map it, its on borders of Venice, now… two years forward this and you have the city of SANTA MONICA getting united with city of LA and Santa Monica real-tors and decide that IF WE ELIMINATE THE BAD SEED which is VENICE then “they” own the Pacific all the way from MALIBU TO DANA POINT….all the way to Mexico and Baja california for real…

    moral of the story: John oh John G! before u starting lecturing me about California/LA/VENICE area “situations”, plz pretty plz advise me first…i can help u with your research (ONLY if im convinced u care about those communities) , plz pretty plz

    And a HUGE THANK YOU for bringing this up so i can BRING IT UP TO THE SURFACE… big thank you!(no pun)

  • I almost got beat up by a gang on Venice Beach for taking a picture of some people playing guitars and singing on a cold (42 degrees or so) rainy day.

    Bill i hope someday i’ll bring a book about Venice , a “situation” that im working on, since 2008 When DAH gave me as an assignment..i told him thats my backyard and he said:”go for it”
    the rest is history …

  • “DREAMLAND” aka Stephen Spieleberg studios tried 7 years ago to buy MARINA DEL REY
    correction: i meant to say : PLAYA DEL REY not MARINA…apology

  • it’s not easy being green…hmmmm…something can be done with this…

  • Sorry Akaky, I kind of ran out of steam on “It ain’t easy being Green” and have moved on. My new project is titled: “It sure looks easy being dead, especially if you are a dead fish.” I think it has much more potential.

  • Hey mw, you gotta come and hang out here during salmon spawning season, I’ll take you to some great spots.

  • Gordon. He dont need to be near a run he’s hooking one every cast as it is.

  • “I’m resisting smart-phone cameras partly because I’m afraid it would make me too lazy to use my “real” cameras.”

    Why? I honestly don’t understand this fear about instagrams or iphones. As far as I’m concerned the only point that concerns me is a getting the photo. I don’t care too much as long as I get the moment on film, memory card or my ipad camera. Try it out, its such a liberating experience being only concerned with the image and nothing else…

  • Gordon, as someone with an x-100, I can’t imagine why you would ever choose to take a picture with a phone. Well, okay, I guess maybe if you want to sneak a photo, but unless you’re out in the wilds of Borneo, if not on a different planet altogether, that advantage is pretty much lost. Everybody recognizes when someone is photographing with a phone these days. Of course if you want a phone/computer and consider a decent point-and-shoot camera a nice little extra, then the IPhone is a fantastic device. I’ve had one for a long time. It’s a phone, it’s got email, I can surf the web, it plays a mean game of backgammon, it slices and dices, and I can sneak a photo here and there on the subway. But if it’s just a camera you’re after, I’d be shocked if anyone looked at what you can get for $600 and chose an IPhone camera for its value. I bet you’ll take about three pictures with it and then apologize to your poor x-100 for even thinking about running off with that slick little hussy all decked out in those high heeled apps and low cut web services.

  • Several times a month I get an engagement photo that some proud mom has snapped with her cell phone. Most of the time, the image emailed to me from the cell phone is about the size of a postage stamp at print resolution, because someone told her to set her camera at the lowest photo resolution and she could fit 10,000 photos on the phone before she had to delete them. I guess this makes sense, because she is shooting 1,000 photos a day of the dog, cat, kids, the food on her plate, the food on her kid’s plate and the food on her cat’s plate. But when I try to explain the problem, for the 10,000th time, she gets mad at me because, “Well, they look great on Facebook.”

    I hate cell phone cameras!

  • mw
    Don’t get me wrong, I love iphone photos. I even borrowed my son’s older iphone for awhile to play with. There is no denying that they can be a serious tool. I just don’t need another choice at the moment. I’ve got too many cameras already.

  • Paul may be fun for the photographer….but daily posts how utterly boring and anal

  • I come pretty damn close to being utterly boring and anal on a daily posting basis, but every now and then I come up with a post I believe to be special. Today’s post is such a post. This is the direct link:


  • Found a site which makes you see instagram pictures on your web browser:

  • Bill the first image works the rest is just stuff

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you BURNIANS for ALL the links and posts
    Yes, FROSTY …keep reporting
    and MR.VINK,you are on a mission!

    But I have to scream today…
    GO GREECE …show them what you got!!!
    Don’t get me wrong…I love German people
    it’s just the politicians and their games
    don’t go along with my blood pressure…

    Viva BURN…may the spirits be with US …
    With all of Us…

    I love you my BURNIANS…I am still traveling
    but I will check you when I will be back in my desk.

    When there is vision there is a way …!
    Open the circle …we are all one (hihihi…maybe two
    after my ouzo …oime:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ANTON…I know I am late, very late…

    Happy birthday…don’t bring cake…I am on a diet
    Chicken wings and beer will do it:)

    Love and hugs from the BURNING circle…!!!

    And for you that I missed important dates
    I love you ALL!!!

  • Thomas,

    Pretty cool that pinstagram link! Thanks.

  • also for INSTAGRAM on your computer — http://WWW.GRAMFEED.COM works pretty well.

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