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Lots of chat lately about captions. What they should or should not be. So write one for this picture. Not as a joke . For real. The scene is spring break. South Beach, Miami about three weeks ago. Pretend you are a caption writer for a magazine or newspaper and you are seeing this cold turkey. This is a realistic exercise. In 48 hours I will choose the best caption writer. The winner gets a 100 bucks to write captions for the next story up. You won’t get rich doing this job for Burn. But you might just get a real job out of this fake job.

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  • Voyeurism and self portraiture collide.

  • Always last and sweaty
    :”Sex on the beach”

  • John Gladdy…

    Yes absolutely right, that was a load of bullshit. Shouldn’t write a Burn comment at work, bad influence. Never done it before and never again.

  • PAUl. Dont worry. It was quite sweet. And DONT stop being passionate because of anything I may say…God Forbid.

  • John Gladdy…

    I could do with some inspiring images it’s been 11 hours of hell at work and I was wondering if you had any new work to show. If not, have you still got that Flickr link will all those brilliant images you had somehow gathered together and posted round last year?

  • On location for her next film in South Beach, Miami, actress Lindsay Lohan leaves the shore in a huff after she sees her boyfriend, millionaire hotelier Vikram Chatwal, kissing an unidentified woman.

  • PAUL.
    Best I can do..A VERY deep reach into the archives..much unseen.

  • Some great pictures there John…

  • I’m no Carolyn Bennett Patterson but here goes …

    March 2012, South Beach, Miami, Florida – Florida beaches have long been the mecca for the spring break college crowd with sunny days, white sand beaches, warm waters and the promise of good times. The annual ritual exploded with the 1960 movie “Where the Boys Are” which focused on Ft. Lauderdale, a community that two decades later decided it was done with collegiate hedonism and passed laws to discourage spring breakers. While the venues have shifted over the years, South Beach is the new hot spot in 2012 within U.S. borders. Bounded on one side by Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic on the other, South Beach attracts thousands of college students for what has become an iconic American right of passage. Spring break is a booming industry. More than 2 million of the nation’s 15 million college crowd travelled to spring break destinations in 2005. The economic impact is estimated as high as $1 billion and it is one of the few sectors of the travel industry that hasn’t declined during the recession. But for two young lovers on the beach, the only things likely to matter are sun, surf, and love.

  • Up close and personal. Students take to the sand in the first days of spring. A trained lens captures the intimacy before the storm. Miami’s South Beach retains it’s allure to all walks of life. Unchallenged. Iconic.

  • It’s all instable…

  • My girl needs a red headscarf like that one.

  • John Gladdy…

    Brilliant work in that gallery and highly inspiring.

  • “She Ain’t No Lady!” – Sarah Ferguson attacks paparazzi during Spring Break. Miami, Florida.

  • First walk at the Beach during Spring Break ’12, Miami. Summer is heading this way!

  • Close up of woman’s forehead with embracing couple on Miami’s South Beach, Florida.

  • Older crowds understand this to be the ‘myspace shot’, but with DSLRs cameras being more accessible, a larger zoom can make this harder to achieve in the traditional sense.

  • No matter what the conditions are, spring break will always be spring break.

  • The party never stops for the March, 2012 Spring Breaker’s destination of South Beach, the hot International Party City with some Latin Spice across Biscayne Bay from Miami, Fl. It is the first day of Spring break early in the morning. The sun is out but the beach is sparse except for some early partiers. Already they are sharing pictures and texting, expressing their excitement in real time while waiting for the beach to fill with friends and more Spring Breakers to arrive from all over the U.S to let the week long party to begin.

  • Fun and Sun at South Beach, FL. Spring Break 2012.

  • 13.03.2102 South Beach, Miami. After relief from prison. Nine years. I need a drink now.

  • Martin thought I should have focused on the shiny outfits. Larry told me to dig into family life around. Alex said to use a more complex composition. Sally wanted me to find a dead body in the sand. John to see an unkown frame. Bruce asked me if there are clowns over there while it’s all in my head and I bet it will stay there till next Springbreak on Miami South Beach.

  • John Gladdy…

    Your photos make me want to pull out my Les Paul turn all the dials on my tube amp up to 10 and jam away with my old group.

  • Red hair and emotive body language belie a cloudy sky during an overcast day on South Beach. Miami, Florida.

  • Love hides in spring, in the air, in every moment.
    A photo like this does not explain it, it cares to make us feel it.

  • Words could never do it justice (spring break in South Beach, 2012)

  • Off-kilter encounters amp up the fun during spring break at South Beach.

  • Springbreak South Beach better in a group than alone, without a tripod.

  • last image on iphone leaves clue to spring break killer. Miami police appeal for information.

  • The pointlessness of most captions for pictures is amply demonstrated by this caption for the above semi ramdom, badly shot, picture of a beach scene during spring break.

  • KATHLEEN!!! how lovely to hear your sweet voice again here.

  • John Gladdy, good stuff on the link. But I think we have to nick-name you Long (lens) John Silver.

  • Spring inside you

  • Marketers testing a new ladies anti-perspirant in South Beach, Miami in March for efficacy and water-resistance. Monitoring photographs (such as this one) are posed as self-portraits to avoid attracting attention from beach-goers as the gentleman in the background performs a “sniff assessment”.

  • GORDON!! Hello backatcha! Yes, indeed “she” lives!

    Reading some of these captions was a riot..John Gladdy you really are a pisser!

  • time is almost up here…or, rather i have lost track of the time…flew back home and will have lunch and then will choose our winner….a quick glance and i see some classics…


    how in the world you know Carolyn Bennett Patterson?? yes, she invented this sort of test now used by many newspapers and magazines to see who can write captions and who cannot….


    voice from the past!! nice to see you here…..wishing you all best always…

  • Better yet …

    South Beach, Miami. Spring break. March 2012.

    And often best …

  • My Caption for this photograph is

    RAY banned

    Partha from Birbhum

  • DAVID:)) My brother did some remodeling on her amazing house in DC years ago.

  • Spring breakers on Miami Beach use technology and tanning oil to merge personal interactions and social opportunities. A girl embraces her spring fling while sharing her vacation with friends back home, perhaps laying the foundation for a summer romance.

  • South Beach, Miami. Spring Break, March, 2012. A young couple warms themselves together against the buffeting and unseasonably cool wind. Et tu, babe.


    2 degrees of separation

  • DAH

    So nice to be here! Glad to see you are still lively and leading this pack of wild men (and women!) with your usual dedication and applomb. I have been looking at some earlier essays and am stunned at the quality of the writing of those commenting. Wow. In addition to previous excellent contributors you have attracted some quality thinkers who can articulate so well their criticisms and observations. Le felicito mucho! I did not want to come back here till i had a web page and now that i do i hope to be able to visit more often.

    Highest regards:

  • Kathleen. Forgive me, but is a ‘pisser’ good or bad?

  • Trust Bob to get his captions and cuts in the right order.

  • john gladdy…


    definitely good


  • Whew! had me worried for a minute.
    Googled it, and I was either a very disageeable event….or someone who wets the bed.
    I had to go look just to make sure.

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