Candace Owens, Outer Banks artist/photographer, stopped by just now to get me to sign her copy of the June issue of NatGeo with my OBX story in it. I am right now so crazed busy, but how could I say no?

The mother of two of the cutest kids I have ever seen, Candace and her husband Randy are also part of my upcoming American Family series. So you will someday meet the whole family. One of Candy’s paintings (a mermaid) graces my wall. She also shoots weddings and family pictures for local photographer Brooke Mayo.

As you probably know I shoot all the time. Mostly casual snapshots like this. After all, lucky me, photography is very much my hobby. Occasionally I post here, but it always seems awkward. It interrupts the flow of the emerging photographers essays. So I mostly put my stuff on Instagram and share right along with everyone else waiting to see if I have any “likes”. Funny. Essay ┬áin NatGeo, new book out, but looking for “likes” on Instagram. Well honestly I love to see how everyone shoots on a daily basis. What is happening now. I shoot these with my iPhone just to be totally amateurish in nature.

Fact is we all love to do this, so I have a new idea. BurnDiary.

Burn’s own Haik Mesropian has created now for us a new page where we can do this on Burn. Your Instagrams can come here. On a separate Burn “bulletin board” so we can interact for real with new pictures shot with any camera. Only one picture per person per day (yes, you too Panos). Let’s see how it works. Should be fun and it will keep our front page here clean only for essays OR for the the shot that YOU just took that we decide to bring to the front. So sharpen your eye, shoot what is around you in an interesting way, and fire it off to BurnDiary. Details coming soonest on how you will do this.

Thanks for stopping by Candace. Thanks for letting me take a picture of you as well. You are a model mom. My door is open to you and the family any time.


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  • @tom hyde
    yes, none of these kids know nuthin’ ’bout foto history, and it’s weird. i have a photo assistant, a photo-journalism grad from a well known photo school, “might” have heard of robert frank, but not The Americans… Edward Steichen. Who? Haven’t asked about Weston, but it’s a good guess he’s a mystery, too…

    As far as not “getting” a particular photographer, I saw a friend’s copy of (based on a true story) and I have no clue what’s going on there. None. Call me dimwitted, call me confused, call me shallow. But call me. :-) When one of the more thoughtful readers weighs in here with their interpretation of the “novella,” I’ll be curious to see. Other than people calling it “groundbreaking” and “amazing” and “brilliant,” what might be the story? I hope to have another peek at it soon.


  • Novella? Isn’t that some kind of pasta you eat with clam sauce?

  • that’s novelli. please akaky, pay attentioni.

  • Akaky that’s Nutella ok maybe not…

    dq The Americans? really? I’m happy to own the Steidl edition of it. See if perhaps any of these names ring a bell with your assistant: Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Adams, W. Eugene Smith, Steven Shore, Peter Turnley, Nan Goldin, William Eggleston, Danny Lyon, Larry Clark, Larry Sultan, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Mitch Epstein, Annie Leibovitz, Walker Evans, WEEGEE, or maybe Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David CHIM Seymour, Andre Kertesz? just a few off the top of my head… What super special school did he/she go to that forgot to teach him basic history?

  • Panos, it’s all Greek to me.

  • Speaking about the Americans and Robert Frank… I just scanned this negative.
    http://bit.ly/JDMBmt This is “Little Buddy and The Americans”

  • What a lovely image of your neighbourg, David. I see a Leonardo DaVinci’s painting in this blue woman with that halo behind…
    Looking forward for BurnDiary, and for the EPF Winner!
    About OBX article in NG:
    Why there is no image about the interior of a wooden house in Outer Banks. I’m curious about what is life inside (if I were ONLY a NatGeo reader…I know interior life with your burn pictures/instagrams), like a normal Wednesday morning?? That was your decision or Editor en Chief decision?

    Have a nice Domingo!

  • No Robert Frank, but “Americans”


  • Jim..

    can you please send your snail mail address to David?


  • Eva, what email address should I send it to?

  • Jim..

    best send him a message on Skype, less likely that it goes lost, I will remind him to check there, that ok?

  • Got it.

  • TOM,

    I have some. Stop by next time you are up!


  • Another Earthquake in northern Italy (5.0) everyone ok?

  • OT, but one of my favorite directors, Bernard Shakey, just released a 41 minute video on the net. It’s not up there with his masterpiece, but I think many of the burn regulars will find it interesting. It features, for example, some fantastic artwork by notable street artist Shepard Fairey. The soundtrack is interesting as well. Fairey’s illustrations represent songs that we sang in music class back when I was in grade school such as “Oh Susanna” and “Oh My Darling Clementine.” Funny how those songs which began their life as subversive protest songs, murder ballads and the like became harmless children’s tunes. Not so funny how that original subversiveness resonates so much again nowadays. The band’s pretty good, too.


    i cannot remember how it actually came down, but awhile back the editors and i mutually decided for NatGeo OBX we would make the whole story take place within a 15 minute bike ride of my home, but not actually show my home or my family or my friends…it is already a personalized story anyway…and honestly i often think it not a good idea to show too much in this regard…the best case scenario is a tour bus at my front door…this year i want to totally reduce any public image…this only happened because of the net..a surprise to me..maybe others are looking for exposure, but not i…yes, my work of course, but not ME…

    cheers, david


    i am embarrassed to even refer to literary stuff with you here in the crowd…yet, i hope you will pardon my attempt…clumsy i am sure, yet a real story that could only be called a novella…and with the visual literacy bit i espouse…

    you know Akaky, photography cannot just sit here,particularly not now when the tech mystery is thankfully gone..not human nature to not go above the mean level whatever that level is…we always go forward..i think by some miracle i might have made something truly unique…as if from another person because i have never tried to be unique…

    i was in it of course,but in another way i was watching from the sidelines amazed at what was happening so easily…you might just know what i mean…ain’t a regular nor predictable thing…

    but yes, novella should be the name of a pasta…and of course pasta by any name is righteous…

    cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Pasta?…pasta is righteous…ouf,I am in the right aisle…!

  • Nice idea David, just how will it work? A hashtag: #burndiaries???
    Sounds like fun! let me know how to participate!

  • Well.. what better day than today to have THIS featured here on front page:

    Based On A True Story

    Have a happy one, David :)

  • All the best to you David!

  • Front page! How awesome is that!

  • CHARLES – Too cool, I will. And a big thank you.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    VIVA AMIGOS…where is the party?

    Where is my cake?


    LOOK three times…I want my cake…that’s it.

  • CIVI…

    LOOK, there is the party… HERE is the PARTY :)

    Those at the LOOK party better REPORT!

  • David, sweet young boy…I totally would make you crazy today (before malicious interpretations arise …)
    That’s the hardest regret Im dealing with ; the the fact I wont be at Look 3 this year, I wont be able to chant, to clap “happy birthday” in a addicted one-one hour mode , I wont aplause everytime you open your mouth infiltrating brains with something brilliant or completely out of mind so hilarious genius you can be, I won’t be policing you and the girls around when I know your weakness and we all want to protect you of your worst enemy, I wont show up with a giant cake with “We love Viagra.To the youngest most joyful and viril man ever”, we wont be protagonist of the epic famous infamous dirty dance of ours , I won’t be loading the fridge, to be sure you’ll be kind of wasted and inviting half part of the city to the house just based inn the fact everyone deserves to be there, cause they love you and that’s the atmosphere that inspires, excites you . So, either I recruit a third me (unfortunately Renata cant make it either) or I trust on you, Burn crew, Look 3 camarades to make it happen..you deserve a special day like so many ones we already had . Dave, you are one of my favorite things in the world and definitely my favorite people..cause we are so similar in so many points (we recognize ourselves)and even in our divergences we are so damn amused dealing with them, cause that’s family, that’s love. I love you David Alan Harvey cause “we did something here”, you deliver and you always turn left when you should have turn right ahaha Congrats on being yourself ..for the bright and dangerous side of that :))

  • Roberta,
    your words are always so beautiful…
    and don’t worry,
    the BuRN crew will make it happen..
    maybe a day late.. :)
    I trust Panos will be posting updates….
    perhaps? :)
    photography to all….
    and David,
    ***************HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!************
    see you tomorrow……

  • Wendy , I’m only responsible for coordinating the not so secret BURN parties..
    and keep the zig zags rolling…
    But yeah stay tuned.. Instagram made it easy for us to report this year..
    Remember the good old days that we had to go to motel/dorm download photos, put them on a slideshow.. blah blah tomorrow? Ha! This time instant updates..:)))
    All we need is an extra battery…

  • We have a big house thus year..
    All Burnians , some arriving from Greece ( GO VISSARIA),
    Wendy will be in da house and couple more great folks that will reveal later..
    I’m sure Doug will be sleeping in a sofa next to me..
    Oh a New Yorker coming too..
    My oh my it’s gonna be a mess .. A nice Burn mess..
    We need a tshirt that says:
    “I Survived a Burn Look3 Party”

  • I’m one-hour late dropping in on this one – Happy birthday, David!

  • Hmmm? What?? It was David’s Birthday? Well Shit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! I’m sorry I missed it.

  • Burn Diary… very nice and creative :)))
    It would be a unpredictable and huge narrative or poet!!!

  • So, when will the burn diary appear? I’m looking forward to it.

  • I dont know about burn diary, but seeing as I have so much time on my hands at the moment I have started a sort of retrospective diary/blog. Am still figuring out all the wordpress stuff to make it work properly…and of course it has no real direction at all..but..if you sign up now you will get a FREE GIFT email saying ‘thank you for signing up’ who could resist?

  • John – you’ve got me waiting moderation. Good luck. I will be following. I trust you understand blogs can be dangerous to one’s health and financial well-being. I enjoyed your first post.

  • Mr. Gladdy..

    It says you’ve sent me an email.. but I got nothing.. hey, you promised a thank you email, I want it!!

  • Visual stimulation everywhere…
    Great energy..
    A full house..
    Stanley Greene last night
    EPF will be announced today at 4…
    And lots in between…
    What not to love??

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