Candace Owens, Outer Banks artist/photographer, stopped by just now to get me to sign her copy of the June issue of NatGeo with my OBX story in it. I am right now so crazed busy, but how could I say no?

The mother of two of the cutest kids I have ever seen, Candace and her husband Randy are also part of my upcoming American Family series. So you will someday meet the whole family. One of Candy’s paintings (a mermaid) graces my wall. She also shoots weddings and family pictures for local photographer Brooke Mayo.

As you probably know I shoot all the time. Mostly casual snapshots like this. After all, lucky me, photography is very much my hobby. Occasionally I post here, but it always seems awkward. It interrupts the flow of the emerging photographers essays. So I mostly put my stuff on Instagram and share right along with everyone else waiting to see if I have any “likes”. Funny. Essay  in NatGeo, new book out, but looking for “likes” on Instagram. Well honestly I love to see how everyone shoots on a daily basis. What is happening now. I shoot these with my iPhone just to be totally amateurish in nature.

Fact is we all love to do this, so I have a new idea. BurnDiary.

Burn’s own Haik Mesropian has created now for us a new page where we can do this on Burn. Your Instagrams can come here. On a separate Burn “bulletin board” so we can interact for real with new pictures shot with any camera. Only one picture per person per day (yes, you too Panos). Let’s see how it works. Should be fun and it will keep our front page here clean only for essays OR for the the shot that YOU just took that we decide to bring to the front. So sharpen your eye, shoot what is around you in an interesting way, and fire it off to BurnDiary. Details coming soonest on how you will do this.

Thanks for stopping by Candace. Thanks for letting me take a picture of you as well. You are a model mom. My door is open to you and the family any time.


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  • Another fabulous idea! With neighbors like that, who wants to travel? Looking forward to BurnDiary. Currently exhausted from rearranging (based on a true story)!

    Greetings from California, David!

  • Great idea! I’m ready…I think…

  • …as the floodgates open…

  • Akaky,

    More like the parting of the seas….

  • Panos is going to have a tough time posting only ONE photo per day. HaHaHa!

    Can I give DAH a “LIKE” for this idea? ;-)


  • http://instagr.am/p/LVmd9MhrRr/

    What????? I photo a day? Or per minute?? I have 2700 photos WAITING!!!
    THANK YOU DAH ( for the Idea )
    THANK YOU HAIK ( for making it reality )
    Haik is a personal very true friend of mine, the real deal,
    not just an acquaintance but a real great heart and soul..
    And btw he knows his sh$t very well..
    When it comes to tech stuff HAIK is tha man to RELY ON!
    ( oh kudos also to Ryan Sharif from Los Angeles – also great friend and troubleshooter .. Ryan and Haik are the ONLY folks I call first right before I start crying from distress:)))

    But yes one photo per hour maybe???

  • BurnDiary sounds like a great idea to me.

  • LOVE the idea. I may even capitulate and buy an iphone…maybe. Do you still carry a “real” camera all the time? I worry that if I get an iphone I will be too lazy to.

    Indeed, how could you say no to a lovely young woman in a semi-transparent dress?

  • I would say Candace is not only a model mom but a mom model.

    As if I am not overwhelmed already! Now I have to get into Instagram and post in Burn Diary everyday, too, just to keep up!

    I jokes!

    Sort of.

    It is a fun idea, one likely to finally push me into Instagram. It will be interesting to see where it goes, who joins in, both from the regular burn followers and all of a sudden from out of the woodwork, both good and not so good, as my old photojournalism mentor Nelson Wadsworth used to say…

    Gordon, the iPhone is great but has its limitations. You won’t get too lazy. Sometimes you might, but not all the time.

    Panos lol :-D lol

  • Gordon:)
    Androids can do Instagram too..
    We are NOT promoting iPhones here..
    Let’s make that clear…all “smartphones” can do Instagram after the marriage of Facebook and Instagram..

  • DAVID,

    Got the book yesterday. Blown away. Not only is it a new way of thinking about what a physical book can be, but also how one can express emotion about a place, person (?), a way of life. Really inspiring.

    At first I had some trepidation about the whole process of viewing it, but then once untethered from the constrictions of the spine the images flow nicely in the hand, and is a very liberating experience. Fantastic post processing as well, not too much, not too little and they all come together, iPhone to M9. Bravo and congrats!


  • David, great idea and it appears that Panos already has enough images to last until the year 2525, that is, if man is still alive.

  • 5 Broken Cameras

    Opens on Wednesday in Manhattan.

    Directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi; director of photography, Mr. Burnat; edited by Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot and Mr. Davidi; music by Le Trio Joubran (Samir Joubran, Wissam Joubran and Adnan Joubran); produced by Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Mr. Burnat and Mr. Davidi; released by Kino Lorber. At Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street, west of Avenue of the Americas, South Village. In Arabic, English and Hebrew, with English subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes. This film is not rated.


  • last until the year 2525, that is, if man is still alive.
    smiling…im sober now..i stopped the “hard” sh$t a while ago…thanks to my camera that let me move on and seek cure….:)
    ps: kids out there please please DO NOT do drugs…Mary Jane is a blessing but stay away plz from all those “hardcore street, under the sink crap”…please pretty please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panos, I don’t have an android smart phone either, just a very basic stupid phone, with which I make fewer than 10 calls a month. I’m tempted to get a smartphone solely because they are fun to take pictures with. I love the hipstamatic ap, and also love the pretty much infinite depth of field camera phone pictures have. I don’t own an ipod, ipad, or mac either, although I do have a blackberry playbook which is fun.
    In any case, for the moment I will stick with hauling around one of my too numerous regular cameras and post pictures the old fashioned way. Hell, I’ve been buying up film cameras lately, (got a Mamiya 500 dtl slr yesterday for $15) maybe I’ll regress into a film shooter in my declining years.

  • David – I’ve sent you a note on FB when you get time to look.

    Gordon, I don’t know where you’re from but Cricket wireless in the US will be carrying the iPhone… a Prepaid iPhone. So if you’re not using it a lot, then this is a nice phone. I use mine as an organizer – a paper planner doesn’t beep at me to wake up or when its time to do something. But an iPhone will
    also not a terrible camera.


  • Hey, no, Jason the new iphone is an AWESome camera, that is why I’m so tempted, OK I even went into my local phone provider store this aft as I was waiting for a drug prescription and inquired about it. (I’m from Canada)

    Meanwhile, here is my first pre-contribution to the diary. My amazing wife Martha at breakfast the day before yesterday, (not taken with an i-phone, but with a Canon Rebel) who is now in Seattle blissed out on her annual 5 day retreat with Amma, her spiritual guide. Expect a lot of photographs of Martha in my contributions to the burn diary.


  • I’m scanning some of my latest work right now… which contains: hanging out with Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary), My brother helping my dad move things from one of his three storage units to another – where he keeps his life after divorce, road killed turtle and puppy – I have a thing about photographing various dead animals I see, and children of the Oneida tribe…

  • Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary),

  • Jason:

    Too complex to easily explain, but within the past couple of weeks, I have had a very intense experience with Peter, Paul, and Mary – Bob Dylan tied in.

    Very intense. Ethereal.

    Be sure I know about it when your pictures of Peter Yarrow can be seen. I bet he really misses Mary. I do, too.

  • Bill is it? Absolutely – in the scanner as we speak. little dust cleanup and I’ll upload them.

    The story:
    I was asked a few weeks ago to do video of a concert. Peter Yarrow is working on a project called Operation Respect – It’s an anti bullying campaign. He usually performs in front of teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, etc at conventions. This time was a bit different. He did a small concert at a Jr High school with kids from the choir class and glee club. His project will be done at this school and to initiate it he flew in for free and performed some of his classic hits. He does miss Mary very much. And perhaps ironically, the woman who was responsible for getting him to come and also sang with him on a couple of duets, is named Mary. They sounded wonderful together. Anyway – I have 5 hours of video to sift through and make something beautiful of it. I got to hang out with him for the day, we talked photography, music and activism. We had dinner and shared some fries. And in fact, he turned 74 yesterday.

  • Fantastic, Jason. I hope you post some of the video, too.

  • Gordon, I like your pre-contribution.

  • Bill, I will try to. I volunteered to do the video, and I was initially told through someone connected to the project that I couldn’t post it – why I don’t know. But there was no contract or agreement… It wasn’t work-for-hire, and I would never sign such an agreement.

  • burndiary- sounds like fun ………

    GORDON …. smartphone’s will make you a bit lazy ….. but you will definitely be shooting more…. emailing more … sharing more …… plus there are a lot of cool camera related apps on both platforms that you can use with your dslrs ….

  • I’ve got my iPad poised ready to begin this diary. What a wonderful idea!!

  • So… You wanted pictures… These were a few links as updates for one of the stories in the ‘Quest for Land’ application… The story on land grabbings is not over yet. The release of ‘Quest for Land’ will not stop me from covering this.

  • Oh no, another addiction.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Panos is going to have a tough time posting only ONE photo per day. HaHaHa!”

    Yeap, BUT I see many of YOU with itching fingers…right MR.VINK…hihiiiii…


    Damn,what are we drinking??? Just tell me what?:)))

    P.S I would like to have a mom like CANDANCE in my front door…oime…
    What not to love !!!

  • John Vink – Yesterday, I received a long overdue payment, the absence of which had pushed me right to the brink. Now that I got it, I just purchased and downloaded “Quest For Land” onto my iPad. I will go to bed early tonight and take it with me.

  • Frostfrog: way to go! But that must have been a really narrow brink… :-)

  • Bill, They’re online – I have the Peter Yarrow images on my facebook. Nothing super spectacular, well maybe, but here’s a link http://on.fb.me/KzZjXe Sorry it took until now to get them up

  • John – it was… the kind where you can’t pay your bills, when you put $10 worth of gas in your car and wonder how you are going to be able to drive to Anchorage and back – a $20 dollar trip. My plan last night didn’t go too good. My two year-old grandson is visiting and shared the bed. It turned into happy chaos. I got started, but when you have a living Jack in the Box popping up all over the bed, it gets in the way of serious study.


    Thanks, Jason. I will take a look, shortly. Having a little money now, you inspired me to purchase some iTunes Peter, Paul and Mary – better quality and easier accessibility than YouTube.

  • Bill… I know that brink all too well… It’s worse than depressing. I’m trying to make work about it – but so far, I’ve not been very successful at getting the funds I need to take it nationally, the level I think it needs to go because It’s not just affecting a small number of people – US ranks No 1 highest in poverty among developed nations. and No. 2 for child poverty… The feeling, the magnitude… It’s almost crippling…

    Yes Youtube has some pretty crappy videos of PPM. My G/F and I have recently found about 4 or 5 vinyls of theirs while thrifting. Lovely things records, unless scratched, they last as long as photographs.

  • An interesting blog post and discussion regarding the lack of historical photographic base knowledge on the part of photography students, in this case an MFA who had never heard of Weston.

    Just recently I gave copies of Burn02 and Charles’ Touch Me I’m Sick to a teenage family member interested in photography who has been fed a steady diet of crap commercial consumerist photography and Ansel Adams without exploring the amazing breadth of the language. (Uhhm, Charles, I might need another signed copy!) I treasure these books but I value inspiring young CURIOUS minds more. It struck me what a valuable tool the Burn books are in particular with their amazing mix of styles and unique ways of looking at tne world. I encouraged him to spend time looking and thinking about the work and, in particular, the work he didn’t “get.” Burn02 just might remap a few young brains from their steady diet of McPhotos.

  • watch above video!!!!! its coming! its here!

  • Panos – scary video, and one that somebody put some real money and production into. I find the juxtaposition of this with Jason’s recent work on Peter Yarrow and its reflection back onto the music of Peter, Paul and Mary an interesting one – perhaps best expressed through this line of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”:

    “When will they ever learn?… when will they ever learn?”


    And the answer is blowin in the wind.

  • And the answer is blowin in the wind.

  • tom

    Romain Gavras, not Kostas Gavras that did “Z”….

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