spring break…

Lots of chat lately about captions. What they should or should not be. So write one for this picture. Not as a joke . For real. The scene is spring break. South Beach, Miami about three weeks ago. Pretend you are a caption writer for a magazine or newspaper and you are seeing this cold turkey. This is a realistic exercise. In 48 hours I will choose the best caption writer. The winner gets a 100 bucks to write captions for the next story up. You won’t get rich doing this job for Burn. But you might just get a real job out of this fake job.

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  • Male model resorts to gas mask in a futile attempt to escape John Gladdy’s toxic trapped wind.


    i changed my mind….you are right no matter the value…both of these guys are good friends, both have contributed to Burn a lot…so yes, two books to both John G. and Young Tom….sorry for getting a bit selfish there for a few hours…..it is my tendency of course to give all my books away…so it is others who won’t let me do that…

    this book really is different…i want YOU to look at it as writing…there are no captions, there is no text..this is my best attempt ever at visual literacy…you cannot get it in one reading…i was pissed off at Joyce and Faulkner (too much work) , preferring Hemingway and Steinbeck and then Hunter S. Thompson and then always always Mark Twain, but anyway really going for the story within the story and then trying to make the readers work a bit if they want….the obvious and then the undercurrent, some mystery, some questions never answered, a small story a novella of sorts….something attempted

    we worked so hard on this book, it is so tactile the way we built it that i dont even really want to sell it…we did not make many …it is expensive, but we spared no expense to build it…ok, i cannot promote my own book, but i can speak of an amazing collaboration..but later….

    thanks for a good idea…

    cheers, david

  • oh good. glad i didnt win. im hoping for a camera bag. ;)

  • hi Gracie..i don`t have a camera bag but i do have a pint of Butter pecan Haagen Dazs..can i tempt you?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    KATIEEEEEEEE…MYGRACIE…I was hoping for the cold turkey or a bag to carry my baby chickens
    BUT hey, a pint of Butter pecan Haagen Dazs can do miracles…

    HERVE…no worries,cold turkey goes to JOHNYG AND TOMMYH…be safe out there…I will call you for the next one…

    THANK YOU ALL BURNIANS…for paricipating…you are all a good sport…VIVA MESSI!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BOBBY…love you amigo…be back soon…I am low in ACADEMIANS…

    can I say …”fuck”?…cause I wanna say this


  • Three was a crowd for this couple and for photographer David Alan Harvey, as he photographed spring break in Miami.

  • Civi..hehe..baby chicks? You got baby chicks? aw…how cute is that visual?! How’s the azalea bush?

  • DAVID. I cannot let you give away such a piece of work over a few drunken lines I scribbled for fun.
    I certainly was never going to accept the hundred bucks or the job offer so I cant in good conscience accept your book as a prize…I would however buy one, at full freight, if there was one lying around after the pre-order frenzy…..and if you had inscribed it a bit I probably wouldnt complain too much :)

  • John Gladdy…

    May I offer my apologies for the trapped wind comment last night. Blame it on the fun I had at the beach yesterday which left me in high spirits and realizing I hadn’t noticed the gallery title for your link the other night which caused me to crack in laughter and left me with a grin all night :)!


    a camera bag you shall have….you were actually in first place for a long time in my mind with a very nice short caption that would work in most newspapers and magazines…so as first runner up, you will receive either a working back pack or shoulder bag of your choice after shopping in the harvey bag store (witnesses will tell you there are many choices) ..find me on Skype: davidalanharvey and i will take you on a virtual shopping tour…now, we have never met..so maybe many of my bags, fit for a tall guy, might not be suitable..just guessing, you may be a size or two down from me and i do have some smaller bags as well..anyway, you will decide…and of course a bag is more useful than a book anyway…Gladdy and Hyde i believe both have harvey bags already, so this is just perfect…call when you can…orders taken before 3pm are shipped out the same day….there is a 30 day return policy…customer service hotline: 202 413 1137


    i will stand by my decision (or rather Sidney’s decision, a wise one i initially rejected, but later accepted)for many reasons not the least of which is that this often cold and crumbling planet needs humor more and more and more…it is not easy to be funny..you are….i don’t know what i like more the Cindy Sherman caption or the security camera bit….anyway you got it…and you have been a long time contributor and supporter here and Beto likes you and well you may be the only reader here who will recognize the players, the set, the scene…so for all those reasons a signed copy is yours…oh,i can imagine your next line will be “dammit harvey , i would rather have another bag” …no worries…there is always another bag contest…bags i have a closet full , but books only show up from time to time….

    cheers, david

  • thank you Mr. Harvey.
    my very intimidating profesor’ Touzon will tell you how much i need a bag.
    i might see what i want but don’t know really what i need.

    with doomsday prepping an ‘in’ thing, you truly have to unload that shipping container
    full of bags so you could use it as a mobile darkroom of sorts to document the end of the world.


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