(based on a true story) SOLD OUT!

layout and design: Bryan Harvey
concept and producer: Eva-Maria Kunz
coordinator: Diego Orlando
production: Andrea Barbato, Michael Courvoisier, Candy Pilar Godoy


(based on a true story)


David Alan Harvey

Some of my friends have asked why I didn’t talk about my book here. I just cannot do that. The book is the book and I hope somebody likes it. But putting this video here by Bryan is as far as I can go. However, what I can do is I think legit. Published below is a letter from Sam Harris, (Postcards From Home), who managed to get a hold of the first signed copy. So he is, as far as I know, the only person here on Burn to have actually seen the book.

So Sam writes:


BASED ON A TRUE STORY… This book is simply amazing!!! AMAZING!! You have to hold it, feel it, pour over it, get inside it, take it apart, rebuild it, live it, smell it, caress it and then it all makes sense… FRESH, SENSUAL, SEXY, KILLER, DOPE… DAH leads by example, he could just sit back and talk about past glories, but that’s not David’s style… he’s out there doing it, living it. Now, right now… Ideas happen… ‘based on a true story’ is the living proof ; )) This book is an absolute classic. dah’s best yet! And the very best thing about ‘based on a true story’ IS the PHOTOGRAPHY.



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427 Responses to “(based on a true story) SOLD OUT!”

  • LISA

    here is the answer i posted on your blog..i have no idea why she thinks this about me…others maybe yes, but not me..oh i should have added, but forgot, to mention to Elian that i have in years prior shot paid models in Rio for the Fashion Magazine of the New York Times and maybe some other commercial shoot that i am not remembering right now, but zero for anything coming in NatGeo or anything in the new book or with anything represented in any way as documentary work…you can mention that if you want…

    anyway my answer to Eliane

    Elian de Silva

    what in the world did you see?

    i paid no models for the photography you see from Rio..

    Now my unpaid assistants (volunteers) who worked with me everyday were definitely subjects for some of my work…key muses in the (based on a true story) novella set with Rio as the backdrop…they are for sure a key part of this book…i list them in the back of the book as “characters”…

    the backdrop of the Rio you see was shot mostly for NatGeo and i would be fired immediately if i set up pictures with paid models…..i have shot 40 stories for NatGeo and have a clean reputation in the business…again, i am not sure what you saw or what you think you saw, but an allegation like that needs substantiation….


    cheers, david

  • Hey David thanks for clearing that up…Do you even know Eliane Da Silva? I didn’t think that “Nightswim’ could be anything but real…it was such an experience seeing that…I kept going back to stand in front of it and drink in the whole thing…

    I just was a bit shaken by what she wrote… anyway I am glad you got back so quickly. Heavens it seems like even respected photojournalists can suffer from National Enquirer type rubbish…

    Are you still in Sydney? I hope you have enjoyed every second!


  • PANOS. The only flaw in your statement about rob is that it is all wrong…Pretty much everyone knows who he is..and…He’s just a graffiti artist for gods sake!
    Dangerous? never was the Monty Python line ” he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy” more apt.
    But mainstream?…if I remember correctly the piece that pitt-jolie bought was called “I cant believe you morons buy this shit”(http://visualhardcore.com/cult/media/2009/12/I-cant-believe-you-morons-actually-buy-this-shit-by-Bansky.jpg) and im pretty sure that the L.A money was ALL put into a charity for the blind….Thats class…Sell it to the blind to help the blind.

    IMANTS ‘There is now a growing movement among certain communities who no longer see street art as an eyesore, but rather part of their cultural heritage’…. cultural heritage my arse! They see Dollars!…and thats the problem. When the art world decides that you are collectible..collectors will start to collect…from then on its open season. You cannot place a piece without it having a value outside its intent….and therefore its meaning gets muddied…. So destroy. Yes! Some Anarchist friends and I had a piece of his work..still in its original location..we were getting ready to make a little film about uncovering it (in the way of a reverential archeological dig) from all the fly posters and years of gunk on top of it……..and then destroying it with paint remover……but the council unknowingly did it for us before we had a chance. Appropriate.

  • That women placed a price tag of $50,000 plus I wonder if she considered looking for the bricks and make a buck out of it…… grin ……..the plumbers have breathed new life into that sewer rat Now it is forgotten

  • In this South Texas town this month, as the police approached a house and a trailer on a dead-end dirt road, illegal immigrants scattered and fled. But those inside a third residence — a two-bedroom house made of white-painted cinder block, no more than 800 to 1,000 square feet — could not escape, because of chains on the doors and security bars on the windows.

    There was no air-conditioning, no electricity. A total of about 115 men and women were being held at the property, but the largest group — at least 50, perhaps more — were locked in the cinder block house. A few of them told investigators that they had been warned they would be killed or beaten if they did not remain quiet. Some had not been fed in days.

    One of two men who subsequently pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to harbor aliens, Marcial Salas-Garduino, 23, greeted newcomers to the house the same way, according to court documents.

    “Welcome to hell,” he told them.


  • (LISA :)) my comment awaiting moderation in your blog but here is my QUICK answer..plz make sure mrs DA SILVA reads this, thank you Lisa.. Comment below:

    “Mrs Da Silva!
    Good God lady!!!!
    , no offense here but before you clearly ACCUSE anyone about anything plz do a home research..
    “living in Rio as u claim,
    do does not make u an expert on Magnum affairs , or Nat Geo affairs..”

    So now let’s go straight into your SOUR GRAPES , demeaning unfounded hater comment above..
    You insisted that “magnum”!!??? paid models ( Geezus Christ ) for Rio!!!????!!!..
    Listen Amiga: 1) David was working on his personal vision book and NatGeo story ( why blasting Magnum???)
    2) I’m really laughing at your ignorance and pure jealousy writing this post.. DAH does NOT need me or anyone defending him but since i followed Rio closely I’ll tell u this.. Check CNN .. The main photo on CNN of the girl kissing a guy “actor” as you “reveal” in your “investigation” mrs Sherlock Holmes :) ( yes yes pun intended ).. Well that “paid actor” is my good friend Lance that volunteered to help David in Rio and the “actress” is another great friend which is a DOCTOR btw and not a model …
    I can go on and on explaing to you …but mrs E, before you TRASH someone/anyone ( individual or even Magnum agency as you just blasted ) please please think twice before you post , but you made me laugh so hard with your poisonous ignorance that I forgive you
    ( and remember just because I live in Athens Greece does not mean I’m the Expert on Athenian matters, so stop acting like you’re the mayor of RIO , the absolute authority)
    ps: I’m hope you’re not a judge or a cop coz then I feel sorry for your future victims.. Plz re-tune your judgments .. Your “guitar” and voice is totally out if tune and nobody needs that!
    Love u !!!”

  • I’ve lost count the amount of times this weekend I’ve tried to write something decent about “Based on a true story” but it all comes down to the sad fact I’m a crap writer compounded by the fact in this case that I’m lost for words. But anyway I’ll give it a try, as a promise is always a promise.
    SomI knew I’d love Based on a True Story,  it’s just that I wasn’t exactly expecting this visual onslaught of highly charged photos I discovered. One thing is seeing images being posted on the Rio Blog out of sequence and another is seeing them assembled into an essay where each one is a vital beat to this beautiful “song”. Now imagine Divided Soul on steroids hurtling along at breakneck speed unrelenting and stirring the Rio sky, sand and sea into an utterly beautiful and sometimes frightening amphitheater waiting to be captured with David’s eye. So much so, I now find Divided Soul collected and rather restrained, because this new book is soooooo much fun. Show both books to someone who’s a stranger to David’s work and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she or he would assume that Based on a true Story was prior to Divided Soul. Now I find that very cool, one thing is to become a better and more experienced artist with age and another is to also maintain the fun, hunger and the energy usually associated with youth.  I remember sitting in a cafe on a hot Saturday afternoon in Paris listening to David talking about going back to Rio and finishing this story. Oh man just seeing his eyes and listening to his words as he spoke to Diego Orlando, you could tell he was after something very special and god he was so very very serious about it. So much so I found David for a split second slightly intimidating, in fact disconcerting. Most people you meet in life just try something, gives them an excuse to give up and I realized right then David wasn’t one of them, he was just going to do it. 
    Then there’s this beat throughout the book and it doesn’t matter how you sequence the images, it has one hell of a rhythm in it. Bang and bang and bang it goes. Back and forth between light and dark, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful and all this without taking judgment or verdict, just letting it be. The first night I looked through the book  I must of spent well over two hours going through it until I fell asleep on my sofa. I swear this is absolutely true, I dreamt of Rio, dancing away with this beautiful woman I had never set eyes on before not even in the book. Until  I suddenly woke to a start at 4:00 am with the book at my side and sweating profusely with only one woman in the house fast asleep and far vey far from Rio in her dreams. So instead of being a responsible father and husband and going to bed I kept on in Rio grooving away feeling the wild side as I played about with the images.  It’s interesting how none of the images really stand out above any of the other, they are all brilliant but sit all together as a team creating a narcotic melody. It’s more like the book gives you one very nasty eyeball kick instead of perhaps two or three images rising above the others giving little eyeball kicks. 
    Then there’s  David’s famous phrase and  mantra:
    “Don’t show me what you saw, show me what you felt”. It’s  EVERYWHERE!! You can sense the sweat, the heat and the noise, the singing, the music, the sex. It’s all magic in this book, full of crazy full moons and passion, yes loads of passion. He’s proved if you are intent on something with all your desire and your blood is thicker than tiger blood you can burn those Roman candles Jack Kerouac wrote about and at both ends.

  • Paul, that was beautiful, exciting, touching to read. Thanks to you and all Burnins for the report, feedback and for sharing in so brilliant way your experience having on hands your (based on a true story). Special thanks again for Eva (super Eva) and Panos making this operation works

    Lisa.. congratulations for your blog, specially your words, description and proximity with the real meanings and essence along the exhibition at Head On . It means a lot.Like happened with Panos, I’ve written this comment addressed to Eliane da Silva , but it is waiting moderation. Hopefully Mrs. da Silva can manage to read it soon

    “Eliane da Silva..

    I was reluctant to jump in the discussion and extend this comment session around your point , cause seems that your opinion shared here was create in such superficial, poisoning, shallow, vagrant way, so distant of truth and far from what everyone knows about David Alan Harvey as professional. It seemed ridiculous to give you some attention and part of my time, when all I did when I’ve read your lines was to laugh.
    But I came to apologize to you, cause I understood I was being harsh, once it must not be your fault such ignorant statement. You mustn’t have understood at all, you must’ve gotten confused and jumped on precipitated conclusions. Anyway, hope we can help you in this one ;

    Eliane, I was working as David’s fixer during the production of this book . 24 hours and all the crew , almost a family, living intensively together. I was really close all the process , so you hardly could find another opinion more accurate with the truths behind the scenes.
    David took photographs of me, my sister, his digital assistant, other assistants and other girls and friends. We were part of his days and this novella, but nobody was a paid model. THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS BOOK IS THAT IT IS A PERSONAL STORY. David photographed his friends for sure but just as muses, as friends, AND ANYBODY WHO GOES TO http://www.theriobook.com can see exactly how it was. No secrets at all. Just jump there and you’ll have the answers you need

    Photographers throughout history have photographed their friends: Sally Mann, Nan Goldin, Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Duane Michaels, Jock Sturges, Nicholas Nixon, Imogene Cunningham, Edward Steichen, Robert Frank etc etc etc…on and on and on… I don’t think photographing friends should be in the same category as “paid models” Besides of that , the title (based on a true story) right off indicates this essay is PERSONAL…not intended as a story on RIO. The word RIO is not even in the book!!!

    And Eliane…not just me, but all cariocas they are so happy with this book… I hope you will too being from Rio yourself , after you understands it better and have a copy to appreciate it . Anyway, send me an email at roberta_prod@yahoo.com.br and I bet David will be happy to sit down , to talk, and to give you a copy when he’s in Rio again.”

  • Ahhhh Roberta thanks for your view / INPUT ,as a behind the scenes volunteer and also A MAIN CHARACTER OF THE BOOK..
    your beauty and intelligence would bother lots of folks out there..
    They call it jealousy/envy..
    We need to get a little bit of “thicker skin” around “here”..
    As Burn gets stronger the more attacks will be targeting/hitting our shores .
    It comes with the territory they say!
    Big hug!


    well amigos, thanks for your defense/attack position…smiling…i think Roberta was right, Eliane just did not do her homework on this…few do homework on blogs…they just blast away with some kind of first impression or on hearsay or whatever..you cannot climb any hill and not get shot at…that is just the way it is..fair has nothing to do with it…human nature to shoot first, ask questions later…so yes a thicker skin and well let’s just drop this one…i would not even have seen it if Lisa had not made it an imperative…let’s move on to more pleasant topics…

    Roberta it was great to have you as the class cheerleader and make everybody feel good person..nobody does it like you…what a sweetheart you are…we are for sure bonded forever and ever…i mean if we are not bonded, then we have no business dancing the way we did!!! :)

    Panos, from days escaping that town at night in North Dakota with d’Agata to meeting now at Look3 and heaven knows what will happen, you sure know how to pick an adventure…Waffle House 3am sober up? whatever…i’m ready…or not??

  • Panos..
    I agree with you and I’d reinforce your advice on the need of developing a “thicker skin”. But the truth is …It is easy to be spoiled and extra confident knowing that you are out there standing up for you, Burn, David and all of us fortunate enough to be part of your circus…So, as long as we have you…automatically I dont need to care so much about a “thicker skin” :)

    thanks for this beautiful consideration display. I’ve been learning with the master and I’ve been lucky crossing paths of the people around you, and connecting with the ones around us (i miss the workshop atmosphere…badly )Just reciprocating , the minimum I can do for the greatness that is being given to me. Bounded forever amigo. And god…we do have our little dirty dancing (for all the kinds of music) :))

  • “i miss the workshop atmosphere…badly”

    me too Roberta me too… it was such a privilege to be there, to witness the process, the struggles, the growth, the presentations (especially Steve’s and Kerry’s) and having you always smiling and dancing, encouraging everyone RIO style and David just getting up in the middle of class to walk across the room and take a photo because the light was just, so right… and saying ‘i mean, i’m a photographer i see things i take photos, it’s what i do…’ as if to shake the class into action and then more dancing…

  • Waffle House it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (let’s see if we gonna get ignored this time;) – bring your Compton hat…lol

  • im just the post office guy that turned to be a club bouncer..thats all….smiling…smiling..
    yes moving on to more positive stuff…:)
    anyway…gotta go…have books to ship! asap!!!
    see u all soon later!
    one love!

  • Before we move on, and change the chapter:

    Sam harris..
    you were a pleasing piece in all those aussie memories Im constant going back to, specialy during the workshop,your support , your understanding and that amazing report at http://www.samharrisphoto.wordpress.com? Priceless!
    Ross and Imants…
    you both know how much I appreciate the chance to know you, special people in such special time
    Kerry Payne..
    I adore this woman…her strenght, presence and contagious style
    Stephen Duppont? Genius and so generous..
    David Maurice Smith..
    keep your eyes on him..He’s being acclaimed by so many great reports, magazines and prizes..what a special year to a talented gentle man(if you are reading this..congrats for the exhibition, for the Sun Studios 2012 Emerging photographer contest.Proud of you mate )
    the exercise of describing her as professional and woman would be hopeless , cause somehow, she always overcomes every description
    Michelle adn Bryan…
    Family..creative minds generous souls in beautiful bodies..transcendent beings
    David Alan Harvey…Dave is Dave !! always my gold Hi 5!

  • PAUL

    hey thanks for the feedback…much appreciated….it is what i would wish for many to feel…one can only do something like this rarely….i could not do it now…could not do it before….rare air…so so hard to get the right chemistry going…i always know HOW, but i cannot always DO…i don’t think anyone can…and this work had nobody to please..nobody…absolutely done with no limits…that is rare too..very…no client no sponsor..just pure….and i had a song in my head…it is like songwriting or something like that…not about photography per se..photography just the vehicle…coulda been other ways…there is no text for (based on a true story) ..but i could see doing a book with one picture and lots of text…it is just finding your voice in some magical way and then figuring out how to get it DOWN on paper, DONE…physically done..easy to feel magic in short bursts, tough to sustain, hard to get it done done…

    my goal will soon be to start looking for books from others..iconics and emerging as here on Burn…just seems to be the natural flow…..BurnBooks will be a reality…is already a reality….thanks for your support….now go DO ONE!! we are ready to look soonest….

    cheers, david

  • Paul – I’m jealous! I’m still waiting for mine. I really need to get lost in it, right now, too, for reasons I won’t explain just yet.

    Lisa – I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t me. This is what I tried to write:

    What the hell. I’ll throw down in this one, too. I know David shot it just as he said he did. It wouldn’t bother me if he had hired models, because, as stated, this is “based on a true story.” But he says he didn’t, so he didn’t. He chose to do it in a photojournalistic method and stuck to that method. I spent a week with David last fall and that was enough to convince me of his artistry, energy and integrity. Roberta was there in RIO and she says so, too. I’ve never met her in person, yet, still, she is a friend and would not lie about such things.

    Roberta – I always like your words – especially this time. Especially your thoughts about muses.

  • BILL and all Canadian friends…your books will first need to clear customs..honestly its a major PAIN the canadian Royal (with cheese) post office…smiling….
    bottom-line , my fellow Canadians allow an (extra week) usually two more days than your fellow Americans…
    im getting greaT feedback..
    Some Americans (texas , ask Lance) got it already, Seattle on Saturday, NYC on friday, same as California etc…but one thing! BOOKS ARE SHIPPED…of course im getting new orders and im shipping again a “massive” (its a limited book of course…smiling) order on saturday..
    Advice to ALL:
    1) be patient.. we are “almost” there… u waited too long , couple extra days wont hurt…
    2) bring your books in Look3 so DAH might /will try to sign it…duhhhh!
    love u all

    ps: working as we speak, putting extra bubbles/padding etc so u get the ultimate experience right of the box..
    no tuning required!

  • Panos! you are a champion if ever there was…
    a super big international THANK YOU for all your hard work and efforts!!
    keep on packing in the free world : )

  • Panos – No problem. It always takes longer for things to get to Alaska.

  • Roberta..

    You are wrong, but the sweetest.. thanks.. I just wish we had more time to spend together..

    Sam.. go off here and dig ;)

    The following YouTube video shot by fellow Burnian Jared Iorio
    in San Francisco 2009 on a DAH/Momenta workshop, proves what a hard worker I am…
    Lol.. (special appearance by Haik)..
    Sam I repost this just for you:

  • Oh Bill yes sorry.. You are in Alaska not Canada , you’ll get it end of week but I’ll check also your tracking number.. Sorry again, Alaska is full of ice but it’s USA , not Canada … Smiling.. Smiling..
    Anyway got u buddy;)

  • David paying his models in rio and ‘setting up’ pictures…..here is my response:


    that woman must have been smokin’ the same blunt Brother Panos is smoking in the vid above…

    FRANKLY, i wouldn’t even have responded…although, I know the integrity of a shoot is paramount for david, especially on assignment, so i understand why i felt the need to reply…but, just another example of why i left, for the most part, the entire blogsphere in general…

    Now, i have it on good account (and i’ve been along for the ride w/him before) that David Alan Harvey does buy his models beer/tacos/burritos and shots of stuff, but that in no way related to his ‘assignments’, i mean, i think i’ve been paid by him, and moFo never put me in one of his projects ;)))))…

    screw it david, no need to ever have to defend yourself….especially when you have a rabid Greek (with a soft heart) and a belle letterist from Rio (with a tough heart) :)))))

    though i hear lancer has been getting contracts to pose for covers of Romance Novels now, post Rio ;))

    hang tough


  • I think Bob is amused.

    AKAKY IRL: Really? You’re shitting me, bubba.

    AKAKY: Nope. Nothing there but the straight truth, dude, no two ways about it.

  • Monsieurs Akaky & Akaky IRL (Jeckle and Hyde): :)))))))))

    indeed indeed….

    accusing David of ‘paying models’ or ‘setting up shots’ is akin to calling Akaky IRL Bambiesque…..

    Man, if that woman Ms. Silva(?) knew that david, in truth, is a much a part of every scene he shoots as are the subjects, she’d be turning in her bedsheets now with embarrassment….

    David walks the line in many aspects of life, but questioning is integrity as a photographer is just plain, ummmm, hallicinatory: ie, too many blunts ;))…

    but, i also know that this probably pained david, and i’m here to remind him, with laughter, that NO ONE would ever take her accusations serious in the least bit!….

    maybe we need to send Akaky IRL to Brazil to do some serious ass-whopping….

  • I meant that no one would ever believe her ‘accusations’…just stupid and so outrageously off the mark with David’s way of working, it’s just damn funny….

    like someone accusing me of going out on a date with a. ILR…

    umm, but wait…..well, now that i am single….

  • cool bobus!!!!!!! u made me laugh… i so needed that today :)

  • I don’t think the issue is that some random internet person posted a ridiculous attack on a prominent person, I think the issue people like us need to consider is that it was published. Lisa Hogben, a person with a solid editorial resume, chose to publish a possibly career killing accusation without doing any kind of research to find out if it was possibly legitimate. I mean seriously, let’s not mince words, were it true that a top level photographer hired models to fake an editorial assignment for National Geographic, that would be career killing. It go way beyond that. It would be legendary. A publisher should do some serious fact checking before throwing something like that out there. It will live forever in google.

  • It was poor jugement for the blogger to allow a potentially libelous post on her web site. That she would do so, then provoke a response from David, smacks of using the post to attract traffic to her blog. But to continue a discussion on this blog that keeps attention focused on the original transgression simply makes the matter worse. David, wisely, suggested dropping the dicussion. I suggest we do as he suggested.

  • …sitting silent again until something more interesting comes up…
    Too bad no one has figured out how to create a Burn Beer dispenser…

  • where is Akaky when u need him the most????

  • Seriously burn the blog here where you post goes pretty much uncensored why should Lisa’s blog be different

  • Well…

    I agree with the most recent comments of both Jim Powers and Imants. Wisdom in both.

  • “TIt was poor jugement for the blogger to allow a potentially libelous post on her web site. That she would do so, then provoke a response from David, smacks of using the post to attract traffic to her blog.”

    Jim Lisa does play the game that you have accused her of here ………. your comment smacks of the same as the blogger on Lisa’s blog.

  • I’m a happy man!


    But I’m so lost…
    I’m going to need a lot of time to really digest it.
    I suffer from looking too hard sometimes. I don’t think there is a right and wrong way to “read the novella” but it bothers me that I might be missing something.

    Back to RIO….see you tomorrow…

  • Carlo… Any problems with the wrapping/bubbles / extra padding?
    Are u in Miami?
    Thank u for feedback !!!
    Big hug

  • hello all…greetings coming to you from a dim hotel room in Richmond, VA, where I will be until I have 2 days to gather myself for the whirlwind that is LOOK3.

    I seriously need a creative recharge, and am looking forward to 4 days in C’ville to do that….it’s been a down year, don’t even have any work to take, best intentions and all….

    Wendy, did you guys find someone else to fill the room? If I didn’t have free lodging I’d have been there!

    Panos! First beer is on me, amigo. David, no photos to share over coffee in the morning while the youngsters sleep it off, but maybe we get coffee one day anyway :)

    Just ordered the book…wish I had done so sooner so as to have it before LOOK3. Eva, sent you an email about that….

    Can’t wait to see everyone who is going, and already missing those who can’t!

    good light,


    what in the world makes you think we have not come up with a Burn Beer dispenser?? make it on down to my place and i will show you the way…


    thanks Jim.. and for the record it is quite easy to see the record of exactly how the last part of (based on a true story) was shot… you were logged on to http://www.theriobook.com right? it is all there for all to see how it all happened in real time…

    for sure this is a different compilation of work than i have ever done before…marrying literary reference and style with pictures without any actual words at all… i love words…i have always read a lot and have considered an all text book….however this book tries to employ the visual literacy concept i so often espouse here…

    since i am blending my personal story in with a journalistic backdrop i was careful not to give anyone the impression that this was any kind of encyclopedic rendition of Rio or even a journalistic reportage…hence the word RIO never appears in the book at all, and (based on a true story) ought to tell you something right there..however, any picture which would appear to be a straight up documentary shot is a straight documentary shot…some of the same pictures will even appear in the Oct 2012 issue of NatGeo….if i rigged a docu shot in any way that purported to be a docu shot i would be correctly fired from ever working at NatGeo again or any other publication…

    moreover it would go against my own personal ethics on documentary photography…it is indeed a weird facet of human behavior that some see a little bit of something and somehow project themselves way too far forward without even seeing the book or knowing anything about the book or about me and yet manage to work over their keyboards pretty good betraying the very journalistic values they are supposedly exposing…

    i do thank many of you for coming to my explanation here and probably over killing the poor woman in Oz…she just didn’t know….or didn’t get it…or has some personal axe to grind that we cannot imagine…

    our little band of commentators here has become literally a little band…often disagreeing , yet here we are…that is all that needs to be said…stay tuned for one of your colleagues here …next up on essays, MW (Michael Webster)…his is the last story before the EPF drumroll begins this weekend…sharpen your knives amigos…ha ha…all in good spirit, and all for the craft we love the most…

    cheers, david

  • Andrew B! I might have to bring your book in Look3.. Let me check with Eva first!!

    USPS started working as they should!!!
    Fine tuned!
    To ALL!!!
    Books might arrive a little SOONER we anticipated ..:)
    and that’s AWESOME …
    ( although we took extra time to extra secure the COVER of the Masterpiece..)
    but that’s dope !!!
    Thank u all!
    Plz keep bugging me at:
    if any questions about shipping.. WE got all books insured , tracking numbers etc..
    Again be patient ( especially my lovely adorable Canadian friends)..

  • Panos, order is placed – so if you want to take my book to LOOK3 for me that is fine – want to have it there, obviously….

    Will send you the email I sent eva so we’re all on the same page.

    I’m arriving sometime wednesday afternoon, for anyone who will be there. Wanted to do the workshops but couldn’t get there in time.

  • David – I am going to take you up on that offer, and bring some local beer as well.
    If I can get my project moving – I’ll be there relatively soon to work in your area – We should talk about some of that if you have some time…

  • ALL

    i am not sure how long most of you who are here now realize how unbelievably interesting it is that Panos, our wild man of yesteryear is now the U.S.shipping department of BurnBooks…of course without Kim , the man is over, but now if THAT is not a really interesting development of a little photo blog audience, than i do not know what is….anybody else out there need a job?? long hours, low pay, and you can get fired without notice….sound familiar?? with a name like Burn, it can only be poetic justice that we go down in flames, hopefully in a blaze of glory….but not yet…right now we got work to do…get on it Panos!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BOBBY…ha,ha,once an academian ,always a BURNIAN…

    So much to say …But I am extremely busy…big travel plans…let’s see if the Greek borders are still open…I am happy,scared,excited…pffff…that’s life…it comes with the territory!

    Happy birthday SAMMYYYYYY and MAMA MEREDITH…and ALL of YOU…

    A message to MRS.ELIANE DA SILVA…The BURN doors and windows are open,come over,we love you too!!!

    A message to ALL…keep reporting,keep BURNING…life has many paths,follow the path that your soul tells YOU!!!

    LOOK three times…love,peace and photography!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Yes,MR.HARVEY…credit when and where …credit is due…

    Thank you KIM…a civilian next to PANOS…with extraordinary vision!!!

    Oime,today,I wish I was RENATA…hihiiiiihiiii

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL…EVA,love back thank you for reporting…be safe…

  • andrew…

    got your mail, but was sleeping.. timezones.. we’ll sort it out, you’ll get books and shipping refund if you pick up, no prob!

  • Carlo…

    Take your time.. enjoy.. what you write is good already.. mission accomplished! :)

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