It might seem to you, albeit by pure coincidence twice in a row here, that I lean heavily in the direction of photographing at the beach. Often very specifically women at the beach. This photograph made just yesterday, and in keeping with my oeuvre of just shooting whatever is around me anyway. So Michelle was just hanging with us on what started as a cloudless hot sunny day, and then the afternoon front rolled in and it was time to take a picture. Of a woman on the beach. One of my great motives for being a photographer in the first place to be quite honest. Not high minded enough? Please. Isn’t “attraction” what we all think about the most? Hasn’t attraction, love, sensuality inspired more art than anything?

Most of the women I photograph are with other men. Much safer that way. Michelle and Bryan live practically next door. So we know each other’s biz. Bad idea? Not really. I like the family thing. That’s even why I like Burn, and Magnum and well all the peer groups that are in fact versions of family. Michelle has her hands full. She must maintain her relationship with Bry AND sort of make sure that I well, stay out of trouble.

My own instincts have provided me with a lot of adventure, but right now my work and peace seem like the right way to go. Besides Michelle is totally dedicated to protecting me from all kinds of things – mostly me!. And because of this I am for sure in the most productive time of my entire career. Weird. Nobody could TRY for a late career boost. As you can imagine that sort of thing is just fate or luck or …?? Michelle makes sure I stay on track. That does not mean I can’t go out on a date. It does mean that I will think about it more than twice as opposed to my oftentimes less than once back in the day.

Does this mean I don’t have fun? Well go back and look at the riobook saga and see what you think. The upcoming book, designed by Bry, is all about me being myself which is of course where I try to take my students. And a move towards the purest of visual literacy. I have honestly managed to stay in the zone now for a long time. Deep in November and December, but even before and after as well. Michelle and I do the best party dirty dancing performance with Bryan often smiling from the side. So we have the most most fun. My family days all around are surely my best days.

Michelle and I blend right at the point blank center. Her “creativity as a way of life” workshops parallel in thinking the way I do my photo workshops. She ran several of mine. I do enjoy watching somebody get fired up. So does she.
Michelle teaches yoga and eats all the right foods. I think she may have given up on me in yoga class, but she did get me off cigarettes no small feat. Getting me off sugar is harder. Anyway, I did not plan to write a story on Michelle today. I shot the picture of her prior to the storm when we were just hanging.  So I thought just now, hey my main thing I can offer aspiring photographers is how I get my own inspirations. So this is one. However you can make things work, works. Fired up is fired up.
Isn’t that right? Don’t we all need a bit of help? Old adage works. Help somebody. You might just be that person who needs it someday.
Thanks Michelle for keeping an eye out. I will stay a good boy for a bit longer. Got work to do.

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  • For all Instagram users. Whether you’re troubled by the Facebook acquisition or not, there are other considerations. My 1 billion dollar take ;^}


  • Thanks for that link Michael….it puts things in perspective. To be honest I still don’t know what to think of it. All I know is that deleting all my photos and profile to join another one does not sound like a good option or something I want to do. I was never attracted to facebook but when I found out about instagram and tried it I was hooked instantly. Here’s to hoping this has a happy ending…..

  • Kathleen…

    Thank you for the vids, brought me back fond guitar memories :)!

  • Carlo,

    I’m with you. Not sure what to think or where I’ll end up. I haven’t quit anything, yet. I’m exploring… unhappy about the current state of things. Wondering what others are thinking.

    Good to hear your thoughts.

  • Curious… Can Facebook now use one of my (or yours or DAH’s) Instagram pics to sell a service or a product? Can they license and sell the images themselves?

  • Michael..

    Terms of use, copy and paste from FB page:

    1. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

    to be found here:


  • as facebook user you can opt-out of having your Intellectual Property (IP) used in ads.

    In the beginning there were hefty discussions about the model facebook used, but they created the current model together with the users.


    this is what many are wondering…i honestly do not think so…the wording in the contract when one to agrees to terms with FB, Instagram, Tumblr , all of them, sounds pretty bad i must admit…but i do not think any court on the planet would lean in favor of one of these giants if they actually started using works without compensation to sell third party products or themselves….certainly not from anyone who objects…why would they even need to do that? funny about these numbers…neither FB nor Instagram actually sells anything…free services….worth billions but sell nothing….

  • Thomas and Eva,

    Thanks! Good info.

    David. I tend to agree. I just cannot figure why FB would spend 1 billion dollars to acquire roughly 30 million users. They have like 800 million already. Like a drop in the bucket.

  • I tend to agree about them not bothering. Not necessarily about the courts not siding with them. Not too sure about that. But more than that, it’s the fact that so many wouldn’t object or even know about it. I feel the wording is deliberate, there for a reason.

  • doesnt sell anything????? are you shitting me??….IT SELLS YOU!! right into the hands of targeted ads and brands. And last year it made about $4.5 Billion doing so. Marketing mans wet dream is what it is.

  • JOHN

    yes, i guess that part is right..marketing dream part….but what i mean is that YOU are not spending any money….they can push your demographic all they want, and maybe tempt you to buy a Ferrari because they figured out that is your wet dream, but you don’t have to buy the damn car!! in the meantime YOU can use THEM to sell YOUR prints….yes??


    of course the wording is there for a reason….we have talked to our Magnum lawyer about it…evidently they MUST have that wording in order to have the pics on the net in the first place.. i DO NOT KNOW…this is just WHAT I HEAR…from an attorney…hey i love a good conspiracy theory, but i do not think this is a rights grab for all photography…that is silly…first you do not have to put your best up anywhere, right? and second, there is NOT ONE SINGLE CASE OF ANY VIOLATION…so people are screaming fire fire when there isn’t one….i have spent my entire pro life defending copyright before and after Magnum….for sure i do not want anyone violating or misappropriating my work….i take great care on this…unless your SIGNATURE IS ON A PIECE OF PAPER WAIVING YOUR COPYRIGHT, YOU OWN IT….

    spending one billion really works for the press, but i wonder how much cash actually changed hands…”cash and stock” is what the press release says…10 bucks of cash and 2,000 shares of stock value at ?? yes one billion…this is funny money…what i could see them doing is getting all of us very very dependent on them and then charging a bit..you are NOW i am sure very dependent on your cell phone…right? do you quibble about the bill? hell no, you pay the damn thing!! right away!! the thought of not having your mobile phone makes you a little short of breath , right? well the social networks might be like that …if FB charged you one dollar a month you probably would not flinch …

    anyway a very good discussion for all of us….it will be very very interesting to see how it all shakes down…you cannot help but be absolutely fascinated no matter what in how photography, still photography, has been now incorporated into our very psyche…deep need…communication…language…yes, what i have said from day one here..photography IS a language….to be explored…

  • Good article on the Instagram acquisition here. Good throughout but last graphs are a bit scary.

    As for Facebook being a marketing platform, it works both ways. Sure, it sets people out there as targets but they also get to build their own targeted networks. I don’t see a lot of photographers, much less show people, just chatting on Facebook. No, they are marketing. It’s a nice, big, free, platform. Nevertheless, I don’t trust them an inch and wouldn’t put up any good work. One can always link.

  • MW

    i guess it is wise to not trust FB….on the other hand, as i said, i know of no violations against any photographer anywhere….some photographers who have no sales of their work at all are somehow worried that FB is going to make a lot of money off of their pictures.. hmmmm….whereas in the media as it already exists there are a multitude of ripoffs, lawsuits etc….yet imagine IF Facebook really did misuse the photographs being shared….how many wanna be court lawyers would be falling all over themselves to do pro bono work that would possibly put money in their clients (and their) hands with a lawsuit against FB? ..no one picture from any one photographer will be worth fighting for from a FB perspective…imagine the chat at FB ad meeting: “oh that one by Elliott Erwitt is going to be a problem, well ok , let’s use that one taken my uncle Harry , looks similar, he will be flattered….next”

  • Well, beyond it being wise not to trust large corporations I think it’s also wise not to assume they will act rationally. Ultimately “they” are real people and many of those who rise the highest in the business world are sociopaths of one sort or other.

    But beyond matters of willful decision making there are always wildcards in technology. Ponder this from the article I linked to:

    Do reflect on the fact that Facebook has software that can automatically identify the people in any photo and tag them for search. Also remember all of the times that Facebook has compromised users’ privacy by introducing a new feature that quietly overrode an established privacy setting.

    It’s easy to overreact to the Instagram acquisition. It’s also very easy to imagine a day when every Instagram user’s photos will become part of their public Facebook streams, without their explicit consent. Then anyone searching for photos of you will learn about the year you dressed in full Lady Gaga drag for a friend’s Halloween party.

    In that scenario, imagine of the subject of one of your photos gets tagged, searched, and somehow embarrassed. All kinds of potential fallout. All kinds of unknowns.

  • Just picture it the other way around:

    instead of having potential rip off terms, why not have terms like the one here on this site: All images © the respective photographers.. and that’s it?

    Thomas writes this:

    “as facebook user you can opt-out of having your Intellectual Property (IP) used in ads.

    So why not have a opt-in option? Because, of course, it is easier for FB this way, these are the basic settings, you allow them to bla bla bla, and have to DO something to opt out, and 99% of the users will not do that.. that is what they count on.. and IF there is some rights grab, it is YOU that have agreed to their terms.

    It’s, to me, a question of principle..

  • Venture capitalists are eager to get in on the mobile trend. According to the research firm CB Insights, mobile apps and companies attracted 10 percent of the total investment dollars from American venture capital firms in last year’s fourth quarter, and 12 percent of deals were mobile-related, up from 7 or 8 percent in previous quarters.


    In other words the real Breaking News is the major shift from computers to
    Mobile phone.. That’s the trend.. That’s what’s behind it..
    Apps apps apps , quick smart profit..
    Don’t worry , they are really smart focused people in Silicon Valley..
    Last thing they care about is stealing my “one million
    Dollar print”….
    Lol.. They are smarter than that.. They chase the billion not the tiny little million..
    Ahhhh I’d love a nice big fat conspiracy theory too, but but but…
    read article above and get an idea what’s up!
    Nothing but steve Jobs after quakes..
    Steve made the computer obsolete, like a an old tv set ..
    I remember 3 years ago I was telling everyone .. Throw your laptop away..
    Laptop era is Dead,,…
    It’s all about the CELLPHONE…
    I mean really who can resist a Visual Diary like Instagram and why???

    Now on the other hand , to play a little devils advocate the only major problem I see with FB etc
    is that someday our own past could be used on a court as a proof of our past life ( it could also serve as an alibi too though)

    And also do not forget:
    FB as of today is one of the cheapest ways to promote your business ..
    Check how many celebrities out there that you’d think they don’t need extra advertisement etc the tweet, Instagram, Facebook etc daily..
    Snoop Dogg tells me his plans and informs me about his shows daily, same as Travis Barker or Kat Von D etc etc… There’s not such thing as ENOUGH PROMOTION..
    In my humble opinion :
    Since they use me anyways I’ll use them too to shamelessly promote myself..
    When I did the exhibition here how the hell would I bring 200 people in the show without a FREE direct FB invitation???
    anyway: use them, that’s why they are here for..
    Don’t worry about the word “use”… Use them , they ask you too..
    and don’t worry , “they” are not stupid to steal my photos.. They looking for billions not pennies..
    Smile y’all.. Loosen up and don’t forget to pay your iPhone bills:)
    ( and all those philosophies right from the bed.. Laptop sleeping for almost two weeks straight now:)

  • Eva… yes yes yes. Also, from MW’s link: “As more social apps get acquired by the same companies, the concept of opting out and keeping yourself off of the social media grid becomes increasingly laughable.”

    David, what does the Magnum lawyer say about PicYou which does not have that kind of language? They MUST have that language? That makes no sense to me. But I’m not a lawyer.

    Also, I have not stated any conspiracy. I’m no conspiracy theorist. I have no idea what is the end game for FB. It may be all unicorns and rainbows for them as far as I know… but I do have sincere, honest questions. And that’s precisely what I’m doing. Asking.


    I am not a lawyer, but I looked at some TOS in the past. The PicYou example sounds easy in the first place, but has the many disclaimers and limitation of liabilities – which should protect them against their own users – which makes the whole thing quite complex.
    The facebook TOS is OK, that is the usual terms one should have who runs a platform and wants to show the pictures and other IP content of its users. In fact the users give the provider the right to show the IP content as part of their services.

    Regarding the “they do not earn money with my content” – well, actually they do. Because our IP content drags many users to their site, which shows ads. Those ads will be clicked by – assume 1% – which is massive, depending on the amount of unique visitors. This is how google, facebook et al. earn their money.
    There is a german saying “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist” – which I cannot translate…

    If you want some background – Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine wrote the book “Free”, which explains the business model. (Gilette became rich by giving away the handle, but selling the blades for their razors). In pure technology environments the cost of the service tends against zero, while the revenue generated via ads increases with the page views.

    facebook etc. do not need to steal your IP content, because they get much richer by showing ads around your content. The ads providers pay for your free service, and you are the honey pot for the people clicking the ads.

  • …and this also explains why there will always be an opt-out, but rarely a opt-in :)

  • Kleinvieh macht auch Mist.


    Many a little makes a mickle.
    Many a little makes a mickle.
    A penny saved is a penny got.
    A penny saved is a penny earned.

  • Even a small rodent adds to the manure pile! (or something like that.) ;^}

  • (Gilette became rich by giving away the handle, but selling the blades for their razors).

    also here in america if u buy a bed then “your Mattress is Freeeeeeee”,

    some car dealerships they give you a year supply of gasoline for freeeeeeeeeeeee if u purchase their clunkers..

    marketing marketing marketing…but it could go both ways…u can also make your own pages and advertise yourself , something impossible on classiv TV/radio era …back then you could ONLY watch/listen for their adds but also u had to pay cable service too…at least FB lets you strike back (laughing) and advertise back…
    On the photo part…i hate to say it but most of stuff i see on Instagram , like 99,9999% of photos i saw so far, even the so called popular ones are pretty much utter garbage…as art value, but but but, also lots of fun stuff that make people smile..and smiling is good…
    I find the possibility of someone “stealing and using for profit” a Great DAH photo but i dont think it really works this way with collectors that know and follow the Artists of that class at least…Plus DAH and/or any of the Greats , they dont really put their PORTFOLIO on Instagram or FB or something…i think they are having fun, playing, experimenting just like the rest of us..
    Again i think its a little paranoid to worry that some hacker cyber criminal will steal a DAH photo from FB and do anything about it..

    I still think we skipping the major part of FB future “danger”…the information that any, government, dictator, court of law that will be like a open diary for anyone to read, interpret or misinterpret etc..PRIVACY is in some sort of danger…Losing a job because the potential boss fecebooked you that you are not a republican for an example or maybe they didnt like that photo from spring break kissing your best same sex friend etc…but but but…laughing…you can always do the opposite and create an image you want, the way u want it, be your own PR and image maker etc..
    hey nothing personal..its all business….

    if FB stays as a business tool i’ll keep it….if not we can opt out any moment…
    The main thing that creeps me out is that a lawyer or the FBI or any STALKER of this grandeur Can always keep an eye on you…we are visible …24/7, everywhere..
    1984 Orwell anyone?

  • So basically, one David Alan Harvey (just to name someone that drags/attracts users), by putting his content on FB and Instagram and Twitter, helps THEM to earn the bucks, instead of getting them himself here on Burn?

    Clever.. uhmmm..

  • Again i think its a little paranoid to worry that some hacker cyber criminal will steal a DAH photo from FB and do anything about it..
    (and be able to do/sell something with it) i meant to say

  • PANOS. In English, thats proper english not your American English, the saying is
    ‘Many a mickle makes a muckle’…my mum used to say it all the time….I have no clue what it means…Much like..’you’ll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute’….which she used to say when we were naughty as kids (very very rarely ;;) )

  • Yea, but if you wanna be paranoid, imagine the above scenario where most everyone in every photo that’s ever been posted to the web can be identified. Then, for reasons of state, some government agency or other decides they want to see every photo of some individual, we’ll call him Skanos Poulidos. Turns out this Skanos character is seen in a photo illegally smoking in a no smoking zone. The cops are sent to arrest him. That future is close, if not here already.

  • Panos; you’re right; Suzanne Vega practically re-started her career through FB after being dropped from her record label. There definitely is some power there.

  • EVA,

    I would not see it such one-sided. FB actually helps to stay in touch with many people one would lose sight of without. Speaking for myself, FB helps me to stay in contact and even re-vitalise contact with many people, I would lose contact otherwise. Including family, friends, former colleagues.
    I win a little, FB wins much more, but gives many people work, too. – A former colleague now lives in Ireland, working in the european FB offices.

    There is much grey instead only black and white. :)

    But I do also understand, if people hesitate. You know: “Resistance is futile” – laughing.

  • MW – at the same time, social media creates also a lot of transparency against governmental organizations. Social Media is also people power. The european law ACTA was not setup, because of the online demonstrations against it. Everybody is naked here…

  • VERY interesting discussion..am following closely..thank you ALL participants!

  • “Resistance is futile.” That is funny, but it is becoming clear that it is also quite true. This online social networking stuff has a powerful hold, clearly. There is a sort of *throw up your hands and say oh well, not much we can do* attitude on display here. Even David Alan Harvey uses the term “conspiracy theory” to poke fun at legitimate questions. Panos, the great fighter for “the people” in these very pages, defending Facebook describing some as paranoid. It’s an odd phenomenon.

  • Thomas..

    no, there’s hardly anything either just black or white.. but when, no, IF more people would think that those terms are not ok.. well.. of course they would have to be informed, inform themselves.. but oh well..

    The net IS a powerful tool, just look at what happens here on this site (or the example you made).. and all this happens without abuse of anyone’s rights..

  • The cops are sent to arrest him. That future is close, if not here already.

    MW true….very true..it happened up in London Riots..even “Occupy” is closely monitored…

    Michael K:), dont get me wrong…i m paranoid too, all im saying , im not paranoid about my photo work/copyright ..no no…i just share MW’s fear above too..i worry being getting arrested for smoking a joint and a street camera “got it” or a facebook photo “proves” it etc..that fear, i understand..
    but i was talking about the copyright / stolen photo paranoia..that i dont have..
    big hug

  • Then, for reasons of state, some government agency or other decides they want to see every photo of some individual, we’ll call him Skanos Poulidos

    remember Terry Gilliam’s movie ” BRAZIL”?
    thats the scariest movie of all times ever!

  • EVA,

    I guess, if somebody could prove abuse in the TOS of FB or any other site, that site would not long exist.
    A shit storm would go down on the site and a massive law suit would go hand in hand.
    Certainly they earn lots of money with ads. May be they could even pay the users for the content – and maybe this will happen at some point, if there is competition.
    again – the TOS of FB is “normal” – another photo sharing site in Germany is nearly using the same words in German in their TOS, since 10 years. I guess that anyone who started a social sharing site became rich at some point. However, I think abuse is too strong a word for what FB does.

    Social Media and the not-forgetting internet, be it twitter, instagram, facebook or what ever will follow – they all have in common a new way to look at morality and tolerance. Is it the provider’s fault, or is it mine? – I guess in ten years, a person will be suspect, if there are no pictures showing this person drunk lying on the street. It will be something which belongs to a transparent, social profile of somebody in a certain age from a certain region.

    People blaming facebook all the time, forgetting that google since ages indexes their whole life, uses their search requests to post context-aware ads to them and never forgets a thing.

    I think, we need better education in schools to inform and support informed decisions, but this will not stop facebook or any other sites and providers.

    Actually, I can blame only one person – me.

    There is one rule to follow: Think about the consequences before you post.

  • “Oh no! I’m in china. Chinese government blocked the Facebook,” wrote June Penelope Lee. “If Instagram combine with Facebook that means I might cannot use this anymore.”


  • btw Michael, no im not “defending” facebook when it comes to undermine privacy…im still “for the people” (i hope)…

  • I know you are brother! ;^}

    We’re in a weird time, is all. Still trying to figure it out.

  • but…when it comes to communicate privately with friends i agree with Thomas…..its easier than email plus it keeps a little history of conversation so i can always beat my A.D.D easier..and catch up where we stopped last time..i always liked that on skype too..so i can remember …

    but speaking of privacy…governments are tapping cellphones and landlines since the Great Alexander’s days..nothing new on spying on us…and thats not really a consp theory..its a fact…they tap cellphones since day1… now if facebook/tumblr etc make things worst , i’ll have no problem to quit …
    i dont know..it seems to early to demonize it though..i honestly hate any form of control (i have a greek mother u know ;) but i dont want to panic, not yet..i will if i have to though…;)
    one love

  • Still trying to figure it out.
    same here my friend, same here..i do know im making some folks Richer every time i click on their site,but i hope i can use it although im on a verve of getting bored of it…few real “friendships” and mainly shamelessly promotions , maybe we give FB more power it deserves…anyone remember “MySpace”?

  • Panos, I want to find that car dealer who will sell me a clunker and give me a year’s worth of gas for free. Given the price of gas right now, I am pretty certain I will get back the cost of the clunker in savings, and then some.

    As to Facebook/Instagram, I have yet to get into Instagram, so I have no firsthand experience.

    Facebook: a blessing and a curse. It has brought me back into contact with so many people I might never have heard from again and has brought into contact with many I never would have been in contact. Yet, where I once had a few people with whom I kept up good, close, indepth email conversations – including regular picture exchanges – those have mostly slipped away to be replaced by conversations that have been reduced to “like” and mostly innocuous one or two sentence clips, thrown into the mass environment.

    Ironically, where Facebook numbers were relatively small, a link to my blog brought just about everybody over, because everybody saw the link. Now, the numbers have grown for me and everybody else and when I post a link it drops into a river-like flow of notifications that whizzes quickly downstream in the midst of a couple of thousand other notices and so is seen by fewer people and brings in fewer readers.

    And then there is all the time Facebook takes… time that could go elsewhere, but I now feel committed to.

    I now try to avoid all the little games and gimmicks that have attached themselves to Facebook and that come to you in requests from readers everyday, because they all want your information and your permission for them to do with that information – including your photographs – what they please. There are just too many. Maybe you can sort of trust Facebook to not step beyond the bounds with your work, even if you have technically agreed to allow them to.

    But all of Facebook’s info-gobbling friends?

  • facebook apps and games is a completely different story. in the beginning I used them a little, but now I block them wherever I can. usually behind the apps and games stand a league of spammers, who only want your data and your network. this is definitely to avoid.

  • You guys are starting to sound like paranoia freaks …….laughing. So busy trying to protect your integrity? …….or just I want to be different can I be like you!!! http://www.iamparanoid.org/


    “I guess in ten years, a person will be suspect, if there are no pictures showing this person drunk lying on the street. It will be something which belongs to a transparent, social profile of somebody in a certain age from a certain region.”

    It’s interesting that you say that. I was thinking earlier in the day that the individual who has no, nada, zip, zero web presence is far more suspect to me then someone with cute kitty photos, their Lady Gaga in drag costume on Halloween (as someone mentioned) and all the other personal and even provocative bla-bla that people post on the web. Only by sheer determination would a person avoid some sort of web presence today. Be it a blog, a professional association, flickr, some sort of something on the web practically proves that we existtoday. It’s very creepy to me when i google someone and draw a complete blank.


  • After returning from 40 days in the desert of Lent… I deleted all my photos on Instagram. No big loss since they were kinda crappy. (Strangely I didn’t miss the Instagram phone apps or Internet or TV.) Liberating?
    On second thought, Maybe I should start up my Instagram library again with pics of bird crap, dog crap, etc. That way I won’t be offended when people tell me my pics look like crap, nor will anyone want to steal them. However I would be tagged as a ficofeliac.

  • Bill..

    “Yet, where I once had a few people with whom I kept up good, close, indepth email conversations – including regular picture exchanges – those have mostly slipped away to be replaced by conversations that have been reduced to “like” and mostly innocuous one or two sentence clips, thrown into the mass environment.”

    Exactly this is one more reason to me for staying off, besides the other issues I have (of course it is my responsibility, Thomas, to first think and then post, that does not, however, excuse those terms and the privacy issues related to them.. nothing to do with paranoia, but much to do with principles.. that other sites have the same terms is not something that makes it any better, just because everybody does the same does not mean it is good or acceptable, imo..).. superficiality rules, quickly consuming notions every day, skimming over thousands of things with no time to really appreciate much of it. And the frustration that in the long run comes out of it.

    I do understand a certain use of FB or any other site like that, it is not THE EVIL.. it is the use one makes of it.. all these are tools, nothing more. To me, and that is very personal, life is (about) something else.

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